Drumroll, Please…..

Drumroll, Please….Graphic 45 2016 Design Team Announcement!

Hello, Friends!  Can I have a drumroll, please?  I’ve had such a busy week and I’ve been bursting to share the good news with you all.  Remember this?

Graphic 45 DT call imageWell, the Design Team was announced on Monday…and guess whose name was on the list!  Yup!  My friends, I am now a proud member of the Graphic 45 2016 Design Team!

I created a Children’s Hour Flip Frame Calendar as my final audition piece.  I made calendar tags from Staples Ivory Tags and suspended them from a Tim Holtz Flip Frame.  Because you can only fit about 6 tags on the frame at a time, I made a matching storage box to hold the extra tags.

2016 Graphic 45 Final Round Audition 01

Here’s a link to my final round audition videos for those of you who might have missed them.

This is the overview video.

And this is the tutorial for making each individual tag.

I walked around for 2 days in complete shock trying to let it all sink in.  I’m finally starting to believe it…and feel excited and nervous and all of the above.  Gobsmacked is the word that comes to mind!

The competition was incredible this year with many talented artists vying for a spot on this incredible team.  It’s going to be a year of challenge and growth and fun…just my cup of tea! My term begins in June 2016, but I’m already at work behind the scenes: filling out paperwork, learning the ropes for the new team, and working on my first project.  What an exciting time!

Here’s a link to all final round videos for the new team.  If you love Graphic 45 and beautiful paper crafts, you’ll surely want to spend some time enjoying them.  They are just out of this world!


I’m just so blessed to have you all on the journey with me!  Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, feedback and support.  Without you, I’d just be sitting here talking to myself…and that would get boring in a hurry!

Happy dance, anyone?

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25 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please…..

  1. stampersuzz

    Well Deserved! Congrats again! Very Happy for you and you will of course shine as you always do!

  2. karenladd

    YES!!! I saw your name when they announced their new design team and was so happy for you! I just knew you’d get chosen because your projects are always absolutely exquisite and so creative. You have a true talent for choosing just the right embellishments and color combinations. Congratulations.. Graphic 45 is lucky to have you!!!

  3. Pattie jns

    Sent a comment but got lost I guess

    Bravo on being part of the team . Looking forward to all your new creations. Yippe! Way to go . Big hugs

  4. Pattie jons

    Big congratulations Kathy what an honor you work hard an deserve the honor you will bring many beauties to share with all. Big hugs

  5. Brenda M.

    Congratulations Kathy, your designs and execution are very worthy of the Graphic 45 team, they are very lucky to have you, enjoy and thank you for sharing and teaching us all your wonderful ideas.

  6. Roberta S.

    Congratulations, dear Kathy — I knew you’d make it!! Here’s wishing you a creative, challenging, and totally awesome year designing for Graphic45!!

  7. Carol Sterenstein

    Way to go, Kathy!!! I’m sure every applicant was terrific but they chose wisely in adding you to the team. LOVE Graphics 45 so whenever you design with any of the collections, I can’t wait to get to the post so I can ohh and ahh. Congrats!

  8. didlet

    Congrats Kathy!!! You deserve it your work is outstanding. I’m excited for you and I’m happy to know my friend is on the team!!!! Can’t wait to see all your creations to inspire me. I know this is a dream come true for you!

  9. Anne H.

    Totally deserving! I’m so happy happy happy for you – almost as much for me (us) because “we” have the easy part – we get to see everything you come up with, which has always been phenomenal!! Thanks for posting the videos, had been meaning to get over to the G45 to watch. You’re an awesome teacher too!! 🙂 Hugs my friend!

  10. LuvtoKraft

    How well deserved and how wonderful for you, my friend! I am so looking forward to seeing your fabulous art make it’s way around the world representing Graphic 45 and your marvelous talent. I raise my cuppa in sincere and hearty congratulations to you, Kathy. WELL DONE!!!
    Love and hugs!

  11. soozyb2013

    I read the G45 e-mail and saw the finalists and had a wee celebration right here when I saw your name, I mean how could they not pick you as a new “team” member! CONGRATS to you my friend, now go eat cake!!!

  12. Carla Hundley

    Well congrats to you!
    How wonderful and
    so deserved. Looking
    forward to more of
    your great creations.
    Carla from Utah

  13. nanagretchen

    DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-DRUM-, I’m trying the best I can on a keyboard, so happy for you Kathy and this is well deserved. Congratulations and will be excited to see more beautiful projects coming my way.


  14. Dianne Pol

    So very happy for you but totally not surprised…you’re SUPER talented!!! Congrats!

  15. Glee Fossier

    Congratulations!! What a great addition to the Design Team! I can’t wait to see all that you create.

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