Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

Echo Park Welcome Baby Girl Card Folio by Kathy Clement PHoto 01

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes Card Folio for Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  Something about these Itty Bitty Baby Shoes makes me say “awwwww” every time I look at them.  Honestly, is there anything more “aww” inspiring than sweet little baby shoes?  Today we’re taking another look at Echo Park’s Welcome Baby Girl Collection paired up with gorgeous Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes Card Folio Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

We usually think pink when it comes to baby girl cards, don’t we?  But I find that  the coral shades in this paper collection are fresh and fun.  I’ve paired them up with Watermelon Taffeta Ribbon and Funky Flowers Printed Grosgrain Ribbon from the RRR shop.  The deeper shades keep this pastel paper collection from washing out and add a vibrant pop of color to the card design.

TIP:  Create a quick and easy belly band with layered ribbon.

  • First, adhere 1/2″ Scor-Tape across the middle of your card front BEFORE you attach it to the base.
  • Next, attach a length of Watermelon Taffeta Ribbon over the tape.  Leave the ends long enough to wrap around the card panel for neat and tidy edges.
  • Now apply 1/4″ Scor-Tape in the center of the Watermelon Taffeta.  Repeat the above process using the Funky Flowers Coral Rose Printed Grosgrain Ribbon.
The Bow Cluster

Taffeta ribbon ties crisp, gorgeous bows!  As a bonus, it’s also very easy to work with.  Tie a double-loop bow with Watermelon Taffeta Ribbon.  Add a bit of sparkle and shine with an Iridescent Metallic String bow.  I love this stuff so much that I buy it by the spool!  Then finish the bow cluster simply with a creamy white posy.  Done and done!

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

Echo Park Welcome Baby Girl Itty Bitty Baby Shoes Card Folio by Kathy Clement for Really Reasonable Ribbon Photo 01

Die cut baby shoes add so much fun to this card design.  Cut the layers from scraps of the Echo Park Solids that match this paper collection.  Then layer the tops and the soles with 1/8″ foam strips between to create lots of dimension.  Bitty flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

NOTE: This die is now retired, but if search for Marianne Design Creatable LR0304 you can find a few on ebay.

A Peek Inside

Ribbon takes a starring role inside this sweet card as well.  It’s such an easy way to add a stylish closure to this little flap folio.  Simply attach 1/4″ Scor-Tape to the back of the folio panel.  Then adhere a length of ribbon over the tape, wrap it around the base and tie a bow.

Because the bow is not attached on the front of the folio, it’s easy to add a picture here.

You’ll find a little side car pocket on the left and lots of room for journaling and photos inside the flap folio.

The Pocket

Do I ever make a card without a pocket?   Hmmmmmm….not very often!  I blame this on my mother, of course.  She never allowed me to have pockets in my clothes because she felt they were not lady like.  If a garment had pockets, she would actually stitch them closed.  So I guess my love for card pockets comes from that childhood memory.

This little pocket holds a mini note card/gift card wallet and a Baby Milestones Journaling card.

My thought process behind this card design was to create a keepsake card with room for those precious early days with baby.  You could actually add this card to a baby book.  How fun would that be?

I hope I’ve shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in your next card making adventure.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

There’s a linked supply list below the signature.

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11 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

  1. MaryH

    Oh my, if these shoes aren’t the cutest thing ever! As they were not listed in the supply list, is this from a file or die? As usual the paper is so adorable and those adorable onesies would make a great banner too. So many ideas and tips so little time. Ribbons are great for this folio. Your narrative style for the instructions and tips makes it all much easier. Love the idea of a baby book – you are such a creative artist!

  2. Rebecca Nicklin

    No pockets? Where on earth did you keep your hankies?
    Sandra’s comment reminded me of what happened to my younger sister when she was in about second grade. Remember the days when you could buy little pet turtles at Woolworths? Well, for some reason she put her turtle in her jacket pocket and then forgot where she put him. His location came to light about a month later. He was still alive, but I’m sure was very very hungry!
    Do love those shoes! Is the die still available?

  3. Cheryl Wells

    I love your choice of ribbons with this paper – a little edgy with the darker coral really popping the colors in the paper – the brighter colors really stand out, and I love it!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent, Kathy!!!!

  4. Isabel Gonzalez

    Awwwww! is right, both for the card and for the sweet little shoes. I also love that cute little banner that you placed on the corner. This card would be perfect for my great grandbaby that is due in July. Blessings and prayers, my sweet friend. Hugs

  5. Helen Budz

    This card is just too cute, Kathy. “Awww” (just had to add mine) those little shoes are adorable. Especially like how you added the foam tape to give them dimension. Is that die set available somewhere? The combination of this paper set and the RRRs create such a cheerful card folio for recording memories. The pocket becomes a great memory holder. What would your mom say about that?! –lol. tfs-be well. Hugs.

  6. chance1022gmailcom

    Hi Kathy, this is adorable. I loved the colors and all the different papers. Beautiful.

  7. 1sassy1Sandra Smith

    “Adorable “ is definitely the word for this collection and using the ribbons from RRR to add a bright pop of color makes your folio delightful too. The shades of coral is a nice change from the traditional pink. The taffeta ribbon really does make a sweet bow. I’m wondering where you found the cute baby shoe die cut? They are a favorite part. This folio would make a perfect gift or a birth announcement with a picture of the newborn baby girl inside. As a gift, a cute little baby bib could be tucked in the pocket. I wish I knew someone having a baby!

    I loved having pockets in my clothing growing up but suspect my parents probably wish they had sewn them closed. I was notorious for carrying things in my pockets and forgetting they were there. I had a forgotten toothpick in a jacket pocket and when I stuck my hand in my pocket I did it at just the right angle that it ended up impaled in the palm of my hand. It went in so far that it took my Dad with a pair of pliers to pull it out! My Dad threw all the pointed ended toothpicks out and had them replaced with the rounded tip ones and I was forbidden from carrying anything pointed or sharp in my pockets. I still have a tiny scar in the middle of my palm. Your tutorial triggered a forgotten memory so thank you for the walk down memory lane!

  8. Susan Steele

    Awwww ….is right!!! This adorable card is just plain Sweet! Not that its plain at all …luv how you have embellished this one …and all the RRR ribbons just set it off! And those itty bitty shoes …another Awwww! (Back in the day, 50 yrs ago, I worked in my grandfather’s shoe store and it was mostly white leather high tops and they came in brown …for baby’s first shoes that they learned to walk in for ankle support! Remember those? Don’t see babies wearing any of those anymore!!! Lol!) Back to your sweet card …luv how you made the inside …especially with the folio on top …perfect for a baby’s memories! Thanks for sharing your Sweet card creation! …And about the pockets! Another Awwww! Hugs, Suzy Q
    P. S. Are we still improving?

  9. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, this is the cutest baby card ever! The stork, baby shoes and onesies on the front are so precious! And how thoughtful is that milestone card? I love your pockets in your cards and now we know the secret. LOL Thank you for sharing this darling card! Hugs!

  10. Donna Moore

    Greetings Kathy, Just one word, “Adorable”! Thank you for sharing. Ironically, my mom wanted us
    to have pockets. Then there was always a place to put our tissues. Before we head out the door
    for school, we were always asked, “Do you have tissues in your pocket?”

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