Tattered Blossoms Gift Box Tutorial

Tattered Blossoms Gift Box Tutorial

Hello again, friends!  Just as I promised, I’m back with part II of my Tattered Blossoms Desk Set tutorial.  Yesterday,  I shared the tutorial for making the notebook part of this desk set.

009  Today I want to focus on the Tattered Blossoms Gift Box tutorial, and share some of the techniques I used for shaping the blossoms.  Ready to get started?

Building the Tattered Blossoms Gift Box

Yesterday, you stamped and die cut 4 sets of Tattered Blossoms.  We used one whole set and part of another set to decorate our notebook.  Today we’ll use the remaining flowers that I had you set aside.

009 (2)

Using the Gift Ensemble Die and a 12″ x 12″ sheet of Antiquity paper, cut and emboss the 4 panels for the gift box. Score along the lines, folding the top and bottom flaps in and the eyelet side flaps out.  Join the side flaps together with tacky glue.  Use Aged Mahogany Distress Ink to sponge along all the sides. Fold the top and bottom to close the box.  Do not glue the box bottom closed.  You will need to use that opening to add your candy or gift card to the box.  (I didn’t realize this until too late…and while my box looks beautiful, it cannot be opened.)  You can decorate this box any way you choose, but I’m including the details on how I shaped my flowers just in case you want to know.

Shaping the large bloom

012 (2)

Create the large bloom by shaping and layering a full set of the blossoms. (These will already have been colored with Distress Inks from yesterday.) Apply tacky glue to the center of each layer to hold the bloom together.  Use the dark brown reverse side of the smallest blossom in the very center of the bloom. Shape this blossom by using the 5mm stylus to press firmly into the center of the molding mat until the petals stick straight up.  Apply tacky glue to the base of the layer and use tweezers to help you place it into the flower center. Spritz with Perfect Pearls Gold Mist.  Use a heat tool to gently dry the blossom,shaping the petals as you work if necessary, and then use tacky glue to secure it to the front panel of the box.

Shaping the Rose Bud


To create the rosebud blossom, shape the individual blossoms so that the petals point upwards on the first three layers.  For the final two layers, use the dark brown side of the paper and shape the petals so that they point inward. Add tacky glue in between the three bottom layers about a third of the way up the sides of the stacked petals and gently press the layers toward the center. Wrap a rubber band around the lower third of the flower to help it hold its shape. Remove the rubber band after the glue has set.    Use the tweezers from the tool kit to slightly bend the petals outward. 

Pierce the center of the rosebud with a darning needle.  Run a corsage pin through the hole and attach to a bamboo skewer that has been cut to measure 3” in length.  Wrap the pin end to the bamboo skewer with red washi tape. Spritz with Perfect Pearls Gold mist. When dry, insert the blossom into the opening in the center of the lid.  Use tacky glue to hold it in place if necessary.

                                 011 (2)

Creating the smallest blossom

013 (3) 

Form the smallest bloom from the three remaining petals.  Use the 6mm stylus to press into the center of the blossom, all the way around the perimeter until the petals point upwards. Do this for each layer, staggering the petals as you layer them together with white glue. Spritz with Perfect Pearls mist. Gently heat dry, shaping the leaves as you work. When you attach this blossom to the box top, glue the bottom petals to the box lid, so that the bloom will lie on its side, as pictured here.

                                                    013 (2)

Creating the Leaves

Use the Open Leaf stamp and Classic Leaf Die to create the foliage.  Stamp each leaf from the Open Leaf Set  onto Always Artichoke cardstock using Aged Mahogany Distress Ink.  Cover with clear embossing powder, tap off the excess and heat set.  Repeat this process so that you have two sets of each leaf.  Shape them with the molding mat and tools, then tuck them in and around the blooms.  On the top of the box, I only added glue at the base of the leaf, near the stem so that my leaves would stand upright on the box.  Let some of the leaves trail down either side of the box as seen here:015 (2)

Creating the paper spirals

These are so fun and easy to make!  Simply cut a few 1/8 inch lengths of paper.  I used scrap pieces that were on my desk.  I sprayed these with Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold mist.  While they were still wet, I carefully wrapped them around the barrel of a small paintbrush…thinner than a pencil.  I secured the ends with tiny pieces of tape and then dried them carefully with my heat gun.  When they were dry, I carefully removed the tape and slid them off the barrel of the paintbrush.  It worked perfectly!  I put a little bit of tacky glue on one end of each spiral, then tucked them in between the foliage and the blossoms. It adds a nice sense of movement and whimsy to the decoration. 016

Creating the Gift tag

This is the easiest part of all.  Simply cut the “Just for You” ticket from the cut apart page of the Antiquity collection. Mat it onto Cherry Cobbler cardstock and then mat again onto black cardstock.  Glue it in place on the box front and then add three little dots of gold stickles in the lower right hand corner.  See?  I told you it was easy!

Now that the box has been fully assembled, go back and add Gold Stickles to the centers of the large and small blossom.  Let them dry, fill the box from the bottom and you are finished!

Thanks for sticking with me on this two part project.  I know it was a long one, but I hope you feel it is worthwhile.  I can’t get over how elegant the finished product looks.  And how fun is it to have flowers on your desktop that won’t wilt, fade or die? I really like that idea.  I hope you’ll try making the Tattered Blossom Gift box and notebook yourself.  If I can help you in any way, just give me a shout.  You know that hearing from you makes me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers.  Until next time,






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