Die Cutting Storage Solutions

Die Cutting Storage Solutions for Small Craft Rooms

Hello, Friends!  Are you searching for Die Cutting Storage Solutions? Then today’s video is especially for  you!  I’m inviting  you back into my studio so  you can see how I store, organize and care for my cutting dies.

Whether your crafty space is large or small, I think you’ll find some ideas that will help you develop a storage solution that will work for you.

This is the third installment of my Craft Room Organization Series.  So far, we’ve covered Ribbon Organization and Paper Storage and Organization.

Why I Love Dies

I’ve been an avid die cutter since the very beginning of my paper crafting journey.  Dies are such a great investment!  While I love paper, flowers, paints and inks, these items get used up and have to be replaced.  But dies are tools.  This means they last for years and years and can even be  handed down to the next generation.  That makes them a very good value.

I also love the way a die cut shape, frame, doily or image elevates a card design.  It’s like magic!  Even a simple circular die cut (which I use often) adds a layer of interest in almost any composition.

Because I love my dies, I want to store them in a way that preserves their integrity.  And because I have a LOT of dies in a fairly small space, I have to maximize my storage. We’ll talk about both of  those topics in the video tour below.

Die Cutting Storage Solutions Video on YouTube

If you’d like to explore these topics with me, why not grab a cuppa and join me in my studio?

I hope I’ve shared some tips you can use to help you maximize your storage space and organize your dies.  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “Die Cutting Storage Solutions

  1. Rosemary S.

    Hey, Kathy…I love the magnetic sheets tip for die storage!! I already have the dies in plastic storage envelopes with velcro closuress, but now!! I was able to order the Kelbert vent covers from Amazon, and they arrive in two days!! I don’t have nearly as many as you do (who does??) but my OCD is excited! Thank you!

  2. Helen

    Storage is my challenge and at the moment there are 3 boxes wedged beind the stairway into the salon with dies and folders. I am looking forward to being able to use magnetic sheets when we go ashore. They add too much weight right now. This is an informative series and fun too seeing how you manage your studio. I can see there will be a few weeks of design and effort to have a working arty space in the future! Thanks again Kathy for your knowledge and presentation.

  3. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, your tips on how you store all of your card making supplies is so appreciated. We are moving to a new house and my craft room will be very small. So your videos on optimal storage are wonderful and so helpful! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  4. Sandi Smith

    I am enjoying all your storage tips very much. I also use the magnetic vent covers for my dies and adhere 110lb cardstock to the back. I have to admit that dies are my biggest weakness so I have hundreds of sets. I use the acrylic refrigerator bins to store mine in plastic sleeves. I generally cut my vent magnets into 3-5” wide strips and shorten those to fit in my sleeves. For my larger dies, I adhere the magnetic sheet to chipboard and don’t use a sleeve. If you are familiar with Stamp N Store magnetic cards, you can get a similar result by adhering the magnetic sheets to chipboard like the chipboard that comes in the magnetic vent packaging. The dies stick really well because it’s very rigid. I wish I had done that with all my dies but it would be a huge job and waste of products to change it now. Because these are larger boards, I can store larger dies or several smaller die sets on each one. I’m in the middle of putting all my word dies together on the chipboard magnets so I have like ones together. I love word dies and use them a lot so having them all in one place, rather than by designer, makes sense to me. 

    I’m looking forward to your ephemera and embellishment storage. 

  5. Susan Steele

    Luv all the tips about your die storage! I don’t have very many …they all fit in a photo box from Hobby Lobby. But I did pick up the magnetic vent covers from Lowe’s. Just haven’t gotten around to getting the plastic sleeves yet! Thanks again for the great tips! It makes them so handy in your closet shoe organizer! I have one on my door for all my punches! Can’t wait to hear about the emphera storage …now there’s my problem!!! I don’t know what to do about all them, cause I luv to buy the matching emphera with the papers. And then they take up too much room on my bookshelves! Grrrr! Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Cindy H.

    I too use magnetic sheets. Instead of card stock I use the packaging that comes with the die for the non  magnetic side. I then have a picture and product info of finished die. That is the side I place forward to flip through in my storage container. Some will hold 2 smaller dies which I try to match with similar themes. Then put in those plastic envelopes!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      That’s a great tip, Cindy! I do the same thing when I have the manufacturer’s packaging. Because I have been on so many design teams, most of dies arrive in little zip lock bags without packaging. That’s why I use the cardstock. I know a lot of readers will take your great tip and put it to good use. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy crafting! kathy

  7. Joni E

    Thank you for sharing your die cutting storage tips. I use the plastic shoe boxes labeled by themes. Love the idea of the magnetic vent covers which I had never thought of. 

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