Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial for Throwback Thursday by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial for Throwback Thursday

Hello, Friends!  For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, I have a Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial to share with you.  Did you think I forgot?  Well, I didn’t!  I’m just  having a major case of “the slows” this week, so I’m running behind  But better late than never, right?

Earlier this week, I shared a Graphic 45 Farmhouse Double Gatefold Card with you.  The response was so amazing, I decided to create a Throwback Thursday project with a tutorial you can use to create this style of card in any size or format.

Today’s card is a 6″ x 6″ base with a vintage style shaker frame on the cover.  One of the reasons I love this style of card so much is that it is a great way to use up scraps.  I had a lot of 3″ panels left over from an earlier Botanical Tea project.  That’s why I chose to make a 6″ x 6″ card.

Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial: The Grand Opening

Opening a double gatefold card is sort of like watching the curtain rise on the stage.  This card opens to more than 18″ wide!  They make great table decorations for a party table or home decor items because of all the beautiful panels inside the card.

TIP:  I used 18″ wide cardstock (linked below) to create my card base.  If you don’t have it, you can create your own.  Here’s how:

  • First, cut 2 panels of 12″ x 6″ cardstock.
  • Next, place 1/2″ Scor-tape right along the 6″ edge of one panel.
  • Then carefully overlap the second panel over the Scor-Tape line and burnish to seal.
  • This gives you a 23 1/2″ x 6″ panel of cardstock.  It can be tricky to score over the joint where the papers overlap, so try to keep that in center panel of your card.
Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial: Pockets and Tuck ins

Fill pockets with journal cards from the cut apart pages.  Or, die cut teacups as I did here.  I had a leftover Pocket from the Tags and pockets page, but no tag to fill it.  Substitute a miniature Lindt Chocolate prettied up with a scrap of designer paper instead.  Problem solved!

Go ahead and decorate the back side of the card if you have enough extra paper.

And why not add a pocket here as well?  Fill it with a fancied up tea bag, honey stick and little note card.

Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial On YouTube

I hope I’ve shared some tips and ideas you can use today.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Happy Throwback Thursday!





11 thoughts on “Botanical Tea Double Gatefold Card Tutorial

  1. Brenda S. West

    Love this card. And thanks for your storage idea. I have had a hard time, just trying to keep them all tucked into the 12X12 package. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anne R

    So prettty! The way you combine everything is amazing. Always love the little surprises you tuck into your cards. I have been looking for a nice teacup die. Can you tell me what you used? Thank you for sharing your designs.

  3. Jenny Marples

    Feeling in need of catching up with your beautiful projects and the first one that appears is this gorgeous gatefold – my heart sang! You’ve captured my favourite season, Spring, right here with the beautiful colours, the twinkling sequins in the shaker element and of course all those beautiful flowers. The jewelled dragonfly is such a special touch and I love the fern details and your trademark teacups. Stunning work my friend! xx

  4. soozyb2013

    All I got is wow, this is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely work Kathy. Thank you for keeping this part of our life as normal as it can be. 🙂 Hugs from Victoria, BC

  5. Susan Steele

    This is gorgeous Kathy! Luv’n those pinks and greens …opening those stage curtains ….perfect description! Okay …I’m trying one of these bigger gatefold cards and I’ve got some Tim Holtz frames in my stash I keep forgetting about …thanks my dear for reminding me! And … Now maybe I’ll try again to make a shaker! Thanks for the tutorial …luv your scrap paper idea! Oh my, this rainy weather and not much sunshine will put anyone in slow mode! Take care, take a break and catch your breath! That sunshine will be just around the corner soon! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Barbie Williams

    So Beautiful Kathy! I love all of your designs! I am going to go and watch the tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful cards with us!

  7. Claire Gagne

    Goodness, me, oh my!!!! What a gorgeous, beautiful fun gatefold card you have made. You’re an artist for sure. Anyone would be crazy not to accept a card from you. It would stay out so everyone could see it for a long time. Well, maybe not right now, but the world situation will get better. We just all must mind our P’s & Q’s and we can beat this Covid 19!!! Be safe & TYFS

  8. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, what a drop dead gorgeous card! It truly is breathtaking. Those color combinations of pink and green are some of my favorites. I can’t believe how much you can pack into a card like this. And oh what fun goodies you put inside and on the back. The shaker elements with that fern background are just so beautiful. I just happen to have this paper collection that I have barely used. Now you have given me such great ideas! Thank you for sharing and making a fabulous video! hugs!

  9. Sandy Artman

    Hi Kathy,
    Wow, another gatefold card today. Opening stage curtains? You bet!

    This is very different from yesterday’s post. I discovered Graphic 45 because of Botanical Tea & when I did it wasn’t available. Fortunately, it was released again. Still, one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the tips on paper storage. I keep all my collections together but was not familiar with those pouches.

    Sending you some California sunshine!

    Blessings, Sandy

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