Butterfly Kisses Valentine’s Day Banner Tutorial

Graphic 45 Nature Sketchbook: Butterfly Kisses Valentine’s Day Banner

Hello, Friends!  How do you spell love?  Today, I’m spelling it with a super cute Butterfly Kisses Valentine’s Day banner tutorial.

Isn’t it fun?  The best part about this banner is the fact that it uses very few materials and can be made in about an hour.

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Snapguide Tutorial for Butterfly Kisses Valentine’s Day Banner

Check out How to Graphic 45 Butterfly Kisses Valentine Banner by Kathy Clement on Snapguide.

Why I love Butterflies on Valentine’s Day

I know butterflies are not a traditional image for Valentine’s Day.  Well, as you might suspect by  now, there’s a story behind this project.  Since it is nearly Valentine’s Day…and the story is super romantic, I’ll share it with you here.

My mom and dad were both working as bookkeepers at a trucking company in southern Vermont in 1939.   Mom worked the day shift.  Dad worked nights.  Mom must have caught his eye right away, because of all the available chairs in that office, Dad opted to use hers each night.  This meant that every day at shift change, he had to return her chair to her desk.  And of course, this gave him the opportunity to say good morning.

Dad was shy.  I mean super shy.  So he rarely said anything beyond good morning each day.  But, he started leaving little gifts for mom on her desk: a pack of her favorite chewing gum, a piece of candy…small tokens of friendship.  After almost a YEAR of this delicate courtship dance, Valentine’s Day rolled around.  Mom came into work that morning to find an envelope with her name on it.  Inside the envelope was a beautiful Valentine’s Day card with…you guessed it…butterflies!

Mom and Dad were finally married on Valentine’s Day 1941.  Each year when their anniversary rolled around, Dad gave her a box of chocolates, a packet of chewing gum and a card…and there was always a butterfly on it somewhere!

So now you know why I love butterflies for Valentine’s Day.

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6 thoughts on “Butterfly Kisses Valentine’s Day Banner Tutorial

  1. Beverly Jordan

    This is sucha sweet love story!! They could make a Hallmark movie from it and I would love watching it!! And your beautiful banner goes right with the theme! So loving these new papers!! I am in love with these butterflies and though I have the banner staples I will have to wait to get the new papers to make one!! TFS and am so inspired!

  2. Pattie Jns

    PS: what a wonderful love story, Goes to prove that its the little things that create memories to last a life time.That’s love in action……Bless you for sharing the love story.

  3. Pattie Jns

    Hi Kathy,you did it again. sent us loads of love in a very different way. Love your banner. thoughtfully done.. Bet a teacher or even a child’s room would love to hang this banner. Lots of love…..Happy Valentine;s day.

  4. Cec Wintonyk

    OH my gosh, that is such a sweet story. Your Dad may have been shy but he sure was romantic – and obviously smitten. Love your banner but just to be clear, one hour in your world is probably two days in mine. It would take me more than an hour to fussy cut all the butterflies unless that didn’t count in the hour in which case I am down to one day – lol.

    Seriously, the banner is lovely and has such a nice vintage vibe to it, especially the way you treated the clothespins Love the nature theme with the little tags in between the large tags.


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