Life Is What You Bake It Recipe Folio

Country Craft Creations What's Cooking Recipe Card Folio by Kathy Clement Photo 01

Life is What You Bake It Waterfall Recipe Folio for Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  Some days I feel just like the harried cook on the cover of this Life is What You Bake it Recipe Folio.  How about you?  It usually happens when I’ve decided to get “just one more thing” done in the studio…and then suddenly, it’s time to eat–but dinner is not ready!  Uh-oh!  Thankfully after almost 46 years of fixing supper, I have a trusty repertoire of fast and good meals tucked away in my noggin.  It never hurt, however, to have them written down for easy reference.  So I designed this clever little folio to house those tried and true, life-saving recipes.

Country Craft Creations What's Cooking Recipe Card Folio by Kathy Clement Photo 01

Really Reasonable Ribbon Poppy Red Taffeta Ribbon is the perfect playmate for these Country Craft Creations What’s Cooking papers.  The red and aqua color palette is perfectly retro.  I  had so much fun decorating the cover of this 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 1″ folio.

I dug through my stash of ribbons and found this Sheer Cherry Red Organza, which works perfectly with the Poppy Red Taffeta and the paper collection.  Then I found all sorts of wonderful little doo-dads to dress up the cover.

I even found a set of miniature flatware and a big ole’ vintage button to add to the party!

A Peek Inside

The recipes are housed inside a double waterfall feature.  Top each waterfall with a string tie envelope for even more storage.

The recipe cards that go with this paper collection are absolute perfection!

Each side of the folio has 3 pocket pages with 2 recipe cards tucked inside.  There’s plenty of room for more cards in each pocket, too.

Create a pocket behind each waterfall to hold a 4 3/4″ x 5″ folio.  This is a great place to add another recipe, or photos of the family members who provided them.

I think this type of folio would be a great gift at a bridal shower.  Each person in attendance could write down her favorite “tried and true” recipe for the bride to be.

I know we all use online sources for recipes these days.  But you know what?  Sometimes a website is down, or a blog stops publishing.  Then you wish you had taken the time to put that precious recipe down on paper!  Am I right?

I believe it’s time for me to make myself a recipe album.  Some of my cookbooks are literally falling apart.  Over the holidays, I realized what a jumble my recipes are.  So one of my goals for 2022 is to get them all in order.  I’ll keep you posted on how that project goes.

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13 thoughts on “Life Is What You Bake It Recipe Folio

  1. Martie Rollin

    Every time I see one of these “retro” paper collections, I am brought back to years of growing up in a small suburb about 30 miles outside Chicago. The 1950s had colors and shapes not repeated in our history. Thank you for this trip down Memory Lane, Kathy. One of my sisters realized that, though she had cookbooks, she was rotating the same 50 recipes. She decided to keep the specific recipes on recipe cards and donate the books away. I bet she’d love it if I made a folio like this for her! Love your cover!!

  2. Rebecca Nicklin

    Am loving this folio, Kathy. The bright colors, retro feeling and storage capacity are great for a small folio. Please share with us your larger project, as I, too have so many “recipes from home” that need a new place to reside. P.S. I wonder what garment the big red button came from?…possibly a red plaid coat or the bodice of a shirtwaist dress with winged collar?

  3. Cheryl Wells

    Beautiful work, my friend!!! I always love how you pull so many items together to create the perfect project – so nice and thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Christal

    Love this! Hope I can find some papers close to what you used! This would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing! Crafty Hugs, Christal

  5. Isabel Gonzalez

    Wow, Kathy!!! This recipe folio is amazing!!! I don’t keep recipes any more but you sure are tempting me…(bad girl) Lol! Thank you for the inspiration, sweet friend. Hugs xoxo

  6. Rosemary Sokolowski

    Kathy, I love everything about this cute, vintage inspired folio. The colors and embellishments just make the cover “pop”. Thanks again for sharing. In your “spare
    time” would you ever be able to do a tutorial ?

  7. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, this recipe folio is fantastic! OMG, I’m totally in love with the retro images on these cards. The ladies are so cute, I love their expressions. And I do believe I spy vintage Pyrex bowls! The charms, ribbons and dinnerware are perfect embellishments. Oh yes, you can get a recipe off the internet but it won’t be my Grandma’s German Chocolate Cake, or her pea salad, or her strudel , or her spice cookies! That’s what this darling folio is for! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs!

  8. Susan Steele

    Oh my goodness Kathy …this adorable! I just luv old favorite, tried and true recipes from loved ones! And yes, who doesn’t need in little better organizing in the corner of their recipe cabinet! Thanks for sharing your great idea and beautiful recipe folio! Luv these papers and cute little flatware! Be safe, hugs, Suzy Q

    1. Susan Steele

      P. S. Luv those tiny metal utensils hanging from your spine! Especially that skillet with eggs and bacon!!! Too cute! Where did you find them? And your RRR match so perfectly with your folio ‘Kathy’ creation!

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