Flower Girl

Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 02  Crafty Secrets Monday: Flower Girl

Good Monday morning, friends!  We enjoyed a weekend of delightfully cool and dry weather, and I’m ready to get the work week rolling.  How about you?  Did you find time to create this weekend?  Work in the garden? Go to the beach? Hike the mountains?  Whatever you did, I hope you feel refreshed and ready to start this final week of August 2013.  I’m popping in with a quick card idea using digital images from Crafty Secrets.  I call this lovely lady in lavender, “Flower Girl,” and I’m going to share with you just how easy it was to make this card.  Under 30 minutes!

Put on your Brave Boots!

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have really struggled with the switch to digital images.  But let me tell you, the more I play with them, the more I see the advantages, and the more I want to try!  Today’s card is a perfect example.  I had the download for the Garden Printables in my computer, but the images were smaller than what I wanted them to be.  Now, with a stamp set, or a Creative Scraps sheet, the size of the image is the size of the image.  Sometimes, the size is just right, but sometimes, you’d really like it to be larger.  Has this ever happened to you?  Well, I got my Brave Boots out of the Closet of Shame, and decided I would use Paint Shop to change this image to the size I wanted it to be.  And you know what?  It was so easy!  .  If you have any computer skills at all, you can do this !  Sandy, the owner of Crafty Secrets, has links to tutorials and some great information on this week’s blog.

I printed the image twice, matted one and then fussy cut the other to make that beautiful flower girl image pop off the page.

Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 07 Can you see the dimension?

Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 03

The gorgeous background paper is from the Garden Papers digital download.  The hardest thing about using these is figuring out which beautiful paper you want to use first! 

My sentiment is taken from the Flower Girl digital stamp set.  I love the fonts on these sweet greetings, and I was able to size the sentiment to the exact dimensions I wanted to use on my card.  (Try doing that with a stamp! )  I was also able to print the sentiment out with white letters and a purple background by using the paint bucket in the Paint Shop program.  And again, it was not hard to figure out…and I am tickled with the result.  I matted the sentiment onto cardstock, added a few rhinestones and some Glossy Accents to finish it off.  Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 05 I love how perfectly the sentiment fits into my design, both in dimension and color.  

For the inside, I used the same paper on the background and one of the journal pages from the Birds & Botanicals Booklet, which is on clearance sale right now.

Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 08

And, of course, I lined the envelope and the flap, using plain old printer paper.

Crafty Secrets Flower Girl 01

“Try it, You’ll Like it!”

Are any of you old enough to remember the old Life cereal commercial where the older brothers got their little brother Mikey to try out the new Life cereal first?  They were afraid it might not taste good, but they figured if Mikey would eat it (“he hates everything”) then it had to be tasty.  Well, Mikey scarfed that cereal down, looked at his big brothers and said, “Try it, you’ll like it!”  I’ve kinda been like those big brothers, afraid to try something new.  But as I’ve played with these images and new tools, I’ve found myself really, really liking them!  Each time I “play”, I feel more comfortable and more confident.  So if I like it, I think you might, too!  Are you willing to give it a try?  You might be surprised!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog today. I’d love to hear from you on this topic.  What are your fears, and what about this new way of creating excites you?  I love the affordability of digital images, the versatility, the fact that they don’t take up much room, the fact that I don’t have to pay shipping, and I especially like the fact that I can have them “in hand” almost immediately. (I’m not the world’s most patient person.)  There are downloads available on the Crafty Secrets website for as little as 99cents!  That’s a very affordable experiment, if you ask me. Thanks in advance for taking the time to leave a comment…you know they make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers.  Until next time,




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4 thoughts on “Flower Girl

  1. ncguygirl

    Love this pretty card – purple is one of my favorite colors, and I love the shades and variations in this card. Also love your little flower girl and the dimension you gave her. Neat stuff!

  2. Jan Ross

    On the digital downloads subject – so glad you brought that up. I must admit I am in the same boat but mainly because I like playing with all the embellishments and giving the card the dimensional look. But the way you are doing it by just digitally printing your backgrounds and then adding the layers with other elements makes sense. And your card is beautiful. I’m going to read the blog because I do have Paint Shop but no other software at present. I think Crafty Secrets recommended getting Photo Shop.

    Little Mikey – yes of course, I remember that commercial. I have thought of that one throughout the years and even used the phrasing with my daughters to eat their vegetables!

    This weekend I began work on a mini tp album with Fairies. My sister has a fairy garden that she continues to build with each visit from her grandchildren. They sit at the entrance of the garden and stare at it for hours and sometimes rearrange things. I’ll send you a photo of the album when I’m finished. Thanks so much for your inspiration. The papers came from Crafty Secrets.

  3. Glenda

    Your card is just lovely and it is hard to believe it’s digital! I love the shades of purple on the card and the sentiment is perfect! Well done!

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