Authentique April Desk Calendar

Authentique April Desk Calendar: Singing in the Rain

Hello, Friends!  Can it really almost be April?  I’m almost late with this Authentique April Desk Calendar project, but I think you’ll still have plenty of time to get yours made before the calendar turns.

Since this calendar follows the same steps and measurements as the March Calendar, I did not create a video tutorial.  Just use that design with the April Calendar Collection.  Easy peasy!

Authentique April Calendar Collection Desk Calendar by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Do you remember how much fun it was as a kid to walk to school under an umbrella?  I can remember waking up excited if I heard raindrops outdoors because I  knew all my classmates would be breaking out their umbrellas, too.  We bobbed along in the rain like cheery little puddle posies while the rain tapped away at our umbrellas.  Those fun memories prompted me to select this darling image and sentiment as the focal for our calendar this month.

Opening this desk calendar is always an adventure!  There are so many sweet goodies tucked inside!

Here’s the hidden folio for the April Desk Calendar.

Plenty of room to add a few sweet photos to these colorful pages.

Use the back side of this darling Easter image to mat a photo.  The journal card tucked in the pocket is a great place to write down memories or important dates.

And there’s lots of room for smaller photos and journaling in the wallet sized folios that tuck in to the pocket.

You can watch the March Video Tutorial HERE.  Are you following along and making each monthly calendar with me?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Authentique April Desk Calendar

  1. Sara Barker

    Oooh, those beautiful pastel papers just scream April! A great project, and indeed filled with lots of surprises! But that’s always the case with anything you create, Kathy! Looks like we will get a lot of time to spend creating this month! Thank you for your inspiration! PS That bunny looks just like Nugget, Lauren’s bunny. I’m so thankful she has him, since that is her only ‘family’ in Charlotte.

  2. Isabel Borrero-Gonzalez

    I love, love, love this calendar!!! I’ve always loved to watch the rain as it hits the ground and the sound that it makes. I just don’t like it when it rains for more than two days straight. April is my month and it feels like you made this card just for me. (Ha, ha) It’s so pretty!!!!

  3. Susan Steele

    Oh my! This is such a sweet project …with such a sweet little card front! I luv how all the layers look and how you made everything work on the front of this card! And I can just picture you and your little friends walking to school with those umbrella tops bobbing in the rain!!! Sweet! Luv this card inside and out! I did not get to get this paper pad …but I do have another one that I could not pass up the sale on way back and I think it will work perfectly! It’s old. Now if I can just get the courage to cut into it and find the time to make it! I just know as soon as I cut into it then you’ll have some awesome throwback Thursday project with it …and then, I just might sit down and cry!!! Lol! Hugs, Suzy Q

  4. Martie Rollin

    Yesterday found me psyching myself up for my first grocery store trip in 3 weeks. The shelves look so different from then to now! Wearing gloves while shopping, being so careful to keep social distance spacing, washing all my clothing the second I got home…sure hope all these precautions work! With doctors in my immediate family, we’ve been ardent hand washers for years…our frequency of colds has been so much less than the norm…hand washing does work! Anyway, I was hoping for a positive distraction to come along for today…and here you are! As soon as I saw this project, I broke into a smile. Thank you, Kathy! Just the distraction I needed! I am inspired to pull out a paper pad and get myself back into craft mode!

  5. soozyb2013

    I remember splashing in puddles as a kid, and rain never really bothered me till I grew up, now sometimes it really gives me the blues, depending on how many days we have had rain. Beautiful piece Kathy, love the kidlets. :) Stay well my friend.


    Kathy!! Each one of your monthly desk calendars are different and so unique – I absolutely love them all – amazing talent you have and share so freely with everyone – thank you so much!!

  7. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, I LOVE this collection and how you put the calendar together. That image of the children and their umbrellas is so adorable. My grandma gave me my first umbrella when I was a little girl. I couldn’t wait for it to rain so I could walk around outside with it. What a simple delight! As always you’ve added such fun, beautiful surprises to the inside and oh those gorgeous flowers and ribbons! What a lovely project to lift the spirits in these times. Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs!

  8. MaryH

    Good Morning, Kathy. Another lovely project to make us smile today. I so enjoyed all the elements of this card/calendar. I love the way you interweave the colors, textures, and patterns. Right or wrong what I see are patterns of plaids, stripes, dots, chevrons, umbrellas with falling rain – you make me see they work together because color choices replicate through out and soft colors do not fight to over whelm the design. Maybe there is hope for me yet to branch out and use your genius style. Your project is just so happy and hopeful! Back to my tea and looking at old photographs of happiness past to remember that the future holds more happiness and wonder.

  9. Barbie Williams

    HI Kathy! I am so in love with your projects. I was binge watching your YouTube all weekend. I’m still not done. I am seriously looking into getting the club over at The Button Farm Club. My favorite project so far that I’ve seen from your YouTube channel is the Rejoice Recipe book. I love that one so much! I wanted to make that for my sisters, and all of our daughters, but alas, it is no longer available. Will you be doing another one for this year? Thank you so much for sharing all your precious work. It is truly so beautiful.

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