Graphic 45 Sun Kissed Window Shadow Box Home Decor

Graphic 45 Sun Kissed Window Shadow Box Home Decor

Hello, Friends!  Do you have a happy place?  My happy place is the beach.  Nothing relaxes and renews better than a stroll in the sand with the waves nipping my toes and the salt air ruffling my hair.  That’s the best!  Sadly, I can’t be at the beach every day.  So, I’ve decorated my home with lots of beach accents to remind me of my happy place at the shore.  This Graphic 45 Sun Kissed Window Shadow Box Home Decor piece is one of my new favorites.

I absolutely love the size of this Graphic 45 Staples Window Box.  Each recessed window is 4″ square, which gives you lots of room to create pretty scenes inside.   The edges are already lightly distressed, so you can literally “glue and go” with this beauty!  if you’ve never worked with a G45 Window box before, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

Graphic 45 Sun Kissed Window Shadow Box Home Decor: Tips and Tricks


  • It’s quick and easy to cut the signature page to fit the back of the Window Box.  Measure your paper to 9.75” square, and it should pop right into the recessed area on the back of the frame.
  • Cut the pieces to line the interior of the box at the same time.  I cut sixteen 1 ⅝” x 3 ⅞” rectangles of the striped paper. Then I inked the edges with G45 Decades Bon Voyage Blue Ink before gluing into the openings.  
  • Cut a thin border strip to cover the cross pieces inside the Window Box.

  • Give your Window Box a beachy feel by stringing a little banner from corner to corner in one of the windows.

  • Fill individual frames with fussy cut images, real sea shells, sand, and a little glass vial.  
More Tips and Tricks

  • To add extra dimension to your project, glue fussy cut images to the sides of the frame at staggered depths.  Or, create a little pop up mechanism and attach the fussy cut turtles to the back of the window.

  •  Turn a Shabby Chic Door Pull upside down and fill with seaweed (I picked mine up on the beach and dried it) and a miniature sand dollar.

  •  Add depth, color and dimension to the sides of your window box with fussy cut flowers and images.
  • Back fussy cut items with waste chipboard to lend them strength and stability.  The title is popped up on waste chipboard as well.
  • Create custom “feet” for your window shadow box by wrapping large wooden bingo chips with a border strip from the collection.  Adding just that little bit of extra height to the design makes all the difference.
Sun Kissed is back in stock!

This  long, dreary winter has certainly dragged on and on, but having this cheery beach decor reminds me that summer will be here soon.  Now that Graphic 45 has the Sun Kissed Collection back in stock, I can make lots of cards, albums and home decor to tide me over until I can dig my toes into the sand and put some shells in my pocket!

I hope I’ve shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in your own crafty adventures.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “Graphic 45 Sun Kissed Window Shadow Box Home Decor

  1. Suzy Q

    This is adorable Kathy! Luv how you out lined the whole shadow box! Your details are amazing! Even the two little cuties on the top corner! You know just when to stop! I’m always doing over kill! And thanks for the reminder of those paper mechanisms for the turtles! Haven’t thought of that since grade school! ( If it’s the same thing! ) They look like they’re really swimming away!
    Hugs to you from Suzy Q

  2. carol edwards

    Hi Kathy, I can tell you are yearning for better weather. Love your shadow box, it’s so bright and cheerful. I can just see you sat there waiting for some inspiration and daydreaming of better days and why not my friend. Well here in the UK we are expecting another really cold snap with possible snow again for the Easter weekend. !!! This weather is really taking the Mickey now. Enjoy your trip to the beach, even if it’s just a daydream at the moment. Xx

  3. Pattie Jns

    Hi Kathy, a cute shadow box. really makes you think of the beach an summer. ‘summer is relaxing, I am not a beach lover, more the mountains, think because I can’t swim. lived close to the beach at one time, but loved the mountains more., however; my family loves the beach, so we enjoyed being with them at the beach once in-awhile. ,,,,,,, hugs

  4. Sue

    Yet another masterpiece Kathy! this one makes me smile and wish for the better weather! We are having such a mixed batch of stuff, it definitely does not feel like Spring. Great job Kathy!

  5. Vicki R.

    Your shadow box is so amazing, Kath! I love this collection and you have highlighted it perfectly! So many fun details…thanks for the walk on the beach. I know I was just there!

  6. Marti_L

    This is absolutely delightful! You have captured the wonderful feel of being by the ocean.

  7. Gena Krannig

    When I saw the title in my email I knew it would be awesome even before I saw it! I LOVE shadow boxes and your’s is so inspiring and beautiful! This collection is becoming one of my favorites especially since I live near the beach. Thank you for the tutorial, Kathy!

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