Fireflies and Mason Jars

Fireflies and Mason Jars: A Farewell to Summer with the Grandgirls and Reneabouquets

Hello, Dear Friends!  Today is the last day of summer, so I’m saying goodbye with Fireflies and Mason Jars.  Before we continue, I should let you know that this post is brought to you by the Grandgirls.   They created the projects and took the photographs.  How about that?

We spent a lovely summer afternoon playing with these darling Personalized Mason Jars from Reneabouquets.   The sweet little kit comes with a nice sized beautiful board mason jar, firefly Printed Beautiful Board and a lovely array of flowers.  Even the twine and the metal wire hanger comes in the kit!

Renea will laser cut any name or word that you wish to add to the kit.  How special is that?  The girls loved arranging their names and the sweet fireflies on the jars.  They even made up a story to go along with their individual hangings.  What is better than an hour spent talking, creating, laughing and imaging with the little people who make your heart so happy?

The craft was completely stress free, and almost completely mess free.  If Nan (that’s ME!) had not opted to add some sequins and glitter glass to the festivities, we would have been completely mess free! But life is short, and girls of all ages love sparkly things.  The small mess was really worth it.

Summer to Fall Poem

Several years back, I was inspired to write this little verse about the transition from summer to fall.  I share it with my gentle readers as a tribute to the passing of the season.

Sweet Surrender

  by Kathy Clement

Gentle asters hug the wall

   where Autumn’s sunlight

softly falls.

A purple crown…

   a burst of splendor.

Summer bows

  in sweet surrender.

I hope you had the chance to make some special summer memories, my friends!

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12 thoughts on “Fireflies and Mason Jars

  1. Helen Budz

    What a fun project, Kathy. . .the grandgirls must have had a grand time with it…and, can a girl ever have enough bling? Your project, your poem are a delight. tfs-stay well. Hugs.

  2. Helen Budz

    Kathy, what a delight this project is…the grandgirls must have had a grand time! And…what girl doesn’t like bling? When my niece what growing up “bling” was her middle name–actually, it still is now that she’s an adult (lol) Thanks for sharing this fun family story and project idea. Stay well-hugs!

  3. Martie Rollin

    Fireflies, termed lightening bugs in the Mid-west, never made it over the Rockies to the West Coast…a natural treasure I have missed since I moved more than 50 years ago. Some things we just don’t forget. They fly so slowly that you can catch them in your hand. Though Fall officially began today, our weather forecast is calling for a couple more days hovering around 80 coming our way. Thanks for sharing these projects…so cute! And thanks for bringing back some warm and pleasant memories…much appreciated, Kathy.

  4. Isabel Gonzalez

    Oh, how sweet these little jars that your granddaughters made, are! I’m sure you enjoyed every little second with them. I also love your sweet little poem and I thank you for sharing it with us!
    My husband and I are better and we thank you for your prayers, my sweet friend!!! Hugs and lots of love, Isabel

  5. Cheryl Wells

    What wonderful memories will be had by everyone!! Renea has created the perfect little kit to decorate and treasure – I love your “Sweet Surrender”. Your granddaughters are learning crafting from the best – thanks for sharing your memories!!!!

  6. Renea Harrison

    OH my goodness!! Each jar is just so precious and I love that you let them do it all, from creation to photographs. Maybe just like grandma, they are bloggers and teachers in the making??!! I am so happy that you had so much fun and such quality, special time with the Grandgirls. You are such an amazing Grandma and I just know that these will be memories that they will remember for a life time. I still remember all the things that I did and had fun learning with both my Granny and Pawpaw. I also loved your poem. Such a woman of many talents and a heart to go with them. You and the girls made my morning!!

  7. Susan Steele

    So Sweet!!! These are adorable! What fun in the craft room with your granddaughters! They are just naturals to this! And the photos too …wow! They have learned from the best and paid really good attention! Luv all their details …yup! …they’re naturals! Such cute creations! Thanks for sharing Miss Sophie, Miss Lydia and Miss Julia! Hugs, Suzy Q

  8. Dottie in CT

    Thank you, Kathy, for sharing. These are adorable and love the poem. You are a very talented lady!!!

  9. soozyb2013

    Well, those girls are following their Grama! I don’t think I have ever seen fireflys. I can’t remember if I have anyway. I don’t think they live up on Vancouver Island. Great little kits Kathy and I can see you sitting at the table with the girls having such fun! Thanks for sharing. Oh and great poem too. You are so multi talented. 🙂 Hugs to you my friend.

  10. Gena Krannig

    Oh Kathy, what a precious kit! Who doesn’t love mason jars and fireflies!? We used to call them lightening bugs. There was a big field behind our house when I was a little girl and it was filled with fireflies in the summer. I was enamored with them. Your Grandgirls did a fantastic job decorating their jars. They are all so darling and I love the way they placed their names on each one. What a blessed joy it was for you to create with them! Thank you for sharing this sweet kit! And thank you for sharing your beautiful poem! Hugs!

  11. Rosemary D Schroader

    I love time with my granddaughters, too, Kathy. This is so special today and thank you for sharing!

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