Wrapping Gifts with Ribbon

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Wrapping Gifts with Ribbon

Hello all you fabulous ribbon loving people!  I’m here today to share a very quick and easy tutorial on wrapping gifts with ribbon.  We have brand new neighbors, and last weekend they hosted an open house for all the folks in the neighborhood.  I wanted to take them a gift, but not knowing them very well, I really had to think to come up with something suitable.  I finally settled on giving them a really nice bottle of olive oil.  I figure most everyone likes and uses olive oil, right?

I found this graceful bottle and was getting ready to put it into a boring old gift bag when I suddenly thought, “Why not just decorate the bottle with ribbon and a tag?”  So I did!

RRRtutorial April 10 02

Really Reasonable Ribbon carries this cheery gingham ribbon in multiple colors and widths, but the 5/8″ yellow and green were the perfect match for my tag and the color of the olive oil.

RRRtutorial April 10 02a

I tied the Graphic 45 French Country tag on with my faithful natural jute string and then added a green wild orchid sweetheart blossom to the bow and voila! The present was wrapped!

It took under 5 minutes.

And it looked really artsy and homey and pretty.

Wrapping gifts with ribbon….a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope the next time you have an oddly shaped gift, you’ll remember to wrap it with ribbon instead.  I promise, it will make you happy right down to the tips of your crafty little fingers!



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5 thoughts on “Wrapping Gifts with Ribbon

  1. Darlene Pavlick

    What a sweet housewarming gift Kathy! Clever idea to dress it up with ribbon & a tag … PERFECT! I bet your new neighbor will be knocking on your door when they need something ‘crafty’ created! What fun! Great idea!

  2. Isla

    Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift like this, Kathy! So pretty and cheerful, just lovely!

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