613 Avenue Create Challenge # 97


613 Avenue Create Challenge #97: RAK Week

Hello, Friends!  There’s a new challenge up at 613 Avenue Create.  Challenge #97 is all about Random Acts of Kindess.  (RAK)  Make a little “something, something” for a friend, a neighbor, your mail carrier, the cashier at the store….anyone at all!  It’s amazing how a small, unexpected kindness can lift the spirit and change the course of a whole day.  A random act of kindness is doubly blessed: it blesses both the recipient, and the one who gives, too.

I’ve been working at my annual craft show all this week, selling lots and lots of paper goodies to lots and lots of different people.  One of the things I made for the show was a whole BUNCH of cute flower-topped bookmarks like these.

Ave 613 Create RAK Challenge

These were created in every color and while I sold most of them, it was really fun to give a few of them away to customers who took the time to not only shop, but chat and share their stories with me.  It’s such a small gift, but you would think I’d given them the moon.  Now THAT is fun!

So, what will you create for your RAK?  Will it be  a card, a mini book, a tasty baked good wrapped up in pretty packaging?  Take a picture ,and share it with us at 613 Avenue create!   I can’t wait to see what you create.

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8 thoughts on “613 Avenue Create Challenge # 97

  1. Linsey

    These are so sweet! I love the bookmark with a flower on the top idea!! So lovely and different from most bookmarks I’ve seen! LOVE this idea! Not surprised at all that you sold out of almost all of them, but giving them to your special folks, well that’s just super cool!!! I know why it seemed like you gave them the moon–because when people who know and appreciate what a wonderful and talented person you are receive a handmade gift from you, it may as well be the moon–it’s priceless and something to be cherished. 🙂 Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  2. Pattie Jns

    hi Kathy, love your book marks. some really good sayings. Hope all goes well.Your a busy lady, please don;t over due…..hugs

  3. smithgfb

    It is always nice to have things sell….that way you can buy more supplies! Love those bookmarks…adorable and yes, I’m sure those that got one free were so pleased.

  4. carol

    Hi Kathy these are so sweet and such a lovely thought from a lovely lady. Glad your craft show went well. X

  5. Robin

    What are you doing up so late after your big craft show???
    Love your RAK bookmarks – just another reason to love you so! You have such a kind heart and creative spirit!

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