Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips

Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips

Hello, Friends!  Just as I promised, I’m here to share my Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips with you.  This is the 3rd installment in our Craft Room Organization Series.  If you missed out on the previous three videos,  here are the links to  Ribbon Tips , Paper TIps, and Die Cutting Storage Solutions.

Craft room organization and storage is a very personal thing.  You might already a system that works perfectly for you.  (Please share your ideas in the comment section so we can all benefit!) But if you feel like you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, I think you will find some tips and ideas that will help you organize your buttons, beads, sequins, flowers, chipboard, and frames in a way that will make your crafting experience much less frustrating.

Buttons, Beads, and Sequins

It’s a rare day when I don’t have buttons, beads or sequins in use.  They are among my favorite embellishments!  If You’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you are well aware of my weakness for buttons…especially vintage buttons!

Here’s the wall where I store those delightful little tidbits.  I find that simple jars from the kitchen are a great way to keep buttons sorted by color and size.  Plus, they look wonderful on display.  I have sequins, beads, and stick pins tucked into jars on this CD rack that’s right behind my work station.

Bins of Flowers

Flowers are another favorite embellishment in my studio.  Over the past 10 years I’ve been privileged to design on the Really Reasonable Ribbon, Reneabouquets, Petaloo and Little Birdie Design teams.  So have have (ahem) a few flowers in my stash.

I’ve stored them in a lot of different ways, but the best solution I’ve found to date is cloth bins tucked into a cube storage system.  I have them sorted by company and color so I can always find what I need quickly.

Chipboard Storage

Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

I’m currently a Brand Ambassador for Reneabouquets.  This is the best chipboard I’ve ever worked with, and between what I have purchased and the goodies that Renea has sent me in my Brand Ambassador boxes, I have a LOT of it.

Because Reneabouquets Beautiful Board is detailed and somewhat delicate, I needed a way to store it that would protect it, but make it easy to access.  My solution is this over the door clear shoe organizer.  I have the pieces sorted by themes which makes it very easy to access.

Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips Tour on YouTube

I’d love to invite you into my small and cozy studio for a peek at how I store and organize the many embellishments that I use to enhance my projects.  So please grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy this video tour.

We’d all love to hear any other embellishment storage ideas that have worked well for you, so please feel free to share in the comment section below.

I think we’ll talk about ephemera storage in our next installment.  How does that sound to you?

Thanks for stopping by, friends!



5 thoughts on “Craft Room Embellishments Storage and Organization Tips

  1. Helen

    You certainly make the best use of your space. The motherlode, oooh love the way you have easy access to your charms! I have been writing down the tips and tricks to creating a space that flows, and when it is time to go ashore I can see it will take more than a few weeks, likely a couple of years to have a personl arty space. Thanks Kathy for your time and common sense solutions.

  2. Joni E

    Thanks for sharing the organization storage ideas. Just when I think I’m organized I always pick up new tips from your videos.

  3. Sandi Smith

    I continue to enjoy seeing how you use your craft space and how you store items to make your space work for you. I’m curious about the size of your craft room. You have definitely made great use of it by stacking and layering things. I have to be honest that previously I have kind of ignored divided containers, especially those without lids but you have changed my mind completely by sharing how you sort items using small divided spaces. I will be rethinking my space and the use of small containers.

    One of my favorite storage areas in my craft room is a metal board my wonderful hubby made for me and framed with wood. I have a bunch of round metal containers with clear lids and magnets on the bottom. I still use brads, specialty brads and occasionally eyelets that I have sorted in these containers and they are stuck on the metal board which is hung on the wall behind the door to my room. I can easily find what I need so I love that storage solution. The metal tins were kind of pricey but last year Dollar Tree came out with plastic ones with clear lids and magnets on the bottom so I purchased a lot of them. Right now I’ve been using some of them to store die cut flowers and leaves until I’m ready to color, shape and build my handmade flowers. It makes it easy to keep different sizes and types of die cut flower petals separate. I just need another larger metal board to stick them on, which my hubby is going to build for me. I’m very thankful for the help my husband gives me. Btw…we just celebrated our 25th Anniversary on Halloween! We’ve known each other since I was about 6 years old and he was 7 when we met at Church so we’ve been friends for about 67 years! He is a blessing!

  4. Gena

    Good morning, Kathy! Your button collection is to die for. I always enjoy your storage tips! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

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