Devoted Friend Dog Bereavement Card

Devoted  Friend Dog Bereavement Card with Authentique Devoted

Hello, Friends!  One of the things I love about blogging is the opportunity it provides to make new friends.  Soozy has been with me since my very early days.  She always has an encouraging word, a nice bit of news about the weather, or an update on what she’s working on in her crafty universe to share with me.  Last week, I heard from Soozy that her beloved doggie, Stan, had passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  And that is how this Devoted Friend Dog Bereavement Card came into being.

Devoted Friend Dog Bereavement Card Devoted by Kathy Clement Product by Authentique Paper Photo 2

Devoted  Friend Dog Bereavement Card with Authentique Devoted: Using Up My Scraps

You may recognize this paper from some projects I made with Authentique’s Devoted collection a while ago.  I used it to make a really cute cat album. Then, when my niece lost her beloved Irish Setter, I made her this sweet card folio.  When National Pet Adoption weekend rolled around, I made these two cute little tags with the bits and bobs that were left on my work table. All I had left from the 12×12 collection kit was one full sheet and a small pile of scraps.  But that was enough to create this little card to let Soozy know that I care.

G45 Alpha Stickers spell out Stan’s name over the doghouse door.  The cute buttons are from Buttons Galore, as are the little Sparkletz sequins and gems.  A Little Birdie Flower, a Capri Blue Gingham Bow  and a couple of stickers finish out the cover design.

Devoted  Friend Dog Bereavement Card with Authentique Devoted: A Peek Inside

I wanted Soozy to have a place to store her memories and photos of Stan.  So on the inside of the card, I created a flap and  pocket and a little pocket folio.

There are four 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ photo mounts inside this side pocket with room to add another on the back side of the flap.

This 4″ x 5″ folio has a little tea bag pocket, room for a small photo and a little journal tag inside.  I thought a hot cuppa and honey stick would be comforting.

A card is such a simple, small thing.  But it means so much when you receive one in the mail.  I’m hoping this one has reached Soozy by the time this article posts.  Texts and e-mails and private messages on Facebook are all lovely, but in my world, nothing says I’m thinking about you and I care the way a handmade note or card does.  Why not reach out and share a little bit of love on paper with someone today?

I hope I’ve shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in your own crafty adventures.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “Devoted Friend Dog Bereavement Card

  1. soozyb2013

    As soon as I received this e-mail I didn’t open it as I knew the card would be in my mail slot any day now and it arrived early this morning. It is even more spectacular in person! The place for photo’s is perfect. I am going to have the tea while I put some of Stan’s photo’s inside. I am then going to put it in a place of honor, beside his urn and paw print.
    Thank you my friend for going that extra mile and sending me this lovely gift, a lovely place to remember my ol’ boy. You are very special indeed Kathy, very special.

  2. Charlotte Zweigoron

    So cute! I recently wanted to use up some leftovers from a G 45 pet collection and made one of your folios for my daughter to have as a little album for her doggies. Love those folios..! And so did my daughter..!

  3. veronica

    This is such a beautiful gift to someone who has lost their friend. I love how individualized it is, and all the little details you included. The tea and something sweet are really such a thoughtful bit of added kindness. Someone is very lucky to have a caring and understanding friend like you. It’s so easy to overlook these very painful losses when they happen to others, and there are many who simply don’t understand the depth of love that bonds companions of differing species. This is beyond lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Helen

    This is such a tender card folio, Kathy. It truly would mean so much to someone who has lost a pet. Coming from a family whose many branches have dogs for pets, both showing and service, I realize how much something like this would mean to them. I’m sure that I’ll be drawing from this design as the occasions come. tfs

  5. Anita Houston

    I’m so sorry it’s been so long. I know you have been crafting away. This sweet sweet card is just so fabulous, and sure to help perk up the bereaved. LOVE the pup on there, and all the innards with the tea…you are such a doll!

  6. Candy

    Aww….this makes me sad because I know the terrible feeling of losing a beloved furry baby. But…your card has such a special place for occasions such as these. It is beautifully done, Kathy.

  7. Charlotte

    What a nice way to say I care. My friend is in deep mourning for his Labrador soul mate. I’m going to follow your lead and maybe this will add a smile to his day. Charming!

  8. Suzy Q

    Awwww Kathy …this is so sweet and thoughtful. Your friend is going to luv this. It’s so beautiful how 1 sheet of paper and a few scraps can just make someone’s day! Thank you for reminding me! Hugs, Suzy Q

  9. karenladd

    I have an online friend who just lost her dog last week and made a card to let her know I am thinking of her as well. You’re so right about a card in the mail being even more special, because it took the time to make and send. your friend will find comfort in this beautiful design and thoughtful gesture.

  10. Gena L Krannig

    Awww Kathy, that is so precious. I think it’s really thoughtful when someone loses a faithful friend to send them a remembrance of some sort. I can assure you it is well appreciated by the one who has lost a beloved pet. This card is so beautiful and really uplifting in a time of sadness. The papers are so perfect. Thank you for sharing!

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