Batter Up Baseball Card with Good Ol’ Sport

Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sport Batter Up Baseball Card

Hello, G45’ers!  I have a true confession to make: I love the World Series!  When our kids were small, we lived in Atlanta during the Braves heyday.  Night after night we huddled in front of the TV to watch them win league championships and finally, the BIG game!  Our youngest was a toddler at the time, yet he knew the name of every player on the team and would call them out as they came on the screen.  He grew up to be an ardent fan of the game! Every year for his birthday, I make him a baseball themed card.  Naturally, I turned to Graphic 45’s Good Ol’ Sport paper collection to make this fun Batter Up Baseball card.


A Little Card Making Coach Talk

Lots and lots of layers were  matted on black and/or red cardstock.  I don’t do this just to make extra work for myself.  When I work with multiple patterned papers, I find that matting keeps those patterns from becoming muddled.  The eye can see each separate layer and really enjoy the patterns instead of being confused by them.

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-1Think you can’t put a bow on a masculine card?  Not so!  Choose a textured ribbon like this starry grosgrain and burlap combo to keep things masculine.

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-3Let’s talk about composition.  Everyone loves to use embellishments on a card.  Especially me!  But be sure to put those embellishments to work in such a way that they draw the eye to your focal image.  By clustering stickers and embellishments in a group around this fairly small focal image, I was able to make it stand out and draw you into the scene.

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-5Make color work for you. Red is a dominant color. The red baseball cap, the red lettering in the focal image, the red cap in the sticker and even the red stitching on the baseballs all catch your eye, drawing it into the heart of the card design.

Put Your Scraps in the Line Up!

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-4Don’t forget to use your scraps!  This little piece of border scrap adds a lot of punch to this card.  In fact, most of the card panels on the front of this card came from my scrap envelope.

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-7Use stickers to make quick and easy borders inside your card.

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-8These score cards are a great spot to mount a small photo.  And how thoughtful was it of Ghiradelli to wrap their chocolates in a red wrapper that perfectly matches my card design?

batter-up-masculine-birthday-card-good-old-sport-by-kathy-clement-product-by-graphic-45-photo-8My husband and I will write personal notes to our son on these postcards and then tuck them back into the large base pocket.  This turns a card into a keepsake.  There’s nothing like a hand written note.

I hope I’ve shared some tips with this Batter Up Baseball card that you’ll be able to incorporate into your own card making ventures!  May every project you create become a home run!

Thanks for joining me here today!




5 thoughts on “Batter Up Baseball Card with Good Ol’ Sport

  1. Jenny L

    Hi Kathy,
    another super work of art, and all the lovely elements that you have superbly included.
    Love all the wonderful layers, and pockets, and everything used on this wonderful card.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Christine

    These are great tips Kathy. I love making cards for a male friend of mine and I’m pleased that I’ve been using a lot of your ideas re colours, matting, grouping so it’s great to see an expert doing them . I also love using scraps and anything else that fits in with what I’m doing. Love to re cycle when I can too.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thank you so much, Christine! It makes me happy to know that my tips and ideas have been helpful to you. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

  3. Pattie Jns

    Hi Kathy, after the world series last night this is perfect card. I love baseball. thanks for the tips.
    I wonder , do they still give baseball cards in the bubble gum package? Has been a long time
    since I even thought of this. your cards in the design made me think of them. they were fun to trade. this is a fun creation. your son will love it. …..hugs

  4. Janet Saieva

    Wow, what an awesome card Kathy! Your son is a very lucky man! Thank you for all the creating tips along the way! Love it!

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