Cosy Winter Christmas Window Shopping Card

Cosy Winter Window Shopping Card P13 by Kathy Clement for Really Reasonable Ribbon Photo 01

Cosy Winter Christmas Window Shopping Card for Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  Let’s do a little Cosy Winter Window Shopping this morning, shall we?  When I was growing up in my small Vermont town, I loved to stroll the winter sidewalks with my mother.  All of Main Street (the whole block!) was decked out in Christmas lights. In spite of the icy air, every shop window beckoned us to linger just a few seconds longer to take in the tantalizing Christmas goodies on display.  Salvation Army bell ringers braved the cold as their cheery chimes rang out up and down the street. We rarely had any spare coins in our family, but somehow Mom always managed to save 10 dimes for me to drop into their black kettles.  Ah, such lovely memories of a simpler, gentler time!

P13 Cosy Winter Shaker Card by Kathy Clement Photo 01

I sought to capture the simple warmth and nostalgia of that memory in this sweet little card.  Evergreen boughs, jingle bells,  Merry Christmas ribbon and red posies adorn my shop window.

No bustling sidewalks here, but I do love the border created from Tan Delicate Stitched Satin and Joy Sherry Satin Ribbons from  the November Ribbon Club Assortment.

You can’t see it here, but this evergreen bough sparkles with glittering snowflakes.

A Peek Inside

Ribbon warms up the inside of the card as well.  I love the texture and pattern the Merry Christmas Ribbon adds to the treat pocket.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a small town, perhaps you enjoyed the excitement of Christmas window shopping, too.  At any rate, I’d love to hear some of your Christmas memories in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Cosy Winter Christmas Window Shopping Card

  1. Susan Steele

    Sweet adorable memory …to go with a super sweet vintage card inside and out! About 10 years back my daughter and I and a couple girl friends and ladies from several towns around would all load up on a grey hound bus and make the 5 hr. ride to downtown Chicago in November to window shop for the day! Oh my goodness … all the Christmas decorations were just awesome!!! Store sfter store! We did that for a couple years and we all had a wonderful time! Thanks for another walk down your sweet memory lane …big hugs, Suzy Q

  2. Gena Krannig

    Oh how I love this darling card, Kathy! I didn’t grow up in a small town but my Grandmother would take me to Main St. in downtown Houston at Christmas time. The street had all the decorations and lights strung from side to side and we would go to our big dept. store to gaze in the windows that were filled with all manner of animated Christmas figures. It was awesome. Your card with the shaker window reminds me of that. The little deer is precious and the little stool with the wooden house takes me back to times when simple things were far more beautiful than what you see today. I love all the pretties and treats inside as well! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  3. lynn legge

    kathy that is the most cozy card. i love its vintage look. and of course all the added touches..the bells and bows…..thank you for the holiday cheer

  4. Martie Rollin

    Like Rosemary, I grew up in a tiny suburb of Chicago. The train trip into the cite to see store windows was a big deal for us…7 kids with eyes as big as saucers! I like the “softer” greens on this card. The rusty bells are a nice added embellishment. I like that the Merry Christmas ribbon appears, both, outside and inside…nice continuity. That Ghiradelli chocolate reminds me of living in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. Every Black Friday, one of my sisters and I would take the BART system (light rail/subway) from opposite sides of the Bay, meeting at the station beneath Macy’s, our first store. Downtown shopping, bus ride to Chinatown for lunch, bus ride to Pier #39 shopping, dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, shopping and delicious hot cocoa at Ghirardelli Square. Our arms loaded with bags, we’d catch a bus back to the BART station, then go our separate ways. Memories all because of seeing that chocolate treat tucked into your beautiful card…thanks, Kathy!

  5. cocoanlace

    Lovely card, Kathy. You made me recall downtown San Diego bus trips with my mom. A visit to Woolworth’s for candy and perhaps a little lunch at a soda fountain would be the highlights. The bus depot would be swarming with uniformed Sailors in the hundreds, almost as thick as the noisy pigeons who scrambled for fallen popcorn. Special times with mom before my brother and sisters were born, when she belonged only to me.
    I lost a very beloved cat, Monkeydo, Friday. He packed light. All his favorite things are still here. Except for my heart. It seems to be missing. I think that is proof of love.
    Thank you for this brief diversion.
    Take care,

  6. Cheryl Wells

    Beautiful card – I love this paper collection. I can fondly remember walking and admiring the window decorations – to me, as a little kid, it was all so magical – this brings back those memories – well done, my friend!!!

  7. Priscilla+Hughs

    Kathy, I love the simplicity of this cover design…so charming! And yes, I grew up during the years of fabulous window decors during the holidays…from a small town in Illinois to NYC as a young adult…I miss them! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas, once again!

  8. soozyb2013

    Lovely card Kathy. I had a similar memory to Rosemary, only it was an Eaton’s window downtown. It was a big tado and we made an evening out of it. The window was Santa’s Workshop with moveable elves and stuff like that, it was fascinating as a child, very magical. Thanks for that memory!! Happy Monday

  9. Rosemary D Schroader

    Lovely card, Kathy! I grew up in a small town near a BIG CITY…Chicago! So, at Christmas, my mom, sister and I would take the train downtown to view the windows at Marshall Fields and eat an elegant lunch at Carson, Pirie Scott (because Marshall Field’s lunches were too expensive!) One year we saw the movie “White Christmas” at the Oriental Theater. We continued that tradition even into adulthood. As a young married woman with limited funds, I still have an an ornament from Fields that I could ill afford but had to have! Great memories! Thank you for your memories…that book of memoirs is waiting for you to write!!

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