Beach Shaker Card and Altered Bottle

Ciao Bella Sound of Summer Shaker Card Folio and Altered Bottle by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Ciao Bella Sound of Summer Beach Shaker Card and Altered Bottle

Hello, Friends!  If you’re longing for the sound of surf hitting sand, then today’s Summer Beach Shaker Card and Altered Bottle is just what the doctor ordered!  My clever son turned another little apothecary bottle on his lathe.  He’s experimenting with his carving tools, and added some neat details to the face and back of this cherry wood bottle.  The moment I saw it, I imagined an old bottle washed up on the shore.  Thus, I dubbed it, “The Castaway.”  Peter was kind enough to let me alter it into the vision I had in my head. Then I just had to make a card to go with it.  And here we are.

The Castaway

I’m always a little nervous about altering these apothecary bottles because they are so beautiful in their natural state.  Peter works with primarily reclaimed wood.  Lots of it is really old, salvaged from falling down barns, estate sales, fallen trees, etc.  The goal when altering these bottles is to let the beauty of the wood shine through while creating a vignette that tells a story.

Sometimes a tag is all it takes.  Fill a little glass vial with beach sand, a real shark’s tooth and itty bitty shell.  Tap a copper starfish charm with Speckled Egg Paint to age it.  Then cluster up some Spanish moss, sequins and beads to add texture and shimmer.  Add a feather, some burlap string and BAM!  You’ve got a miniature beach on your hands.

Highlight the bottle edges with more paint.  Then tap the carved areas with gold mica gel to add a little shimmer.  Burlap trim adds the perfect rustic touch.

The neat wood piece at the bottom of the bottle is something I picked up after a storm.  I love it clustered up with some little shells and beads.  Create a sandy beach with Distress Embossing Powder.  I’m not gonna lie…this was fun!

The Shaker Card

Since I already had my Ciao Bella Sound of Summer collection out on the desk, I decided to go ahead and make a card to keep The Castaway company.  This is a 5″ x 7″ top fold card with a 1/2″ spine.   The shaker box is a Reneabouquets Shell Frame that I altered with Shabby Ivory Embossing Enamel.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but there are little flecks of gold that shimmer like the sun on water.

To keep with the shell theme, I added a vintage ribbon slide.  This came in a big box of buttons that our son and his wife gave me for my birthday one year.  It looks to be carved from Mother of Pearl or Abalone.   The delicate carved edges are simply elegant.  Striped ribbon mimics the sails on the little boats.

A Peek Inside

I had as much fun designing the inside of this box pocket card as I did the outside.

This little flap feature opens to reveal a gorgeous seaside view.  It also has a little tea bag pocket.

The box pocket is a “two for one” creation.  Three small folios fit into the little pocket on top, while a bookmark, seashell spoon, cookie, chocolate, and magnet fit into the larger space.

These little folios are a great spot to write secret messages or quotes.  They are also great for tiny photos or gift cards.

Here’s a closer look at the magnet, bookmark and spoon.

If you’re interested in purchasing either The Castaway or the Shaker Card, you can find them in my ETSY shop.

To see more projects made with Ciao Bella Sound of Summer, Click HERE.

Thanks for sharing a cuppa with me this Saturday morning!  I hope you find time to make something beautiful today.  Creativity is good for the body and good for the soul!

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12 thoughts on “Beach Shaker Card and Altered Bottle

  1. Isabel Gonzalez

    Oh my! You sure did achieve the goal of decorating the bottle yet highlighting its natural features. I believed when youi said you had fun decorating this bottle. The card is just as beautiful as the bottle!!! Thank you for the smiles you bring to my face when I see your projects!! Hugs, my dear sweet friend!!!

  2. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, what a beautiful pair these creations make! Your son’s apothecary bottle is fabulous. I do imagine finding something so special like that washing up on the beach. Your embellishments to the bottle are just perfect. You don’t need too much to really dress it up. I love the little sand bottle, star fish and shells. Of course your card is gorgeous! I love that paper collection. I can just smell the salty air, hear the seagulls, and feel the sand beneath my feet. It is beautiful! Such a talented family! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  3. Sandra Smith

    Your joint effort with your so produced an unique and creative project. The shade of blue is so refreshing and definitely adds to the beachy feel. Lovely!

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  4. Susan Steele

    Oh my! What can I say …I luv every little detail too …. inside and out!!! Everything! Thanks for sharing Kathy! I’m getting way behind on my card making. Made another big graduation album for my grandson. Please tell me your secret …how do you get so much done? Take care …hugs, Suzy Q

  5. Martie Rollin

    Both projects are beautifully created! My eyes are drawn to all the metal elements…charms, spoon, seahorse. Love that tiny bottle! This paper collection has such realistic images…memories of a drive along our Eastern Seaboard many years ago. Beaches on your side of the USA have a different look than here on the West Coast. Raised houses, built with the Atlantic lapping at their “stilts,” always drew my tourist eyes! .

  6. soozyb2013

    We have lots of beaches and when I go everybody is social distancing. Love the card, true beach theme. Love it. You always pack so much into such a small space. :) Hugs to you.

  7. MaryH

    I love that you and your son collaborate and create together. It must give you both such joy! Of course you have created two masterpieces and the splendid embellishments are to die for (especially that lovely spoon, which makes my heart happy). What a joy this morning to see these creations. Thanks to you and your son for making my morning so joyful:)

  8. Helen Budz

    What a fabulous project for you and your son to share making, Kathy! The bottle is a beautiful piece in itself and even more eye-catching with your added crafting. You must be so proud of his work (and he, of yours I’m sure). The accompanying card using the Caio Bella paper takes me right to the beach, even though I don’t go now with the pandemic. So I travel virtually with your card. I have these papers so I will pull them out this month to add my own virtual trip! tfs-Hugs! Stay well.

  9. Claire Gagne

    WOW…I just love this card Kathy. Anything with the water is simply great with me. I love the colors of the blue. The bottle is beautiful as well, but I’ll vote on the card.

    1. Janet Ormerod

      Kathy you have creatively decorated the wooden Castaway bottle to make it a beautiful home decor item. My dad was a carpenter so I can appreciate the joy your son gets from woodworking. I would add a bulldog clip to the backside to display a favourite beach photo. The Beach Shaker card is amazing. I love to read your description and see all the ways you have incorporated small gifts into your cards. Due to Covid we were unable to make my annual family vacation to Myrtle Beach this year and viewing your card and the beautiful papers was like sitting on the sand and looking at the ocean. You captured such a wonderful beach theme.

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