Authentique September Desk Calendar Tutorial

Authentique September Calendar Collection Desk Calendar Tutorial by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Authentique September Desk Calendar Tutorial

Hello, Friends!  There’s a hint of fall in the morning air.  It must be time to share my Authentique September Desk Calendar Tutorial!

These summer months have flown by.  I’ve been busy with family birthdays and planning Button Farm kits.  Our little garden produced an abundance of tomatoes. Keeping up with that has felt like a part time job!  I’m afraid it’s kept me away from my blog  more than I’d like.  But the good news is, my freezer is filled with homemade marinara sauce, homemade salsa, and homemade soup base for the cold days that are peering around the corner.

So this month, we are opening the door to my favorite season: fall!  The September desk calendar is all about brightly colored fall leaves, crisp and juicy apples, backpacks and books!

Remember the first day of school?  There was always a new outfit, and a photo before we walked out the door.  Then there was the pack of sharp new pencils, a Pink Pearl eraser and a fresh pack of Crayolas to add to the excitement.  The cover of this nostalgic 6×6″ desk calendar hearkens back to those sweet, innocent days.

Follow the video tutorial below and we will decorate the calendar cover together.  I’ll link the supplies I used, but you can substitute whatever embellishments and ribbon you have in your stash if you don’t  have them.

Don’t you just love the vintage images in the September Calendar collection?  And the color palette is perfect for fall!  You’ll feel all warm and cozy as we make this desk calendar together, I promise!

YouTube Tutorial

As promised, here is the easy to follow video tutorial for this darling desk calendar. I hope you enjoy!

Are kids going back to school in your neck of the woods?  I confess, I miss seeing the moms walking their kids to the school bus stop each morning.  Here’s hoping that we get our kids back in school and back to normal soon!

If you’d like to catch up on this calendar series, please click HERE.  You’ll find all the calendar tutorials along with dozens of other Authentique projects that I hope you will enjoy.

Look for the supply list below this post.

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10 thoughts on “Authentique September Desk Calendar Tutorial

  1. Jill C McAuley

    Aah, the smell of a box of Crayola’s! One of my favorite colors was/is Burnt Sienna…(and Carnation Pink) You had to get the 48 count box and up to get it. I loved to use the built in sharpener on the back of the box where you would have to peel away the paper from the crayon. Such innocent times! BTW, I am looking forward to receiving the last “quarter” of the 2020 calendar cards from Button Farm. I have the Christmas set, and have subscribed for the other seasons into 2021.

  2. Joyce Lennard

    Kathy, that is truly wonderful. I learn so much whenever I watch you. Must see if i can find some of that beautiful fall paper. xxx


    Just another beautiful desk calendar – the collection of calendars is a wonderful addition to home decor – I love them all!!!

  4. Claire Gagne

    I love all your calendar designs Kathy. You also give us really good instructions especially if one does not have the kit I think we could make it. With your help that is. I need a lot of help. I watch a part of the video, try to make it, watch more & keep on going in that manner. I’m sure that after a while I’ll be able to just put things together and it will look fine. Be safe & TYFS

  5. soozyb2013

    Fall is my second favourite season. Spring is my first. Wonderful Calendar and the images are perfect for going back to school. Going back to school is going to be ever so different. I get sad for the little ones this year with this virus and the “new normal” way of living. Beautiful work Kathy and thanks for the cheer up this a.m.

  6. Priscilla Hughs

    Such fun to begin my day with this sweet fall calendar! Woke up to much needed rain also. I have so many bdays in October but this would be perfect for two granddaughters ( with children) to enjoy! As always, thanks for your clear instructions!

  7. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, this card is just spectacular! It’s a fantastic expression of my favorite time of year. I can’t wait for Fall to get here. The colors are beautiful and the children skipping off to school is such a sweet image. This really does bring back memories of the first day of school. Like you said, a new dress and brand new school supplies…..that I kept in a cigar box. LOL All of your desk calendar creations have been gorgeous and this one is maybe my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing. Going now to watch the video! Hugs!

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