Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial

Authentique Calendar Collection January February Desk Calendars by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design PHoto 01

Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial: January and February

Hello, Friends!  I just love the month of January.  The whole year stretches out before you like a blank book just waiting for you to write your story.  This Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial is an idea that I think you are going to love.

January Desk Calendar Authentique Calendar Collection by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

You know that old song, “Brighten the Corner Where You Are?”  These sweet little easel style folios are designed to do just that!  Each one measures 6″ x 6″ and is decorated in vintage style using the Authentique Calendar Collection.  They are the perfect way to decorate a desk, entry way, or studio and they make a great birthday gift, too.  I built some fun features into the design that I think you are really going to enjoy!  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial: Filled with Fun

Open the desk decor to find the January Calendar on the inside along with a lovely pocket of goodies.  Fill the dates in on the calendar, or use it to write down birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Adding a pocket to an easel style card is one of my favorite design tricks.  I’ve tucked 2 wallet sized photo folios inside the pocket along with a journaling card.  You could also add a couple of photographs here.  But there’s more to this design than what meets the eye!

Pull the tab on the right to reveal a hidden pocket built into the base of the folio.  How fun is that?

This folio measures 5 1/4″ square and will hold 3 photos.

Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial: February

February Desk Calendar Authentique Calendar Collection by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

The February Desk Decor is created using the same techniques as the ones from the January calendar.

Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial on YouTube

Because I thought you would enjoy creating these lovely little desk decor calendars, I created a video tutorial.  Just follow the simple step by step instructions.  I will build the February folio in the video, but the measurements and steps are the same for January.  Just change out the papers and images and you’ll be all set.


How do you feel about me sharing a new desk decor calendar each month in 2020?  Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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18 thoughts on “Authentique Calendar Collection Desk Decor Tutorial

  1. Helen

    Great idea to create these desktop calendars, Kathy. Your video is so helpful for creating them. I’ve already ordered these sheets to start a gift for later this year–2021 calendar. I need to start this now (lol). Thanks for sharing this great project. Hugs.

  2. Helen Budzik

    Kathy, these desktop calendars are such a great idea. The tutorial is so helpful. I just ordered all these Authentique sheets to start now on a year’s set as a gift for 2021…need to start now (lol). tfs Hugs.

  3. Sandy Artman

    Hi, Kathy,
    I think you’re brilliant! Your calendar desk decor could just as easily be a special card. I love
    the adaptability of it. Having a foundation that can mastered and then offering your special
    touches provides the perfect teaching opportunity. In 12 months we’ll all have a number of
    of tools in our belts! Thank you!
    Blessings, Sandy

  4. soozyb2013

    Beautiful Kathy and I am all for you doing the months of the year. I am in love with February 🙂 Great job and love the papers. The winter one even looks chilly. We have had nearly 2 foot of snow over the last couple days. Now the sun is out and it’s a horrible mess out there. LOTS OF WATER which is going to freeze at night! Not fun to walk but it was nice to get out with the pup, she loves the snow!

  5. ann phillipson

    thank u thank u for this desk calendar! a design for each month would be so wonderful please and thank u.

  6. Terry Dunlap

    Oh Kathy! This is gorgeous! The time and planning this all took is huge! That doesn’t even include your amazing talent to go along with it! I’m inspired! In awe as always, too!

  7. Susan Steele

    “Brighten the Corner” …for sure! These are adorable!!! Wonderful idea! How in the world do you think of all these awesome projects!!! Luv these for sure! And luv the secret tag pocket on the side! See …that’s what I’m talking about …always taking it to the next level! Can’t wait to see what’s next! And this is only January! Lol! Hugs, Suzy Q

    1. Susan Steele

      Just watched the tutorial …luv watching Kathy in action! Awesome tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing! Suzy Q

  8. Glenda Buster

    Yes, yes please do a monthly desk decor calendar for every month in 2020. January and February are gorgeous.

  9. Phyllis T

    That was so much fun (and I learned some new trucks) watching your video. It’s fun to see how you create. Love, love, love the finished product.

  10. Cheryl Wells

    Kathy – I have this collection and haven’t cut into it yet and your idea for the paper is wonderful – great work!! (By the way – did you use a Scan N Cut to cut out the months?)

  11. Geraldine Quinonez

    Yes!! Please continue with your idea of a monthly calendar folio! This is exactly the project I was looking to make for my sister…and her birthday is next month – perfect timing!! I am always so excited to see your creativity…turning paper into art pieces!!

  12. Sherry Somers

    Oh yes! A monthly calendar folio or card would be so wonderful! My daughter birthday is next week. She always keeps all my cards so this would be perfect! She can pull it out every year as her January calendar. I also love the February calendar. These are so beautiful Kathy….Cant wait to make them. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  13. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, OMG, what a fantastic way to use this paper collection! You never fail to take it to the next level! The motifs and designs in this collection are just fabulous! What would we do without Authentique? I especially love the Winter one. Of course Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful creations. Going now to watch the video! Hugs!

  14. Katie Baird

    Outstanding! I love the idea of a new special little desk decor calendar every month! This Authentique collection is truly remarkable, such a brilliant idea. The projects you have created with it are amazing, and we’re still in the first month! I look forward to see what other incredible ideas you come up with. I feel so lucky that I got in on the Button Farm Club quarterly kit before it sold out! Well done, my friend. Sending big hugs and blessings your way.

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