Romaine Roses (Stamping with Vegetables)

We had a lovely whirlwind of a weekend, and I am still trying to get back up to speed.  The birthday party for Julia (the big #1) was the main event, and then Liz flew in from Baltimore, and Joel and his lovely bride Melody were home from grad school, too.  Lots of family time, lots of laughs and lots of time in the kitchen…which brings me to today’s post.  I was cutting up a head of romaine lettuce the other day when suddenly realized that the stem end I’d just cut off looked a lot like a rose.  Hmmmm…what if I stamped with it?  So I did: 009 (2) What did I get?  Romaine roses! Aren’t they beautiful?  I hit them with a little clear embossing powder, heat set them and began to play.  I’ve never stamped with vegetables before, so this was one of those totally experimental exercises.  014 (2) Here’s the original panel, stamped and inked up, added to a card.  It’s kind of fun, kind of funkie, and definitely different.  I’ve added stitching, a ton of Darjeeling flowers from Petaloo, a metal flower from Graphic 45, wonky stitching and a little Eiffel Tower brad.  The whole thing has a very Moulin Rouge vibe.

018 (2)

013 (2)

012 (2)

011 (2)

010 (2)

012 (2) If you enlarge this photo and look at the area near the dancer’s legs, you can see the romaine roses in the background.  They created a cool texture on the panel.  If I did it again, I would use black ink so the romaine roses wouldn’t become quite so “lost” in the background.  At any rate, it was a fun exercise. 

029 (2) Here’s the inside….

And the envelope:  017 (2) 016 (2)

Have you ever tried stamping with vegetables?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  I think I might try it again sometime. Who knew romaine lettuce could serve double duty?  In the kitchen, and in the studio!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little blog.  I hope you found some inspiration here today.  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.  Your comments make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers.  Until next time,



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7 thoughts on “Romaine Roses (Stamping with Vegetables)

  1. Broni

    Oh my gosh! Romaine roses? Whodathunkit?? They’re beautiful and I just love your finished card! You are such an inspiring artist! I’m going to buy some Romaine tomorrow!!

  2. Anita Houston

    ROMAINE??? OH MY GOSH!!! Brilliant! Now that’s called being a real artist! WOW!!! The paper is just stunning stamped and embossed. It was perfect like that. The card is gorgeous too, but the romaine got lost a little until I found it again. I love it! Beautiful ballerina! I would love to see a challenge with stamped veggies…lol! COOL!!!!!!

  3. ncguygirl

    Romaine roses – who’d have thought of that? — YOU! They are so pretty, too. Such a fun idea and a fun discovery. I definitely think you should make more of them but I agree, doing them in a different color would help them to stand out more, although I know everything is better in person vs than in a photo. Still, this is a very fun, cool card – one Lucy would love! Thanks for sharing your fun inspiration.

  4. Vicki Chrisman

    Oh I love stamping with non traditional things! This is beautiful! Hey… Start checking the bottoms of shoes.. Lol. Sometimes cool patters to stamp with 🙂

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