Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio and Card Tutorial

Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio and Card Tutorial

Hello, Friends!  Winter just seems to drag on and on and on, doesn’t it?  The cold weather and grey skies kind of had me a little bit down, so I decided to make it be springtime in my studio.  I pulled out some gorgeous spring papers and went to work on this Authentique Hello Spring Folio and Card Tutorial.  Suddenly, it was springtime: little umbrellas, sweet songbirds, raindrops, children dancing in the rain and…whoosh!  Those wintertime blues were banished!

Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio Refreshed by Kathy Clement Product by Authentique Photo 1

Hello, Spring, indeed! How can you be sad when you are working with a cutie pie image like this?  Designing this 5″ square folio was pure joy, I tell you!

Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio: The details

Create the folio base by joining together three 11″ x 5″ strips of navy blue cardstock.  I use Scor-tape for this, but you can use whatever strong adhesive you prefer.

Once the strips are all neatly joined, simply score at 5″ and again at 5.25″ on the long side of your very long paper strip.  Once you get to the end, you will have a leftover piece that is not 5″ wide.  This will be come the flap.  Then just simply crease all your score lines and fold the panels up to form this lovely little booklet.  I used a Spellbinder’s Label 8 Die to create my shaped flap, but that is optional.

Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio: A Peek Inside

Decorating the inside of the album is equally simple.  Cut 4 7/8″ squares from the Refreshed 6×6 Bundle pack to line each panel.  Then decorate with stickers and journal cards from the 12×12 collection pack.  If you back the stickers with cardstock, they make great tags like the ones tied onto my ribbon closure.  And they also make great tuck spots like the one seen here.

You can use the Spellbinder’s Labels 8 Die to create shaped photo mounts within the album.

Add flaps to lift and waterfall features to flip, and you’ve got yourself one mighty cute little springtime folio!

Of course, I had to add pockets!  It just wouldn’t be a Kathy by Design project without pockets!  These hold 4″ square photo mounts with plenty of room for more photos. If you save the leftover pieces from lining the pages, you’ll find they are the perfect size and width for a pocket.  So nothing goes to waste!  How great is that?

Here’s another matted sticker from the 12×12 Collection pack.  Backed with cardstock, it becomes the perfect tuck spot for these sweet little images from the 6×6 Bundle pack.

This larger waterfall feature will easily hold 4″ square photos.  As always, I only glue the edge of images so that photos can be slipped behind.

It’s also really easy to turn a journal card from the 12×12 collection pack into a pocket.  Just glue down three sides and you’ve got a perfect little spot to tuck a tag.

These little file folders are one of my favorite elements.  To make them, simply fold a piece of cardstock in half, then add the sticker to the front.  Trim around the front edge, then round the back corners.  Now you have a darling little spot for hidden journaling.

Spring Showers Greeting Card

I was feeling so “Refreshed” I kept right on playing.  This 5″ x 7″ top fold greeting card is made with the 12×12 Collection Kit.

Just look at these darling little girls playing with their umbrellas!  My heart melts!

Inside, I’ve created lots of fun little interactive elements.

Turn another cut apart image into a pocket…only this time, make it a double!  I did this by gluing 3 sides of the card onto a cardstock pocket.   Now you can tuck in a tea bag AND a little wallet.

Stuff the wallet with a trio of sweet spring tags made with cut apart images from the 6×6 bundle.  Yes, friends…I was having FUN!

The bottom pocket holds a decorated honey stick and a little chocolate treat tucked into a sweet miniature envelope.  I added a blank cardstock panel with room to write a personal greeting.

Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio YouTube tour

I thought you might like to see all the flips, flaps and folds in action, so I filmed a quick YouTube video tour for you.  I’ll also include a complete supply list below for your convenience.

You’ll also find a video showing you how to put the front of the card together along with lots of tips and tricks that you can use in your own crafty adventures.

I hope this post has left you feeling “Refreshed.”  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio and Card Supply List

For the folio:

  • Authentique Refreshed 12×12 Collection Kit (includes sticker sheet)
  • Refreshed 6×6 Bundle Pack

10 thoughts on “Authentique Refreshed Hello Spring Folio and Card Tutorial

  1. Sara Emily Barker

    Kathy, both your folio and card are delightful and fill me with the promise of sunshine and robins! Well, we’ve got TONS of robins, but sunshine seems to be in short supply around here. I’m going to make this quick because the light is fading and I need to get out to walk (I’ve been putting it off all day!). I love these papers and what you have done with them. That little birdie is adorable,and the paper with the birds inside is gorgeous! I am squealing with delight over all your little flips and flaps, tuck spots and pockets! Wow! I don’t know how you find the time! But I’m so glad you do! Sending more hugs!

  2. June Carole Phipps

    Paper takes on a life of its own in your hands. Adorable Kathy
    Again thanks for Sharing
    Blessings from a snowy, cold UK

  3. candycolwell

    Kathy…we had snow and COLD weather yesterday and expecting ICE and nasty weather again tomorrow night. So this card is perfect timing! I love it. You are such a magician with paper images! I totally love how you can make them all so unique and yet go together like that was what the artist intended when they were designing the papers. You are such a talented lady and I truly adore your work.

  4. Rosemary

    Loved your video, Kathy! We are getting ready for a snowfall here in Illinois, so thoughts of spring are kinda far away right now! Anyway, I have been using your great idea of cardboard instead of pop-up dots, etc. and loving it!

  5. soozyb2013

    Just what I needed today. We have had sooo much rain this New Year that pretty soon people will be getting their boats out! LOL Love the card, the wee bird grabbed me as soon as I saw it. I do love your choice in papers with this one Kathy, another great work of art!
    You are the queen of detail. :)

  6. Helen

    Oh Kathy, what creative projects…no wonder you couldn’t stop with just one! The first has just one surprise piece after another–incredible and irresistible to try sometime when I have the time. The second card is just delightful with that layer by layer front. Refreshed? I was refreshed just watching these creations come to life in your video! Will have to check out this Authentic set at my craft store. As always, tfs.

  7. Suzy Q

    Yes Kathy … don’t know about anyone else …but this card and folio sure has me feeling refreshed! And it sure does look springy! This would revitalize anyone! I always enjoy looking for rainbows after a good rain! We live in the country… so we get a beautiful view when there is one. Big hugs to you!

    1. Susan Steele

      And p.s. …just got to watch your tutorial of the spring folio and card today with Levi and away he went for his papers and colors! And he got so excited …grandma we have honey sticks too!…so this card has one and a tea bag! And he cut out a cute flag shape for the honey stick. I was impressed! Just for momma when she gets home from work he says. Hugs from us!

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