Christmas Joy

Heartfelt Creations August 2013 09

Christmas Joy with Heartfelt Creations

Happy Heartfelt Creations Wednesday, friends!  Today, I have another project made with beautiful stamps, dies and images from Heartfelt Creations.  This is another card made from the Christmas Card Collection.  I fell in love with this darling little chickadee image from the paper collection.  There are 76 card fronts included in this amazing paper pack, and that makes for quick and easy card making for everyone on your list.  I titled this card “Christmas Joy” because  this image brought so many fond memories to mind for me.  

Chickadees and Doughnuts

You’re probably wondering what that title is all about!  But along with today’s card, I wanted to share some memories that this sweet little chickadee brought to mind.  Heartfelt Creations August 2013 08  I grew up in central Vermont where the winters are long and cold and the wind is fierce.  My mother hung the wash out on the line even during the winter when it was so cold that the clothes would actually freeze.  She always loved birds, especially the little chickadees who braved our northern winters, so she would put special treats out for them to help them make it through that harsh season. 

Mom made doughnuts.  That is probably an understatement…because Mom made 36 DOZEN doughnuts each and every Saturday morning.  She rose before the sun to make the batter, and by the time we woke up, usually around 7:30, she would have fried all those doughnuts and packaged them neatly into brown paper sacks.  It was our job to deliver the doughnuts to the families who lived in our small town and collect the princely sum of 50 cents for each bag of one dozen doughnuts.  The money she earned from this enterprise was used to purchase our family’s flour, eggs, milk, sugar and butter.  Naturally, she made doughnuts for us, too…the most delicious ones I ever tasted.  But after 3 or 4 days, the few remaining doughnuts would be stale, and that is when Mom put them outside as a treat for the chickadees.

Heartfelt Creations August 2013 07  Dad strung a piece of rope between two of the columns on our front porch, and Mom would coat those doughnuts with a layer of peanut butter and string them on the rope.  The chickadees would flock to that tasty treat and we loved watching them through the kitchen window.  Not a single crumb went to waste, and those sweet little birds were fortified against the wind and the chill.  Seeing this image reminded me of that, and I wanted to honor the memory with this card.

Heartfelt Creations August 2013 10

You can find a complete list of materials and detailed instructions on the Heartfelt Creations blog today, along with a wonderful collection of cards and art projects from the rest of the design team.  I know you will be inspired  by what you find there.

That’s it for me today, folks.  I hope you enjoyed my little tale and my Christmas Joy card.  I’d love to hear some of your favorite memories from Christmas past.  If you have any questions about today’s project, feel free to ask; I’m always happy to help.  And thanks for your kind comments…they make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers!  Until next time…



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8 thoughts on “Christmas Joy

  1. Oksana

    Wonderful card Kathy, loving the layers. You have matched the colours beautifully. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory with us.x

  2. Lee Ann

    Beautiful work, Kathy! Even more so after reading your post! Love all of your layers and your wonderful sparkle! I can almost feel the cold and yet there is a certain warmth to your card as well; maybe it is the wonderful Norman Rockwellian childhood story! I have never had a homemade donut, but your mom’s sure sound amazing. Love your sharing of growing up in small town rural America. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anita Houston

    You’ve made a few tears in my eyes! What a wonderful memory, and then to see it come to fruition on this gorgeous card is amazing in itself! LOVE the scene, the sparkle, and deep winters color! It looks more like a canvas! BEAUTIFUL work!!!

  4. Candy Colwell

    Such a gorgeous Christmas card, Kathy. I love the chickadee! So cute! Love the colors and the layering of papers and die cuts, too. Much better than Hallmark! 🙂 <3 Candy

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