Easter Garden Story and Card Folio

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Easter Garden Story and Card Folio for Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  Today I’m going to tell you an Easter Garden Story.  I’m also going to share a sweet card folio made with Really Reasonable Ribbon, Prima Life in Full Bloom Papers, and pretties from Reneabouquets.  Grab a cuppa and a snack, sit down somewhere comfy, and relax as I share one of my favorite Easter memories with you.

My Easter Garden Story

My mother-in-law, who was a master gardener, grew the most gorgeous and delicious tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.  Everything from her garden was wonderful.  But her tomatoes were spectacular.  She saved her heirloom tomato seeds at the end of every summer.  First she washed them and dried them on paper towels.  Then she carefully put them into little manila envelopes and labeled each variety.   German Johnson, Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple, Best Boy…just saying the names makes my mouth water to this day!

Along about February, Ann would put her precious seeds into tiny peat pots out in her greenhouse.  She poured all her love into nurturing the seedlings as they popped through the soil.  In time, she would move them into larger peat pots where they flourished under her tender care.

Legendary Tomatoes

Ann’s tomato plants were legendary.  Every spring, people from surrounding counties would drive to her home to purchase those seedling tomato plants.  They were that good!

And that brings me to my Easter Garden story.  One year, when we lived in Atlanta, Ann and Robert came to spend Easter weekend with us.  Like this year, Easter came in late March.  The air was still quite chilly at night, and most gardeners had prepped the soil, but did not dare to plant.

Ann arrived on Good Friday, bearing gifts. Eighteen of her cherished tomato plants safely stowed in a cardboard box to keep them safe during the long trip.

Read that again: 18 tomato plants.

The Novice Gardener and the Master Gardener

As a novice gardener, I asked my mother-in-law how I should care for the tomato plants until it was safe to put them in the ground.

“Why, you can plant anything on Good Friday and it will grow,” was her emphatic response to my timid query.

I trusted her years of wisdom, and together we put those 18 tomato plants into the prepared soil.

“Now you just water them, and God will do the rest,” she said as she wiped the dirt off her hands with a satisfying sigh.

And I did.  So did HE!

Friends, I harvested tomatoes that year in 5 gallon buckets!

So whenever Easter comes early, I remember the year my mother-in-law taught me when and how to plant tomatoes.

Back to the Card…

Prima Life in Full Bloom Easter Card-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design-Reneabouquets-Really Reasonable Ribbon

Lavender Seam Binding Ribbon was the perfect choice for this garden themed card folio.  Topped with a White Chrysanthemum, it just says “springtime.”  Gorgeous lace from Reneabouquets carries out the garden theme along with one of her beautiful butterflies.  And please don’t see that hungry bunny hiding behind the stack of terra cotta pots. He’s hoping for a bit of carrot or cabbage to fill his tummy!

A Peek Inside

I love to find ways to use ribbon inside my cards.  Elderberry Seam Binding Ribbon and my favorite yellow Buttercup Satin Ribbon dress up the tiny tag in the pocket.


What else is in the  pocket?  A lovely little button card wrapped with more seam binding and Buttercup satin ribbon.  A few of my precious vintage buttons and stick pins complete the ensemble.

I hope you all enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend filled with memories that you will cherish throughout the years!

You can find a linked supply list below this post.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Garden Story and Card Folio

  1. Helen

    A charming card that will bring sunshine to the recipient! The tab of ribbon, buttons and pin is a delightful addition to the pocket. The lace is so pretty and popping in one of your handmade blooms makes this card with a gift very special.

    Reading about Ann and her tomatoes was like reading about my milaw Zita and she was an avid gardener too. Dried the seeds just as you described and one of her tomato plants yielded 55lb of fruit in one season, every jar and the freezer too was filled with relish, sauce, and pulp let alone delicious fresh tomatoes in salads and sandwiches. Your story brought back wonderful memories, thank you!

  2. Sandy Artman

    A sweet & lovely folio, Kathy. Love, love, love your Easter Garden story. In this time of miracles, your story is such a blessing!

  3. Laura Clark

    Love your story and the beautiful card. I have never been able to grow anything and am thankful for those that can

  4. Martie Rollin

    Life is a series of miraculous moments strung together with joy and deposited in our memories. Thank you for inspiring us to, both, remember and create. This project has so many beautiful elements to explore. LOVE that gorgeous lace! Well done, Kathy!

  5. Rosemary

    A great story–again!–Kathy! I remember my first vegetable garden. I planted 12 zucchini plants. I don’t think I have to say any more! Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Lila

    Beautiful story, my father in law and my Mother always said don’t plant till after The 15th of April. They to had beautiful gardens.
    Love the beautiful card.

  7. Lorraine Zaring

    What a wonderful story. Now you have to share with us what you did with all the tomatoes from 18 plants. That is probably a story in itself. Happy Easter Kathy. Sending you love and affection.

  8. Joni E

    What a wonderful story you have told about your mother-in-law. The card is beautiful as they always are! Thank you for sharing and have a great Easter weekend.


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