Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial

Craft Consortium Tell the Bees Joy Fold Card Tutorial for Throwback Thursday Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial with Craft Consortium Tell the Bees for Throwback Thursday

Hello, Friends!  For this installment of Throwback Thursday I have prepared a Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial.  We’ll be working with Crafty Consortium’s “Tell the Bees” release from 2012.  But you can use whatever papers you have in your stash to make this  fun fold card.

Joy Fold Card Tutorial by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Tell the Bees Craft Consortium Photo 01

I’ve combined the patterned papers with digital ephemera from Polly’s Paper Studio, Ephemoire Digital Designs and Gecko Galz.

TIP:  File digital images by theme so that they are easy to find when you want to use them.  After I print out a sheet of digital images, I file the extras away in small bags that are sorted by theme and arranged alphabetically.  So all my digital bee images and ephemera are in a bag labeled “BEES.”

Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial: The Basics

Joy Fold cards have been around for as long as I’ve been making cards.  But I wanted a larger card base that could double as a mini folio.  To make this Joy Fold card we will be combining a 6×6 side fold card base with a 4 1/2″ x 5 12″ side fold card base.  Adhere the smaller card base inside the larger one to form a flap.  It’s a really simple card base to make, but affords lots of room for photos or decoration.

TIP: Enhance the lavender hues in the patterned paper with Lilac Seam Binding Ribbon and flowers.

Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial: A Peek Inside

Add bee images or photos  to the card panels.  You could fit quite a few photos in this mini folio.

You’ll learn how to create this sweet double pocket in the center panel.

This design gives you lots of room for images or photos and journaling.

This 4 1/4 ” x 5 1/4″ tea wallet fits neatly behind the top pocket.  You could easily convert this to a photo folio.

But I turned it into a tea wallet and note card.  A honey stick fits neatly into the card pocket to complete the gift.

Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial on YouTube

If you’d like to take this fancy fold card for a spin, here’s an easy to follow video tutorial for you.

Remember, even if you don’t have these papers in your stash, I’m sure that you have something in your stash that will work beautifully with this fancy fold card base.  You’ll find a linked supply list below the post.

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14 thoughts on “Bee Themed Joy Fold Card Tutorial

  1. lynn legge

    kathy i think i commented before but i watched today and sure love this card…and all the special touches you did….and the color is beautiful…my favorite
    stay well my friend….hugs

  2. Orla Carey

    Hi Kathy – I knew when I saw this I would have to make it – I already had some bee stuff but I found the paper at Joann’s’ and got the bee trinkets also for the front. I did use the magnets and the way it came out – it’s going to a real Beekeeper in Canada 🙂 Thank you for all the inspiration and instructions.
    Be well

  3. Dee

    Wonderful project I just ordered the paper . Love your posts! You are my go to for all folio and special projects ..


    Kathy – all the metal embellishments are just gorgeous on this card – you always make the best cards ever – hard to choose one that is better than the other – stunning!!

  5. Susan Steele

    This is just a joyful card for sure! So unique and beautiful! I’ve never been into bees that much …but you sure are throwing a craving on me!!! I might hzve to find some of these bee-utiful papers! Thanks for sharing your easy to follow tutorial! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Isabel Gonzalez

    This is a gorgeous card with a beautiful collection! I love all the extra little details that make it so special! Thank you dear Kathy for sharing your awesome work with us. Stay safe! Your’re always in prayers and thoughts. Hugs xxxx

  7. Glenda

    Well you got my attention when you said “Joy Fold Card”. I have not taken the time to watch your video yet but I will probably have to play along and maybe make one for myself. I always love your videos and am subscribed to your channel so I see each new one listed. The finished card is amazing my friend and I look forward to see what you do nest. I can almost hear you say…”And now for my next trick!”. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Sandy Artman

    Make something with bee-themed paper and you have my attention. Love this format and you are so generous to take all the time and energy it requires to make a tutorial- Thank You! (I’m on the other side of the US but in the same allergy boat!) Always get great ideas watching your videos Bee-Cause you not only say what but why you do what you do.

  9. Sue D

    Another beautiful bee themed project. Love the papers you used and thanks for the tips.

  10. Helen Budz

    This card is delightful, Kathy. There are so many things I like…the joy fold design, the papers (so beautiful), the embellishments–especially that little door handle! I’ve been visiting every site that offers these products. I’ve a stack of bee themed paper from a “grab bag” at Michaels quite a while ago. It’s been looking at me balefully…It’s perfect for your inspiring design. The paper is already smiling (lol). The paper and I thank you! Hugs-stay well.

  11. Gena L Krannig

    Oh Kathy! This card is full of so much joy and happiness! How could it not be with all of those darling bee images! That paper collection is just wonderful. I wish they still made it. This card design is just fantastic! I love that you have so much room to show off all of the pretty images. I really must think about using more “digital” images. There are so many pretty ones out there now. Going now to watch your video. Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  12. Claire Gagne

    Hello Kathy….Beeautiful card. CC paper is really the bees knees!!! They do make strong & beautiful papers. Another crafter I watch uses it now & again & I just love it. Love the pockets. Hey, I just love everything about “all” your makes. Be safe & TYFS

  13. Betsy

    What can I say that I haven’t already. I love everything you create ! I have to admit I’m afraid of bees but put them on paper and I’m in love. Thank you again Kathy for all your beautiful creations. Also an extra special thank you for letting us know the RRR gingham ribbon packaged collection was back in stock. I ordered immediately. xoxoxo

  14. MaryH.

    Lovely card and Bees who wouldn’t be happy with a Bee theme and of course those little surprises you cleverly tuck away in yet to be discovered hidden pockets. Your videos are always easy to follow and well thought out like your designs. I love the handle idea too!! Have a great day and up coming weekend.

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