How To Fix a Project That Has Gone Off the Rails

Prima Tales of You & Me Folio Reneabouquets Beautiful Board by Kathy Clement Photo 01

How to Fix a Project That Has Gone Off the Rails with Prima Tales of You & Me

Hello, Friends!  Today’s Throwback Thursday will focus in on how to fix a project that has gone off the rails.  You know how that goes.  You begin a project with great optimism and enthusiasm.  Things start off well enough.  But then you make a design error.  Then that error leads to another…and another.  Finally you are so frustrated and exasperated that the project goes into “time out.”  Has that ever happened to you?  Please tell me I am not alone!

A couple of years ago, my sweet husband bought me a box of crafty goodies for Valentine’s Day.  This pad of Prima’s Tales of You & Me was part of the gift.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make a romantic little folio with it.  Maybe I was tired.  Perhaps I’d made one too many folios.  Or maybe I’d lost my mojo.  Who  knows?  But for whatever reason, I just kept making one mistake after another.  Everything I had pictured in my mind fell off the rails and I had a papercrafting train wreck on my hands.

The best thing to do when this happens seems counter-intuitive.  Just walk away.  Clean up your desk.  Put the problem child in time out, and work on something else.  Or go take a nap!  It took me two years to finish this particular project.  But I now love it again.  Phew!

Victorian Style

Since the collection has a real Victorian vibe, I created a shaker frame with some Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board.  See that sweet angel?  It’s also Reneabouquets.

Fussy cut some images to tuck in with your paper layers.  Then add some hot pink roses and a flirty butterfly carry out the Victorian theme.

Add a dangle charm and a book plate to the spine to dress it up.

A Peek Inside

The album measures 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  This is a nice size for photos.  It also gives you lots of room to add interactive elements.  You’ll see how these work in the video tutorial below.

TIP: Create a tuck spot for a tag behind the pull out accordion folio.  Just add gussets to the sides and bottom of the folio and you can slide the tag right into the space.  Neat, huh?

TIP: Remember to use your tools!  I pulled out my Envelope Maker to create this pretty envelope folio.

The center of the album is a great spot for a double waterfall folio.

TIP: Fill that awkward space behind the waterfall pages with a stylish pocket and journal card.

Don’t forget to add a flap page and a hidden pocket.  Some of these elements were added to cover up design mistakes.  You can learn all about that in the video below.

How to Fix a Project That Has Gone Off the Rails YouTube Video

Are you ready to see the before and after version of this project?  Just click play and see how I rescued this pretty folio from the time out basket.

I hope you enjoyed this papercrafting rescue project.  It feels great to have this folio finished at long last.  I really like the way it turned out!

You can find a linked supply list below this post.

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7 thoughts on “How To Fix a Project That Has Gone Off the Rails

  1. Susan Steele

    Awwww …Kathy!!! This folio is truly a gorgeous little album!!! “Putting the problem child in time out” ….I so luv that expression!!! …and yes I have had to walk away lots of times! I have this collection and have made several projects …it’s such a beautiful, generous amount of papers to create with and you have spurred me on to get them back off the shelf again!!! Just luv your front cover, shaker, cherub and all. Thanks for sharing this awesome creation that got back on the rails perfectly!!! Thanks for sharing this beauty!!! Hugs, Suzy Q

  2. soozyb2013

    “put it in time out”, I chuckled at that one. Looks just gorgeous Kathy, really lovely. Lovely papers and if this was something you were going to put in the bin, wow, look at it now! Much love from the island.

  3. Christal Gill

    Wow! Looks like a different book! Love your ideas! I have one that I need to redo, myself! I hope mine turns out as gorgeous as yours! TFS – Crafty Hugs, Christal

  4. Renea Harrison

    I so laughed at your title!! I have had those projects that I just could not get the mojo flowing on and I hate to waste, so I agree, sometimes you just have to walk away. I have found that some of the projects I have made mistakes on, then salvaged have turned out to be some of my most creative. You certainly saved this one masterfully!! So gorgeous and romantic.

  5. Terry Law

    This is gorgeous Kathy! And that is too funny – “Put the problem child in time out”! That hits it on the nail sometimes! So love your creativity, always beautiful, even if it took 2 years to do it!

  6. Cheryl Wells

    A “Time Out” certainly turned this into a gorgeous folio, Kathy!! I sometimes have to do the same thing when I’m just not feeling the project at the time. Thanks for sharing this beauty!!!

  7. Claire Gagne

    You surely have revamped this folio into a beautiful masterpiece. I love it. You can’t tell where you made a mistake, I couldn’t! The colors are beautiful. It was nice to see what you had done wrong and just how you really fixed it & nobody knows at all. Be safe, be well &TYFS

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