Little Birdie Crafts Flower Haul and Birthday Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for participating!

Little Birdie Crafts Flower Haul and Birthday Giveaway

Hello, Friends!  Guess what?  It’s almost my birthday.  Although I’m not completely thrilled about being another year older, it certainly beats the alternative, doesn’t it?  To make myself feel more like celebrating, I thought it might be fun to host a little giveaway on the blog.  As you all know, I am completely smitten with Little Birdie Crafts Flowers.  And since a lovely big box of beautiful LB Flowers landed on my front porch (the Fed Ex guy loves me, I tell you no lie!) I thought it would be fun to share the wealth with my blog buddies.

I put together a little video so you can ooh and ahh over these gorgeous blooms with me.

Little Birdie Crafts Flower Haul and Birthday Giveaway Guidelines
  • This giveaway is open to all my blog subbies. (International winners have to pay any associated customs fees.)
  • You must be a subscriber to this blog to be eligible to win.
  • Watch the YouTube video and tell me what you love about Little Birdie Flowers.  If you subscribe to my channel, that’s another entry!
  • Visit the Little Birdie Crafter’s Cafe on Facebook.  Like and Follow…and tell them you are helping Kathy celebrate her birthday!
  • You have until 5PM EDT on Friday, July 27th to comment. I’ll announce the winner here on my blog on Sunday, July 29th.  (The day before my you know what…)

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

That’s a Baker’s Dozen of Beautiful Little Birdie Flower Packets and NINE clear acrylic stamp sets.

Thanks for helping me to celebrate my birthday!



76 thoughts on “Little Birdie Crafts Flower Haul and Birthday Giveaway

  1. lynn legge

    Kathy firstly…happy birthday..and many more…I felt like a kid wishing I could shrink and just jump into all those flowers…what a wonderful collection..i loved the pastel ones you showed..and the tiny bouquets with all colors. I’m sure we will all be enjoying them in your future projects…and yes its nice to have the leaves and tiny buds..along with the flowers.

  2. Rosa Ramirez

    Happy Birthday to you Kathy, what I love about little birdie flowers are the variety of sizes, colors and diffrent flower types they are all gorgeous and full of details from the itty bitty ones to the larger ones…thank you for your generosity for this amazing opportunity to win some..

  3. Rosa Ramirez

    Happy Birthday Kathy, I had not heard of little birdie before I watched your video and I must say the flower selection they have are just gorgeous, I love the wide range of not only colors but sizes and diffrent flower combinations they are just beautiful from the itty bitty ones to the larger ones they are all full of details, not to mention the cute stamps thank you for sharing with us

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Hi, Rosa! I’m so glad I was able to introduce you to Little Birdie Flowers! In my opinion, they are the most gorgeous crafting flowers I’ve ever seen. They have a huge range of colors, styles and sizes which is so nice for us crafters! Thanks for visiting my YouTube channel, and for taking the time to comment! Good luck in the drawing!

      1. Rosa Ramirez

        Looking forward to seeing more of your creations your mix media is amazing, sorry for commenting twice the first time it didn’t show it was posted so I thought I had done something wrong and wrote another

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thanks Donnita! I agree…they are the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Good luck in the drawing!

  4. Fay Salkus

    Well to be honest I love the stamps. I started my crafting path by making cards and have only recently stretched out into albums. Thank you for sharing what LB has available as soon as I finish here I am going to their Web site to drool and place an order. Congratulations on your Birthday…it gets better ever year I age.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thanks so much, Fay! It’s exciting that Little Birdie has such a wide range of products to meet so many different interests. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  5. Traci

    OH heck yeah!! count me in-what gorgeous flowers. I am envious wish I had every one of them they are beautiful. I especially love the tiny ones as they are so cute. I am going to have to hunt some up for me. Happy Birthday

  6. Jo Smith

    Just found you a short time ago through G45 and love love love your projects. Just bought some simple flowers to try in case projects by you. Would love to win these beautiful flowers from little beauty flowers. Also happy birthday.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thank you so much, Jo! I’m so glad you found me! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the giveaway!

