Up-Cycled Vintage Valentine Tag and Chocolate Treat

Crafty Secrets Chocolate Pocket 001

Up-Cycled Vintage Valentine Tag and Chocolate Treat

Good Morning, Friends!  I’m counting down the days ’til Valentine’s Day! But before the big day dawns,  I want to have my granddaughter over so I can show her how to make this cute up-cycled vintage Valentine tag and chocolate treat.  Forget your New Year’s resolution…it’s Valentine’s Day…there has to be chocolate!

Crafty Secrets Chocolate Pocket 01

Here’s the nifty gifty in all its glory.  I started with a toilet paper tube!  I used my iron to flatten the empty tube, stitched along the bottom, wrapped it with decorative papers printed from the Crafty Secrets Digital Vintage Valentine Kit and then used my circle punch to add the thumb hole. Isn’t it cute?

Crafty Secrets Chocolate Pocket 03

The ruffled ribbon is held on with double stick tape.  And I embellished with other valentine images from Crafty Secrets Love Mail Creative Scraps.  Sandy has put together a wonderful Valentine bundle, too.  You can find the details on the Crafty Secrets blog.

Crafty Secrets Chocolate Pocket 05

This is the cute little tag I tucked inside…and the chocolate!

Crafty Secrets Chocolate Pocket 04

Here’s a peek a the pocket, tag and goodies.  Wouldn’t these be cute party favors for a Valentine’s party?  They go together very quickly, too.

When I was in elementary school (back in the dark ages!) we had a class Valentine party every year.  We decorated old shoe boxes as mailboxes and then “delivered” our Valentines to our classmates.  One year, Mom made big molasses heart cookies for each kid in my class, and she wrote their names on the cookies with pink icing.  They were so pretty, and tasted so good!  I have so many fun memories of Valentine’s Day and even though I ‘m not a kid any more, I still love to celebrate it!  What’s the best Valentine you ever received?  I’d love to hear about it!  It will make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty little fingers!



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11 thoughts on “Up-Cycled Vintage Valentine Tag and Chocolate Treat

  1. Robin

    Your tag and candy holder is just beautiful! I love the vintage look of the project – your crafting is always an inspiration to me!

  2. Birgit

    Very, very sweet chocolate / tag holder! How clever to re-use a paper roll too! My very best Valentine’s gift was the birth of our daughter on Valentine’s day coming up on 20 years!!
    Blessings to you~ Birgit

  3. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Oh, My, what an adorable tag and candy holder. Very sweet set. I know that there’s many uses for toilet paper tubes but never thought of as a candy holder. You clever gal you. :}

    I also remember decorating an old shoe box when I was in school. My, that has been many years ago.

  4. Lee Ann Barrett

    Well, this is right out of another era, Kathy! This reminds me of gift cards from many moons ago, LOL! And I love your upscaled, clever packaging! You have inspired me to start looking at toilet paper tubes differently. 🙂 Gorgeous, gorgeous project, friend!

  5. Darlene Pavlick

    Clever idea and BEAUTIFUL too! You are always giving me ideas! Thanks for that … I can use them! LOL! What fun and your granddaughters going to love creating these with you! Yes I too remember my sister’s and I decorating shoe boxes to hold our valentines at school and I think Mom bought us each a pack of valentines (48 for $1). We’d go through and pick up just the right one for Sally or Tom or Jim! What fond memories! I remember when my granddaughter was in grade school, my daughter offered to make heart shaped sugar cookies for all the classes … 12 dozen, iced in pink … it took me, my mom & my aunt all day to get them iced while she was cutting and baking them. What was she thinking?? LOL! Thanks again for inspiration and memories! Have a great day!

  6. carol edwards

    Hi Kathy what a pretty project and clever use of up cycle items. Love the way you have stitched the bottom of the roll, very clever. Glad you enjoy Valentine’s and have such fond memories. The one I remember is when my late husband managed to walk to the local newsagent following an accident to get a free red rose with the newspaper. It was a surprise and worth more than expensive bunches. Hope you get to spend some time with your granddaughter soon . Take care x

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