Ciao Bella Summer Breeze Lighthouse

Ciao Bella-Summer Breeze-Mixed Media Lighthouse-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

Ciao Bella Summer Breeze Lighthouse Card with Really Reasonable Ribbon Trims

Hello, Friends!  The beach vibes are strong in this Ciao Bella Summer Breeze Lighthouse card.  It is almost as good as a trip to the shore.  I’ve combined beachy blue papers with beautiful beachy trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon and tossed in a few beach treasures to boot.  Are you up for a trip to the shore with me today?

For the Love of Lighthouses

Living in North Carolina has given me a great love and appreciation for lighthouses.  They are not just functional, but they are beautiful to behold.  Our shoreline, once known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, is dotted with them, and each one is special in its own right.

Ribbons and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon add to the texture and design of this mixed media card.  Those are real shells, my friend, gathered during one of my beloved shoreline rambles.  Oooh, I can almost feel the wind whipping my hair and the sun beating on my shoulders as I remember that last walk through the surf.

TIP: Don’t forget to add ribbons and trims.   Brown Sugar Baker’s Twine to the Paradise Aqua Seam binding ribbon doesn’t just add color: it adds texture and dimension to the composition of this card.

A Peek Inside

Beachy blues are my favorites, so I used a lot of them on the inside of the card.  And if one pocket is good, two are even better, don’t you agree?

Book reading by the sea is the best, so I had to tuck a little bookmark along with this mini notecard into the pockets.

TIP: Add a tab to the cutaway edge of this little note card to create a fun design feature.

Plenty of room to write a note inside the cutaway  note card design.

I haven’t been to the beach yet this summer. But as soon as this heat wave breaks, I think I might just have to run away for a day or two of beach therapy!

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7 thoughts on “Ciao Bella Summer Breeze Lighthouse

  1. Martie Rollin

    I have enjoyed each and every element on this lovely card, but the real shells and the dangle charms are seriously pulling my attention! Beautifully designed card, Kathy. Thank you for this refreshing post…much appreciated!

  2. Laura Clark

    Such a beautiful card! Love the colors and the theme. A great uncle of mine was a lighthouse keeper out here on the west coast and so have always had a special place in my heart.

  3. Ann

    Hi Kathy, I also gravitate toward those beachy blues and aquas pretty frequently and love the way you have used them in this lighthouse-themed card. Stay cool. Hugs, Ann

  4. Cheryl Wells

    Stunning card Kathy!!! I love to see old Lighthouses – just gorgeous – thank you for sharing this!!

  5. Helen

    Light, airy, fresh, and love the hints of silver that go oh so well with this card. Pockets, getting the hang of them Kathy as they add so much more interest. I remember when we added a stamped paper insert to a card and thought that was an upgrade to just writing on the base cardstock! Wow, has creativity come a long way as you make a card into a genuine gift. Thanks Kathy you are inspirational.
    Back out at the islands for a bit, very windy though, and hopefully time for arty stuff soon.

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