  7. Iman

    All the flowers are so beautiful!!!! love those tiny flowers & the little bouquet..waiting to see how you use those on your projects! The stamps were also great!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thanks, Iman! I love the tiny flowers too! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  8. Karen Dabney

    Happy Birthday Kathy. The little birdie flowers are gorgeous. I love the huge color variety.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Hi, Karen! I love the wide color range as well. And I’ve barely scratched the surface with this craft haul. The colors are like the rainbow! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  9. Lori Ritchie

    Great haul Kathy, love the pastel colors of their flowers and that some of the packages come with different flowers in the same package! Their stamps are so cute as well. I am subscribed to your YT channel.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Yes, Lori, I love that you can build a realistic looking flower arrangement because of that! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      I also love the wide variety of colors! They work so well with so many kinds of projects. Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  10. Linda Cook

    Hi Kathy Happy Birthday…. what’s not to love about these flowers …I love them all. You are very generous to share with us. Thank you again and the best of luck to everyone

    1. kathycNC Post author

      You are so right, Linda! I love everything about Little Birdie Flowers! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  11. Angela Memmel

    I can’t wait to see some of the projects you create with these beautiful flowers. I especially love the miniature rosebuds. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of these gorgeous flowers and happy birthday!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      I love those miniature rosebuds, too. The detail is just amazing! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  12. Diane

    Happy Birthday Kathy!! Congrats!
    Love all those beautiful flowers of Little Birdie Flowers. I especially love the more pastel colors. WONDERFUL stash you received! Cute stamps, too and would be lovely on a card or even scrapbooking pages!

  13. Rosemary

    I loved every single flower on your kitchen table, Kathy! But I really like the more subtle tones and especially loved the package with the spiral “leaves.” Little Birdie flowers are a must for my stash. Your giveaway would be a most welcome addition! And now that I know your birthday, I will send you one of my Kathy-Wannabe cards next year…it’s too late this year as I am in SC and all my stuff is in IL…

  14. Dee Egizi

    I just can’t believe the wonderful variety of styles and colors in those Little Birdies flowers!! Just amazing! I want ALL of them.

  15. shartl

    Happy birthday to you Kathy! My birthday is July 28 and my daughter’s is July 31 so we have a great birthday month in July. Winning your giveaway would be the frosting on the cake for me! I really like the pastel colors in this collection because they go with modern or vintage projects, both. Having two little girls means we love flowers in our house..and these are amazing!

  16. karenladd

    These are just gorgeous and I know that you’re going to do them justice on your projects! I love the soft pastels and the way that they’ve added leaves and stems to them as well. The variety of styles and sizes ensures that there’s something for anything a crafter would want to make! Thank you for the chance to win some of these beauties! Happiest of birthdays to you Kathy..and thanks for always inspiring us!

  17. Gena Krannig

    Oh, Kathy, what a feast for the eyes! It’s like embellishment Heaven! Those muted pastel colors are my favorite. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Hugs!

  18. Nancy Hill

    Congratulations on your birthday Kathy. Love the Little Birdie flowers and the colors along with the variety of flowers. You do amazing work with your cards and projects and can’t wait to see what you do with these flowers. Hugs and birthday wishes!

  19. Deborah Love

    Thank you for the birthday present! Not only are these flowers gorgeous, they look very high-quality as well. And the variety!!

  20. Martie Rollin

    Talk about a flower shoppe! WOW! Love all the blues (and the purples!) on the table. I don’t do Facebook, so this is where my entry will end. Looking forward to seeing how you use these flowers on your projects!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Yes, I love the amazing variety as well! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  21. soozyb2013

    It’s your birthday and you are giving gifts?!?!! YES! I do hope your birthday is filled with lovely surprises! You deserve the best and remember, eat lots of cake. Our birthdays are close to each other if I remember, mine is July 31 and you are the day before? Anyway, Happy Happy Happy birthday my friend and thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely lovely giveaway. <3 I am drooling over the colours!

  22. Carla Hundley

    All these flowers are
    gorgeous and love
    the angel and little
    birds stamps.
    Carla from Utah

  23. jenscull

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! how exciting!
    and aren’t you so very generous to give away such a lovely prize package?! 🙂

    what stands out to me is how very vibrant the colors of their flowers are. not every company is able to achieve this with their products. I have never used or even seen the Little Birdie items in person, but the vivid colors are gorgeous!

    enjoy your birthday and celebrate!!!! sending you cupcake wishes!!!

