A Hand Bound Book Within a Book inside a Pocket with a Tag

A Hand Bound Book made from folded paper

The good folks over at The Eclectic Paperie have issued another fun challenge this week:  make a piece of art that includes folded paper.  I immediately got to work on this fun card/tag/hand bound book combo made using Graphic 45’s wonderful ABC primer paper. 019 (2) Some time ago, I designed a template for a folded pocket card and tag.  I used this template to start my project and very quickly created the darling pocket and tag that you see here.  In the center of this of this photo is the little hand bound book that I made from folded paper.  Here are some photos:  020 (2) 021 (3) 022 (2) 023 (2)

A book within a book

I love interactive art.  It’s playful and whimsical.  This little book has a secret inside: 025 (2) 026 (2) There is a book within the book!  With room to write a special message, it adds a special element of fun to the whole design.  Some of the vintage pictures are from the Graphic 45 paper pad.  Some are from Crafty Secrets.   Again, minimal stamping here, but I did ink and distress the pages.

030 (2) 029 (2) 028 (2)    Because of the way the book is constructed, the pages are very heavy weight, and almost feel like a board book.  Nice and sturdy for little hands.

I just love the way everything folds up neatly into the pocket. 034 (2) 033 (2) And then the tag can be used as a bookmark.  The pocket has room to slip a little gift card to a bookstore or a toy store, too.

Lots of folding but very little stamping:

The only stamping on this project is the “Happy Birthday” wish.  Everything else is accomplished with simple folding, cutting and gluing. 

032 (2) 031 (2)

Are you up for the challenge?

Why not join in the fun at The Eclectic Paperie this week?  If you’re not inclined to create a project, then go and take a look at all the wonderful art that others have made and shared there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! If you have any questions about this project, where to find supplies,  or about paper crafting in general, please feel free to ask.I love sharing my creations with you, and I love hearing from you, too.  I savor every single comment, and reply personally. Your comments make me happy, right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers!  Until next time!



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6 thoughts on “A Hand Bound Book Within a Book inside a Pocket with a Tag

  1. Tracy

    I adore mini books and woohooo this is truly special even down to the little secret that it holds inside..stunning!!
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing over at eclectic Paperie.

  2. Micki

    Oh I love the book within a book. Totally love the look of the book, using tags and Graphic 45 papers (love ’em but am a little intimidated by the gorgeous papers-I know makes no sense). But I have to say, totally loved the book within a book….Thanks so much for playing along with us at eP in our Get Altered challenge. Good Luck.

  3. Anita Houston

    WOW! Wow again! Love every page and the cover too! If primers came like this, I might have kept teaching…lol! Gorgeous make, super special! A can see it all filled up with the cutest school memorabilia and photos! CUTE!!!

  4. ncguygirl

    This is adorable! Love the illustrations and the secret book within a book is a fun idea. Very impressed with your creativity. A very fun project!

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