Banner Birthday Card for RRR

Really Reasonable Ribbon March 30 03

Banner Birthday Card for RRR

Hello, all you lovers of fabulous ribbon!  I’m back with another fun way to use Really Reasonable Ribbon.  This scrumptious peach organza ribbon has been making its way onto a lot of my spring cards. It was the icing on the cake for my banner birthday card.

OK…so it’s not really exciting when you see it like that…but how about when you see it this way:

Really Reasonable Ribbon March 30 04

Isn’t that fun?

Really Reasonable Ribbon March 30 02

I created layers of paper banners for this cute chalkboard card. I made the flowers with a die and stamps from Heartfelt Creations. It looked really cute, but it didn’t quite feel like a celebration.  Then it hit me!  Get out that roll of peach organza, twist the ends, secure it with glue dots, add some peachy bows to either side and VOILA!  Instant party atmosphere!

Really Reasonable Ribbon March 30 05

I even used a little bit of it on the inside of this 6″ x 6″ side fold card.

And, because I was having so much fun, I created an envelope to match.

Really Reasonable Ribbon March 30 01

Now who’s ready for cake and ice cream?

Thanks for stopping by!  Your visits make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers!



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6 thoughts on “Banner Birthday Card for RRR

  1. Nancy Berger

    I love this card, the curled ribbon, and the banner, “Live well, Laugh……. Is that a stamp, a purchased embellishment, etc. Is there someplace where you give a product list? Thanks sharing such creativity!!!

  2. smithgfb

    I know the ribbon is supposed to be the highlight of your card….but it really is the highlight of your card! I love the way you twisted it across the top. I am definitely stealing this idea so just get ready to see it on something I do really soon! Just a beautiful creation!

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