Graphic 45 2016 Final Round Audition

Graphic 45 2016 Final Round Audition: Children’s Hour Flip Frame Album and Gift Box with Tag Tutorial

Hello, Friends!  What a whirlwind I have been living in.  Moving house, unpacking boxes, organizing my new (much smaller) studio space and last but not least, working overtime to complete my Graphic 45 2016 Final Round Audition.  What a thrill it is to be one of the Top 30 designers chosen by Graphic 45 for this marvelous opportunity.  I have two videos to share with you today.  The first is a video tour of my final project: a Children’s Hour Flip Frame Mini Album and Gift Box.

2016 Graphic 45 Final Round Audition 01I created a calendar themed tag album using the gorgeous Children’s Hour Collection from Graphic 45.  Each of the twelve months of the year is represented on a tag, and there is a corresponding photo on the back.  I found that the flip frame did not handle more than 4 tags at a time without becoming awkward to turn, so I created a complementary gift box to house the tags.  The 5″ x 7″ Staples Book Box was the perfect size, and I had a great time decorating it.

Here’s the link to the first video.  I hope you enjoy!

The second part of my audition is the actual tutorial where I share the step by step “recipe” for building the tags.  You probably noticed that the template for each tag is the same.  I saved out the December tag so I could show you how the individual components were put together.

This is a really fun project to make!  I think I am going to give it to my sweet daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day, as those are her gorgeous children in the photos.  So now you’ve met my sweet grand girls, and had a peek at our family life.  I hope you enjoyed it!

I want to thank each one of you for all the words of encouragement, the kind congratulations and loving support you’ve given me in the course of this pursuit.  I’m chasing a dream, and having you alongside has been the wind in my sails.

And now, I’m going to go take a well-deserved day off before I dig in and start working on a video tour of my new studio!

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19 thoughts on “Graphic 45 2016 Final Round Audition

  1. Sara Emily

    HUGE Congratulations on being selected for the Graphic 45 Team! How could they NOT have picked you–you do amazing things with their collections–it was a no brainer from my point of view! Yippee! HIp hip, hooray! Big hugs, my friend!

  2. Barbara Rankin

    As always, Kathy, you did a fabulous job, not only with your project, but the videos as well! Good luck with the tryout. I have no doubt you are meant to be on their team. You and Graphic 45 were meant for each other. Your work is impeccable, and it shows.

  3. candycolwell

    Gorgeous, Kathy. Your work is just so beautiful. G45 needs you on their design team! Fingers crossed for you so tight. I don’t want to jinx this but how could they not choose you?!?! Your work is so totally awesome.

  4. Jeanne Kelly

    Good luck Kathy! Your art is always amazing and they would be blessed to have you on their team!

  5. Sara Emily

    Kathy, you are an amazing artist and woman! The project looks fantastic, and now we will wait to see your name on that list! I’m so happy you posted the photo of your project, and it is a delight to see! My computer is acting up and not allowing me to see your videos, and barely allowing me to use the internet at all, so I feel lucky I was at least able to read this post. Big hugs!

  6. Gloria Stengel

    You did it! You made an amazing project, showed it off beautifully, and then showed how to make it. Excellent job. You did all you could and now we wait to see your name on that DT list! I am so proud of you and so happy for you! All your hard work has come down to this point and I know this is YOUR year!!!!

  7. Pam Bray

    Oh Kathy, you are so amazing. A move and a over the moon beautiful project. Love every small and delicious detail. Good luck on the audition!!!

  8. jenscull

    every project you create is absolute perfection, and these are no exception. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I know you are an asset to any team you belong to. 🙂 your work is the cream of the crop! can’t wait to see you post that you are a new member of their DT!!! 🙂

  9. Roberta S.

    Your projects are, as always, over-the-top gorgeous! I love all the fantastic details you include in your work, and your directions are always clear and easy to follow. You are bound to be a winner with this entry!! Best wishes to you, and get some glorious rest–you deserve it!!

  10. Darlene Pavlick

    UH OH … that was supposed to say ‘crazy NOT to select you’ … not ‘crazy NOW’ … uugh … fingers are faster than the brain this a.m.
    LOL … sorry!

  11. Darlene Pavlick

    AMAZING projects as always and awesome detailed videos! BEST OF LUCK in your G45 audition … they would be crazy now to select you … your work is ALWAYS off the charts gorgeous!! Happy Day and hope things start to settle down for you soon!! HUGS from OHIO

  12. Pam

    Wow! This is stunning! Thanks for shat=ring these videos showing the gorgeous tags you made. I so enjoyed watching you make the December tag. Good luck! You certainly deserve to be on the team! xo

  13. Carol

    Hi Kathy, outstanding as always you never fail to inspire, share and educate in all your projects. I loved all the pictures in the video and especially the really clear tutorial for completing a tag. I was fascinated by how little glue you use!!! I am becoming a frugal gluer after watching. I love the pictures of your sweet grandchildren, so happy and pretty. I hope you fulfil your dreams this time and make it on the Grahic45 team. You deserve it and would be such a wonderful and beautiful soul to them Hugs Carol xxx

  14. LuvtoKraft

    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL and such a lovely gift for your daughter in law. Your tutorial was succinct and very well done. If I was in charge, you’d be a shoe in, Kathy. Truly. I will be on tenterhooks for you waiting for the big decision.
    Have a wonderful day of well deserved rest!

  15. Carol Sterenstein

    Dear Kathy, you are so talented and your work shows how very creative you are. I hope you are chosen for Graphic 45 — they surely must see what an asset you will be to the team.

    Multi-tasking is something I have found women in general are very adept at handling and with all the major potential stresses you have experienced in the last number of months, the fact that you can still pull together such a beautiful project is an attestation to your talent.

    The very best to you!

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