Lemoncraft Delicious Home Sweet Home Decor

Lemoncraft Delicious Home Sweet Home Decor

Hello, Friends!  I thought we would start off our Monday with this cheery Lemoncraft Delicious Home Sweet Home Decor hanger.  When Dale and I were newlyweds, we were blessed to find a teeny tiny garage apartment on Jacksonville Beach.  Built above a one car garage, this humble abode was blessed with a bird’s eye view of the beach.  We could actually tell if it was high tide or low tide just by stepping out onto the 2nd story landing at the top of the stairs that led to our little nest.

One of my favorite things about that apartment was my retro red and white kitchen.  Red gingham curtains hung from the 2 windows.  A red check oilcloth covered the tiny kitchen table.  I even had a red dishpan, towels and dish drainer!  This is where I learned how to cook.  That kitchen saw my first (disastrous) attempts at baking bread and my first triumphs with my now legendary chocolate chip cookies.  And this sweet little wall hanging transports me right back to those tender early years of marriage.  Maybe that’s what caused me to let this collection fall into my shopping cart in the first place!

Delicious Details

First, let’s talk about the little hanger.  Many of you have asked me about these little  hangers.  I found these in closeout on the Melissa Frances website.  You know what happened next:  I bought as many of them as I could at the time. I’ve been back since to purchase more, and am sad to report that they are no more.

Now let’s talk about the construction of this piece. Here are some of the steps I took in creating this little number:

  • First, stitch vintage crochet lace around the edges of a 6″ x 8″ panel of green apple cardstock.
  • Next layer designer paper cut to fit just inside the stitching.
  • Then create a shaker element with a Reneabouquets Beautiful Day Chipboard Frame.
  • Now place your shaker mix on the background.  I chose to frame the sweet image of the teapot shelf.
  • Next, carefully line up the frame and press in place.

  • Now it’s time to add flowers, fussy cuts, bows and buttons to the design.

Finally, add this little tea kettle charm for the perfect finishing touch.

If you’d like to see more samples made with Mintay Delicious, please click HERE and HERE.

Look for a linked supply list below this post.

I hope I’ve added some sunny thoughts to your Monday Morning.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “Lemoncraft Delicious Home Sweet Home Decor

  1. Martie Rollin

    Sweet memories of days gone by…thank you for sharing this one with us. Over the years, I am, gradually, shifting my kitchen to red…just purchased a red drip coffee maker a couple weeks ago. Loved your first red kitchen card made from this lovely paper collection! Followed your link and added a few sheets to my stash. This project is so cute! It’s the charms that are drawing my eyes…perfect additions to this design. I think the lace border adds “history” to this project…nicely designed, Kathy!

  2. Sara Barker

    This left a little smile on my face today, Kathy! I love the story of your early marriage apartment and your red kitchen that inspired this piece. Every single detail of your hanger is so charming and well thought out. You have some of the coolest trinkets in your stash and good for you for actually using them! Love the shaker element especially on this! Sending hugs and sunshine your way!


    What a GREAT hanger card Kathy, and thanks to you I was able to get one of the last hangers, which I absolutely love – Again, all the embellishments on this card and the red/black combination along with Renea’s wreath frame is so perfect. I love it!!!

  4. Renea Harrison

    Once again, you have captured this country girls heart and taken her back to her Granny’s kitchen. This is such a delight and so beautifully detailed.

  5. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, this little hanger decor is so darling! I can see it in someone’s country kitchen. How pretty that would be! I absolutely LOVE the little charms you have added , especially the little mixer. I can still see my Grandma mixing up a cake recipe in her’s. The ribbons and flowers are just beautiful and the tea motif in the shaker frame is perfect! Your legendary choco chip cookie recipe would be nice to have. “wink”. Thank you for sharing this fabulous project! Hugs!

  6. soozyb2013

    Old School Diner. That is what red checkerboard makes me think of and it’s great to be sent back in time to much more simpler times. Seems simpler anyway. Thanks for the sweet memories Kathy. Have a great Monday.

  7. Susan Steele

    Luv this Home Sweet Home decor!!! And red and black are still my favorite kitchen colors, along with my Coca-Cola and throw in my white and red enamel ware …which I use every day and see why I luv your creation …and your beautiful story!!! …No wonder you luv the beach so much! This inspiration piece is just perfect! Thank you for sharing it and your story! Have a great crafty week! Hugs, Suzy Q

  8. 1sassy1Sandra Smith

    I love the black and red and especially the checked pattern in the ribbon because it ties it together. I really enjoyed your story. I think it makes this have even more meaning because you shared your story. I love the shaker card and the hanger…heck! I love it all!

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

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