Autumn Splendor Scrappy Shaker Card

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Autumn Splendor Scrappy Shaker Card Tutorial for Throwback Thursday

Hello, Friends!  Today we’re going to take bits and pieces of a favorite collection and create this lovely Autumn Splendor Scrappy Shaker Card.  If you’re like me, you have certain collections in your stash that you are especially fond of.  And this means you have used them over and over.  Now you just have a little pile of bits and pieces left that you cannot bear to throw away.  Sound familiar?  Today I’m going to share some tips and techniques to help you use them up in a beautiful way.

Beautiful Bits and Pieces

It’s always a little bit sad to finish out a lovely collection like this one.  But when you can take all those beautiful bits and pieces and turn them into a finished project, it just feels so good.  I think you’ll enjoy seeing how I used scrappy strips of paper, small images and ephemera bits to build this layered beauty.

The Shaker Element

You all know how I feel about shaker cards.  Party embellishment, part card maker’s toy, they just make me happy.  This shaker element is a bit unconventional in its creation.  Here’s how it came together.

  • First, fussy cut around outside of the wreath image from a 4×4 element.
  • Next, use a craft knife to cut an “X” in the middle of the wreath.  This will allow you to gain access to the inside of the wreath.  Once you have done this, you can fussy cut around the inside perimeter of the image.  Now you have a shaker frame!
  • Then die cut a circle that is approximately the same diameter as the wreath.  Adhere this to the back side of the image.
  • Now place 3 rows of foam tape on the back side of the wreath to create the topper for the shaker element.
  • Then locate a piece of patterned paper to serve as the back of the shaker element.

Place a mix of sequins, beads, flat back pearls and buttons in the center of the image.  Then press the frame topper over the back to seal.  It’s easy and it’s economical, too.  Dress the shaker element up with flowers, trims and a butterfly to finish.

A Peek Inside

Here’s a look at the pocket and elements on the inside of the card.  You can see why I enjoyed working with this collection so much!

I filled the pocket with a little stitched magnet, a bookmark, a tea wallet and a honeystick.  Now it’s a gift!  Not to shabby for a card that started out as a pile of scraps!

Autumn Splendor Scrappy Shaker Card Tutorial on YouTube

If you’d like to see how I created the front cover of this card from scraps, I hope you’ll enjoy this Throwback Thursday tutorial over on my YouTube channel.

Because this is a Throwback Thursday project, I was unable to find the products I used online.  Because of this, there is no supply list with today’s post.  However, if you’d like to see other Autumn Splendor Projects, please click HERE

Did you enjoy this scrappy card adventure?  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “Autumn Splendor Scrappy Shaker Card

  1. Gena Krannig

    What a gorgeous card, Kathy! It has all of the elements I love. Butterflies, buttons and acorns. And what beautiful, warm colors! The shaker elements are such a perfect match to the surrounding flowers and leaf images. This is such a wonderful Fall card! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  2. Helen

    A wonderful way to bring together a bundle of bits and pieces into a warm, rustic, arty piece. The items tucked inside are rich with texture too, this being a folio for all ages. Inspirational work Kathy!

  3. Claire Gagne

    You just seem to have the knack of putting a card together with scraps. I think card would end up looking “scrappy” at the end. Yours are always beautiful. Be safe, be well & TYFS

  4. Susan Steele

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Autumn Splendor card creation Kathy! And only using your scraps! This is another inspiring card! Just luv all the details! And you have such a beautiful mix of shaker mixes! Luv luv the inside paper arrangements too! And that beautiful magnet and that frilly bookmark, my favorite! Thanks for sharing another Throwback Thursday Kathy original …and only using scraps! Big hugs sweet lady, Suzy Q

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