Apple Season Banner

Apple Season Banner Authentique Autumn Collection by Kathy Clement for Really reasonable Ribbon

Apple Season Banner for Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  This vintage style Apple Season Banner makes me think of my mom.  Her birthday was in September, and every year we trekked off to a nearby apple orchard to celebrate her birthday.  We picnicked under the apple trees surrounded by the sweet perfume of ripe apples.  Lazy bumblebees provided the background music and a crystal blue sky was the canopy over our heads.  Nothing compares to that first intoxicating bite into an apple picked from a northern orchard.  First you hear the crunch as your teeth break through the skin.  Then the juice runs down your chin and up your forearm as the sweet/tart flesh fills your mouth.  Mmmm…let’s go apple picking!

Shades of Red, Ivory and Rust

Apple Season Banner by kathy Clement Photo 01

Each pennant on this banner is machine stitched onto Rust Silky Crush and Sherry and Ivory Plaid Ribbons.  Ivory Crochet Lace Trim adds just the right touch of vintage goodness.  And burlap string brings in the rustic feel of fallen leaves.  It’s such a pretty combination!

Alternate die cut pennants with Graphic 45 Kraft Regular tags to create a lot of visual interest.  Then die cut Tim Holtz Skeleton Leaves from scraps of burgundy and green papers to mimic autumn leaves.

I really had to dig deep  into the Closet of Inspiration and Delight to find this combination of Authentique Autumn Collection and the September Calendar Collection. (Both are retired, but if you do a Google search, you can still find bits and pieces out there.  I will link below.)

Even the flowers are retired Petaloo blossoms.  But they were the perfect color match for the papers, so I had to use them!

What is your favorite fall memory? Tell me about it in the comment section below.  I love to hear your stories, too, you know!

Now I think I will go bake an apple pie!

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8 thoughts on “Apple Season Banner

  1. Helen Budz

    My favorite Fall memory is an experience when I was about 4-5 years old. I stood in the back yard wearing my favorite blue sweater with my arms spread wide lettng the wind blow all around me. Thanks for asking. Stay safe-Hugs!

  2. Isabel Gonzalez

    Nobody makes a banner like you do, Kathy!!! There are so many layers of goodness as there where parts to your apple picking story with your mom. You can really tell a story too, maybe you should start writing books. My favorite autumn memory is with my mom and my family raking leaves, lots of leaves, and my mom scolding us for jumping in the piles of leaves after she had made the piles. Lol! Good ole fashion fun! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, my dear, sweet friend!!! God bless you always!!!

  3. Susan Steele

    WOW!!! Every single time I think you have the best Banner yet …here you come along with another one that is my favorite! Lol!!! But this one is! Luv all the vintage vibes going on with this one!!! Every single detail is awesome and luv the richness of all my favorite colors too! I think I found the papers, now to find some matching flowers like those Petaloo’s! And oh yes …we just luv homemade apple pie, fresh made apple cider from our old cider press and iron skillets of fried apples! Yum! Time for another get together …our old apple trees are heavy with fruit this year! I need to get busy! And thanks for all your inspiration! Hugs, Suzy Q

  4. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, I love your banners! This one is so lovely with the apple images and the beautiful ribbons. Those buttons you used between the pennants are gorgeous! How beautiful this would look on a kitchen wall or hanging over a cozy fireplace mantle. Your stories are always so wonderfully descriptive and a joy to read. My Grandmother made the best apple strudel and pies! Usually in the Fall, her kitchen would always smell heavenly from her baking. Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  5. Martie Rollin

    Fall is in the air! Oh, my! The colors on this beautiful banner are so wonderful, so easy on the eyes. Love your banners, Kathy, but this one seems so rich and elegant in style. Your attention to detail on each banner piece is impressive. You surely made the right choice with those flowers. Every element works on this beautiful Fall project…those skeleton leaves are lovely on this banner, a statement unto themselves. WELL DONE!

  6. Terry Law

    Beautiful banner Kathy! I love the Fall season too. My mom’s birthday was also in September! Its coming up – the 23rd. I still make her a card, just can’t send it off to heaven but I know she would love it! When was your mom’s birthday? You have inspired me to make a Fall banner. Hoping the kids can come home for Thanksgiving. Its early here – October 11th. We have such fun when they come! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. soozyb2013

    I can smell the pie from here. I think apple pie is my absolute favourite! Fall is a great time of year, I do remember we used to rake up the maple tree leaves and chestnut tree leaves into a big pile and we would jump in them with the dogs! We had such fun. I remember the smell of pies baking in the small kitchen we had, it was perfect, the whole house smelled so good. Have a great Monday Kathy!!!

  8. Rosemary D Schroader

    Just when I thought it was safe to stop making banners…there you go inspiring me to make a fall one! I love it, Kathy!

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