Craft Room Organization Tips

Craft Room Organization Tips and Ribbon Storage Solutions-Kathy by Design-Kathy Clement

Craft Room Organization Tips: Ribbon Storage Solutions

Hello, Friends!  For this week’s Make and Take Tuesday, I’m inviting you into my studio for some Craft Room Organization Tips.  I’m constantly in the process of rearranging my studio to make everything fit and flow together smoothly.  During a recent clean out of my cloth bins, I ran across some product packaging that made that proverbial light bulb in my brain light up.  I was so pleased with the results that I just had to share the idea with you here.

Today’s tips will focus on ribbon storage solutions.  We’ll take a look at 3 or 4 different ways that I organize and store my ribbon, baker’s twine and thread.  I hope you’ll pick up some helpful ideas along the way!

My New Idea

Ribbon Storage Rack-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

Do you struggle to keep lace and trims neat and organized?

TIP: Repurpose product packaging for ribbon storage.  This Graphic 45 Metal Staples packaging is sturdy, has a hanger hole, and is cute, too. Wind sections of lace around the tag. Then secure the lace to the tag with quilting pins, safety pins or little hooks. Add a hanger hook to the top and suspend from a dowel rod.  Now your lace bits are easy to find, protected and compactly stored. It’s always a happy day when I can find a way to repurpose product packaging!

Did you enjoy walking through my ribbon storage ideas with me?  Would you be interested in more craft room storage solutions videos in the future?  Let me know what  you think in the comment section below, friends, and I’ll try to tackle your questions.

That’s it for me today!  Thanks for stopping by!



14 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization Tips

  1. Susan Steele

    Hello beautiful! Just luv seeing your sweet face! And would you believe it …I just watched your 2017 craft room tour … yesterday …trying to pick up some more of your great ideas! Luv some of your changes! Yes please to more organization topics! Luv how you used those beautiful cardboard pieces for your laces! And yes please for the emphera storage tips! I was telling my cousin how you used the hanging file folders to organize all your colored cardstock and she has a desk just made for that tip! Thank you so much dear Kathy! Big hugs, Suzy Q

  2. Helen

    How amazing, just 2 days ago I took out my ribbon box filled with small ziplocks of ribbon in colours and widths, way too cluttered. I used new larger ziplocks that are upright and I can see all the colours in an instant, so when I saw your ribbons sorted the same way it brought a smile to my dial! I do dream of an art room, it will happen one day. Just sent the sawmill photos so it should be at your inbox Kathy. You have done an amazing job with your studio, maximum use in a logical way.

  3. Gena Krannig

    Wonderful, Kathy! If you saw my craft room at this point you would faint! LOL I get so excited every time you show us your inner sanctum. Would definitely like to see more of these videos and any tips you have for storage Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  4. Christal Gill

    Wonderful Craft Room Organization tips! I also, have lots of lace and ribbon and I really liked all of your ideas for this! I loved the idea for the thread spools! I even have a unit I can use for that! Why haven’t I already thought to do that! I’m looking forward to more of your craft room ideas! TFS – Crafty Hugs!

  5. Laura Clark

    How fun to see the place where all the magic happens! Organizing is so important so you can easily access your supplies and know what you have. Thanks for sharing about ribbons. I am curious about how you store your papers.

  6. Vicki Robinson

    Thank you for the tour and inspiration! I love how you repurpose. I can’t wait to see how you organize your paper and all the pieces in a collection. I’m drowning!

  7. Anne Wiese

    I love this post! It’s great to see your space so I am able to picture you better during your videos. You are so organized and that is inspirational. It’s so hard to organize so many varied pieces. I hope you continue to give us ideas for different components in our spaces. I have many ribbons stored on 2 dowels, but all the bits and pieces that don’t fit are thrown in a drawer that I have to pick through to find what I want. This gave me some great ideas for those! Thanks so much!

  8. Claire Gagne

    Kathy, it was such a pleasure to see you! I loved seeing your craft room! Such an organized lady. Loved how you have sorted your buttons. I don’t have much in the way of ribbon, but your ribbon storage is great. Right now I’m using a dresser for storage & also use a wooden 2 drawer file cabinet for my ribbons, gems & smaller items. Not sure what I will do when I move to a senior complex back in Vermont! A lot may have to be donated, but I’m gonna try to do my best in keeping it. Thank you again for sharing with us your craft room tour & organizational tips. Look forward to the next one.


    Thank you for the tour! I am always looking for new storage ideas so please continue with your tips on organization.

  10. Dana Roepke

    I love craft room tours and organizational tips and this video is both!! Love your space, so inviting and conducive to creating. I had one of those ribbon racks, sounds like I acquired it the same time and place that you did but I never used it – you have made very good use of yours. I have more than a few G45 packaging bits, will look to see if I can incorporate some of those into my space. Thanks for the tour and all the tips 🙂

  11. Kathleen Johnson

    These were great ideas! Simple to do and very functional I have some drawers with my lace and ribbon that I need to get busy now and get them organized so I can see what I have at a glance.thank you.

  12. June Phipps

    Hello Kathy
    I’m still here! Still learning from all your super tutorials. Great video for ‘sorting’ our craft rooms. One tiny snag for us English gals…we don’t have the varity of craft stores. Guess this is an excuse to visit USA!
    Stay safe and happy
    Blessings from UK

  13. Joni E

    Thanks for the craft room organization tips. It was nice to see how you have your products stored in the room that you create such beautiful projects to share with us. Any ideas are always welcome!

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