Dog Lovers Birthday Card

Authentique Purebred Birthday Easel Card by Kathy Clement Photo 01

Dog Lovers Birthday Card and a Little Update

Hello, Friends!  I made this Dog Lovers Birthday Card for my “l’il sister’s” birthday.  She (like me) celebrated a “significant birthday this summer.  We are 5 years apart (I was born in ’56) so I’ll let you try to guess how old we both are!  Anyway, I ran away from home last Thursday and did not get home until Saturday night.  Sue, my daughter Liz and I had a great birthday lunch in Wilmington, NC on Thursday.  I actually packed a bag and spent the weekend with Liz.  Shopping, eating, laughing, girls’ movie night, pedicures, and adventuring were on the agenda.  So. Much. Fun!

But you pay a price when you play hookey, right?  I am so far behind on laundry, house cleaning and answering your lovely comments on my blog.  Will I ever catch up?  Maybe not!  Because this weekend is Liz’s birthday and we are having a big family celebration in her honor on Saturday.  It’s been a very fun, very busy summer so far.  So please forgive me for being so lax in answering your comments.  I made a decision to enjoy this summer and not worry so much about work.  Work will always be there….but these family moments become more precious with each passing year.

Start Each Day with a Wagging Tail

My sister has always been a big dog lover.  She currently has 2 rescue dogs living with her.  This sentiment from Authentique Purebred just seemed to fit the occasion.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy card design, this 7″ x 5″ easel card fits the bill!

  • First, trim an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock to measure 7″ x 10″.
  • Next, score on the long side at 2 1/2″ and 5″.  Fold along the scored lines to make an easel card base.
  • Now cut a 7″ x 5″ panel of blue cardstock.  Top this with a 6 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ panel of the dog collage paper from Purebred.
  • Then trim the 4″ x 6″ Journal card down 1/4″ on the right and left hand sides.  Mat on white, then blue cardstock and adhere to the card base.
  • Next, fussy cut the cute pup from a second 4×6 card.  Back with foam tape and adhere.
  • Finish the front of the card with a copper/blue satin bow and some flowers.  Adhere the WOOF buttons on the bottom of the image.
Home is Where the Dog Is

Create the stopper (or brake) for the card like this:

  • First, line the inside of the card with the pawprint check.
  • Then adhere a piece of the ribbon with Scor-Tape.
  • Now adhere the sentiment sticker on white and brown cardstock, trimming around each layer.
  • Next, back the sentiment with foam tape and adhere to the card as seen.
  • Finish with more flowers and an itty bitty doggie charm.
A Peek Inside

Here’s a peek at the inside of the finished card.  I added a personal note to the blank sentiment card.

I hope I’ve shared some tips and tricks that you can use in your next crafty adventure.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Summer birthdays and road trips are so much fun!




8 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Birthday Card

  1. Gena Krannig

    Well I think it’s worth it to let laundry pile up in exchange for a fun getaway weekend! LOL What.a precious card, Kathy! I am a huge dog lover. Have had many in my lifetime, each one special in their own way. I love all of the doggie images and how cute is that little fire hydrant? And the sentiment inside is so sweet and true. Your sister will love this card! Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

  2. 1sassy1

    This is such a sweet card and I know your sister is going to love it. My sister and I have summer birthdays that are only one year and one day apart. We’ve always loved celebrating together but we’re living in different states now so we don’t often get the opportunity. Our last birthday celebrated together was 2019 which is the year our Mom passed so we were together in her home to close it up. It was definitely bittersweet but we look forward to more opportunities to celebrate together. My husband and I no longer have fur babies after we lost both of our Pekingese babies within months of each other but I can think of many people whom this lovely card would be great for including my sister and her dog Asher. He’s a sweetie!

    I love all your amazing cards and folios and look forward to your next one.

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  3. Martie Rollin

    Well, you and your sister are, both, years younger than me. So happy that you are devoting time to family…always a wonderful way to spend hours and hours!! I’m looking carefully at more and more dog and cat projects. Why? One of my granddaughters is entering a certification program to become a veterinary assistant…I want to send support her way! Thanks for this most appropriate card inspiration! Don’t fret about always keeping up with comments, Kathy…family is ALWAYS more important. After a couple weeks of intense heat in the Pacific NW, today is refreshingly cool in the low 70s…so comfortable!!

  4. cocoanlace

    OK I calculated that you are just a baby. :-)
    Cute card! No doggo’s here as I am in cat rescue. I have been hesitant about creating one of these cards that gets parked in an upright position. I wonder if the recipient will even know it can stand (figure it out). They have probably never seen or received one since all I have made them so far are tri-fold folios or gatefold cards.

  5. Susan Steele

    Lol!!! Your card is so sweet! I’m sure your lil’ sister will adore it! Luv the ‘Woof’ buttons! And the inside is precious! And yes we understand about the lack of comment answers …family is so important …we just came back from a big family reunion in KY last Saturday. Luv that you got to pack your bag and just go! Sounded like a big bunch of fun!!! Those are great times! Big hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Cheryl Wells

    Fur babies are an essential part of a person’s life – love them all, and this card is just right for that kind of person – so, so cute!! Am happy you had the opportunity to get away for a few days – I know you needed a relaxing diversion and get your mind and body reset – always happy to get you back, though!!

  7. soozyb2013

    You know how I feel about my dogs Kathy. This is a great card for your sister, she will love it! Your sister is my age :) I don’t feel old in my mind but my body tell me differently some days, ha ha.
    Thanks for sharing this great little project and love the papers.

  8. Amy Norris

    So glad that you took some time for fun. Sister love is the best. I too have a sister who was born in 56. We are 5 years apart and are very close. You can guess my age but I will give you a hint. I am the “big” sissy. We both have milestone birthdays in November and December. Time goes by so fast. We need to enjoy every moment. God Bless you and your sissy. ❤️

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