  24. Denice Metz

    I love all the colors and the craftsmanship of all the little flowers they are beautiful.
    and its my son birthday also, so have a wonderful birthday

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Yes, the quality and detail of Little Birdie Flowers is unsurpassed! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  25. Carla Hundley

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday
    Kathy! Mine is August 7th.
    Have a awesome one.
    Carla from Utah

  26. Suzy Q

    Oh WOW! How awesome is this! “Happy, Happy Birthday Kathy!” You are so sweet to share so much with others on your special day! These Little Birdie Flowers are absolutely gorgeous! A person couldn’t pick just one for sure! Thanks so much for the preview of all the choice of colors and flower designs. Sorry I’ve never used any but they are so real looking, I’m gonna have to give them a try … Hope to order myself some soon! Have a great birthday! Hugs, from Suzy Q

  27. marygw

    Happy Birthday a little early, Kathy. I just love birthdays because as you say, the alternative is not so great! 🙂 I love those flowers..they are so pretty.


    Love every single Little Birdie package you showed! I’m making mini albums and finishing a wedding album and those would look AMAZING on any of those projects! Have an amazing birthday. Remember we’re not getting “older”—just better, like fine wines lol!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Aww! Thanks for that reminder, Carol! I know your mini albums will be amazing! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  29. Cynthia Pryor

    Thanks for sharing your new stash of flowers. I love all the colors, and I really like the darker colors for fall. Plus the beach collection is very appealing as well.

  30. Betsy

    How exciting! “This would be better than winning the lottery” says a girl who adores paper crafts! Happy Birthday to a fellow July birthday girl. xoxoxo

  31. Rosemary Sokolowski

    Kathy, the flowers in this collection are just beautiful. The colors are so vivid. They add so much “punch” to a project. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  32. Sherry

    Happy Birthday Kathy, you always make my day lets see LB flowers – love the colors shapes, I love the added bits and leaves, and I love the mixed packages that can finish a project. Guess I just love little birdie flowers! And the stamps look pretty sweet too!

  33. Amy Green

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Little Birdie Crafts has such a vast selection of flowers and styles. I love the variety.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Me, too, Amy! There’s a flower that’s perfect for every project! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  34. Gail Scott

    Happy Dance day is coming soon Kathy – Yeah another Birthday! Whoot Whoot! Celebration Time Come on – It’s Time to Celebrate – — Ok you have some time to be one year younger but blessed another birthday is on it’s way. The flower box is a steal for sure and if I lived next door I might have beat the Mail~person to the door and say, “UH Kathy is not home but I will take her package – heheh – Kidding” I shall not steal! I love all the flowers and the heart ATC stamp is fabulous! TFS and for the give-away! Great video of the items – yum, yum, give me some! Blessings,

    1. Gail Scott

      And forgot to add that what I love about Little Birdie flowers is the variety they offer – tons to coordinate with any crafting creation – I am going to check out their store too! TFS

  35. Janine

    Happy almost birthday Kathy!! The flowers are fabulous! Especially the deep wine mix!! And the ones that look like ranunculus!!
    Can’t do the Facebook thing!! That’s way too much social media for me!!
    Have a great birthday!!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Yes, I love the deep wine colors, too. They’ll be great for Christmas! Don’t worry about Facebook…you are good! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  36. Stacy Schock

    Happy early birthday wishes! I just love Little Birdie Flowers!! They are so beautifully made and full of life.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Yes, Stacy! They liven up any project, I agree! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

  37. Stacy Schock

    Happy early birthday wishes! I just love Little Birdie Flowers!! They are so colorful and beautifully made.

  38. Charlene Brummitt

    .Kathy, the video of little birdie flowers are beautiful. I am still learning how to use them like you do on all your projects. Thanks for the chance to win the give away and happy birthday.

  39. M'Liss White

    I love the vivid colors of so many of the Little Birdie flowers, not to mention the variety of flowers that make a beautiful focal point. Such a fun giveaway. Thanks for the chance and I enjoy all your creations Kathy. Happy Birthday!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      I’m right there with you M’Liss! The color range is amazing! Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes! Good luck in the drawing!

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