Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial

Graphic 45 Cottage Life Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Reneabouquets Butterflies, Reneabouquets Lace Tuesday Tutorial Kathy Clement Photo 01

Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial for Make & Take Tuesday

Hello, Friends!  This Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial is our Make & Take Tuesday project for this week.  I had used this lovely collection to fill a special order for a mini album back in April.  Since I had quite a few scraps left over, I decided we’d make a card using only the offcuts from that project.  I did allow myself to use ribbon, flowers, and some paper pretties from Reneabouquets to finish out the card design.  But all the  papers had already been cut.  Fun challenge?  I thought so!

Tips for Working with Scraps

Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial Reneabouquets Beautiful Board Reneabouquets Butterflies Kathy by Design

As you’ll see in the video tutorial below, the first thing I do when I am going to create a card from scraps is to organize them.  First, create little piles so that all the off cuts from one pattern are together.  Then go in and arrange them by size.  This way, you can really see what you have to work with.  It’s also easier to select patterns and images that work well together when you do this step first.

Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial  Make & Take Tuesday Reneabouquets Kathy Clement Kathy by Design

What do you do when you only have a small image to work with and it seems to disappear on the page?  Here are a few good ideas:

  • Try placing a doily or chipboard piece behind the image.  This will draw the eye to it and make it more visible.
  • Or, frame the image, as I did here.  A frame is always a good idea, but especially helpful when you have a small image to work with.
  • This Reneabouquets Flower Lady really draws the eye to the small floral cottage in the background.  She becomes part of the “story” .  Did she just come from the garden?  Is she going to join a friend for tea in the cottage?

Small details like this gorgeous butterfly help to frame the image, too.

A Peek Inside

The inside of this card is also quite lovely.  I’ve added a tea bag and honey stick to the pocket on the right.  Then I layered up more scraps and created a little blank sentiment panel on the left.

Cottage Life Card Tutorial on YouTube

If you’d like to see how this card came together, please enjoy this video tutorial.

I hope I shared some tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration that you can use in your next crafty adventure! If you’d like to see previous Make & Take Tuesday Tutorials, please click HERE.

You’ll find a linked supply list below this post.

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7 thoughts on “Graphic 45 Cottage Life Card Tutorial

  1. Susan Steele

    Such a beautiful vintage vibe looking card creation Kathy …and with only scraps! Wow! You are just a genius at this! Luv every single detail of this beautiful card! Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent with us and all your tips and tricks! And for the great tutorial too! Big hugs, Suzy Q

  2. Gena Krannig

    Kathy. This card is so gorgeous! I think that pretty girl has indeed been picking flowers to bring back to her tea room. This card has such a nostalgic feel to it. I love the flowers, ribbon and frills. Your tips are always so appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

  3. lynn legge

    kathy i love this card. so vintage and the little touches you do make it so beautiful. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week my friend
    xo lynn

  4. soozyb2013

    Jam packed with yumminess! G45 used to be one of my favourite lines, now I have a few others that I like a bit better but the detail in this project Kathy, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. P

    Oh, just love this. I recently bought this collection, 8 x 8. Watching the video about the wreath/vine, my mind went to the beautiful Prima collection I purchased last fall after seeing the lovely pumpkins on a card you made. Wreath/vines in that collection, so think I’m good to go! Thanks for all of your wonderful idea, the the lace at the top clinched it!

  6. Renea Harrison

    You always layer so magically Kathy, and your use of color is always such eye candy!! This card is just perfect for any day be it celebratory or just because. Whoever is lucky enough to get a piece of your art, is lucky enough to see the depth of your talent. ( I still stare at my Lemon Tea Folio quite often).

  7. Joni E

    Great tutorial using scraps! I enjoy watching you go through your creative process-so many ideas each time! Thanks again for sharing.

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