All the News that’s Fit to Print

All the News that’s Fit to Print…a little update post

Hello, Friends! Can I hear a giant TGIF resounding out there?  What a wild and wacky couple of weeks I’ve been having.  I felt like I needed to touch base with all of you with a little update post.  So, without further ado, here’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Guest Designing at Petaloo International this week

I’ve had the incredible honor of serving as a guest designer with the fabulous folks at Petaloo International this week.  Earlier this week, I shared Birdie’s Sweet Springtime Retreat on their blog.  These springtime flowers are sooooooo dreamy!  I hope you’ll find a moment to pop over to the Petaloo International blog and say hello.  I have lots more pictures and information on this project posted HERE.

Birdie's Sweet Springtime Retreat

And as if being Guest Designer at Petaloo once was not enough to make my heart go pitty pat, they invited me back again today!  What a treat!  Today I’m sharing this “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” banner on their blog.  I’ll give you a sneaky peek here, and maybe you can pop over and see all the fun details on this project as well.  Click HERE to visit this post.

Childrens Hour Spring Banner 02small

Photos from my most recent project for BMW

As many of you know, along with my design team work, I also create for special events at BMW.  (Yes, the automaker.)  Their Odyssey events are held in spectacular locations all over the world and I have the incredible honor of designing custom souvenir menus for these incredible events.

In September of 2015, BMW Odyssey was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of the tango.  After being given photos of the venue for the event, I went to work to create 116 menus to tie in with the venue and table decor.

BMW Argentina Finished Menu 01 BMW Argentina Finished Menu 02BMW Argentina Finished Menu 03BMW Argentina Finished Menu 04














The event was held at El Zanjon in brick tunnels that were built in the 1500’s. The menus I created contained embossed “brick” papers, the history of the venue, the story of the tango and embossed metal to reflect the industrial feel of the tunnels.

This week, I received photos of my menus at the event, which is always a thrilling moment for me, and I thought I’d share them with you here.

BMW Odyssey 2015 Argentina 02 BMW Odyssey 2015 Argentina 01 BMW Odyssey 2015 Argentina 04











Although I’ve never attended one of these extravaganzas, I always feel like Cinderella at the ball when I get the event photos back.  It’s a magical moment when I see the menus that I lovingly created by hand on the tables in these magnificent venues.  I just shake my head in wonder every single time.  I thought you might like to see an example of the sorts of things I do outside my design team work.

Update on our MOVE: The 3rd time’s the charm????

And, the other big event that you all have been following here on the blog is our upcoming move.  During the summer of 2015, we made the difficult decision to downsize from our beloved family home into something smaller and more manageable.  My sweet husband, Dale, has recovered well from his open heart surgery, but just doesn’t have the energy necessary to maintain this big house and acre of land.  And, to tell you the truth, the house gets bigger every time I clean it, and the stairs get harder to climb at the end of each day.  We realized it was time to choose a simpler way of life.

We worked overtime to get the house spiffed up and ready to go on the market in September.  Little did we know the roller coaster ride we had just stepped into.  In 5 month’s time, we showed the house 55 times!  We went under contract for the first time in late November….and in January, that buyer backed out of the deal.  Within a week, we had competing offers for our home, and had another contract.  Hooray!

Everything was going great until 2 weeks ago when our 2nd buyers had to terminate the deal due to a health situation in their extended family.  You know those rides at the amusement park where you go up up up in a balloon and then they cut the power and you free fall to the ground and your stomach migrates to your mouth?  Yeah….that.

But…and this is amazing to me, even as I write it….our realtors pulled out all the stops and by the end of last week we were once again under contract with a sweet husband and wife who are expecting their first baby in June.  They fell in love with our house and can’t wait to move in.  So, barring anything unforeseen…we are back on schedule to move into a lovely ranch style home on April 5th.

I’ve been working ahead on projects and writing blog posts in advance as well.  I have one or two more things to wrap up here in the studio, and then I will pack up the Closet of Shame and the rest of my crafty stash.  You won’t even know I’m gone, though, as projects will continue to post while I’m busy setting up my new nest. Technology is our friend!

In case you’re interested, here are a few photos of our future home.  These are realty photos, so none of the decor is ours, but we can’t wait to move in and get settled! We move out of this home on April 3rd, so I’d better get busy packing!

New Home 02 New Home 01New Home 03 New Home 07 new home 06

So there you have it, my friends: all the news that’s fit to print!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll be back in “real time” soon!



9 thoughts on “All the News that’s Fit to Print

  1. LuvtoKraft

    Beautiful, beautiful menus for BMW, Kathy. How exciting for you to see them used at the event. Thanks for sharing with us! Love your bird house and banner, too. Your new house is CUTE!!! It will be so much easier to care for, but what will you do with your extra time? LOL I don’t know how you have the time and energy to do it all, but I’m glad you do!
    Hugs and move safely by lifting with your legs, not your back!

  2. Gloria Stengel

    First, know that I continue to pray for you and your home situation. Daily. Second, get out…major congrats on your Petaloo guest spot. They are on my bucket list of team to design for, which means I am GREEN with envy. ;) And wowza on the menus. Seeing them in a photo vs seeing them at the event is just….wow, what can I say! You do such incredible work for them! Here is to many more years of that gig! Hugs!

  3. ncguygirl

    Just remember to pause every now and then to breathe! Soon all this crazy selling, buying and moving will be a memory and you’ll be happy in your beautiful new home. Love you!

  4. soozyb2013

    Nice looking house! I’m sure you will be happy there. Looks like a nice screened in porch. I’d be sleeping out there in the summertime. The great thing there is no stairs :) I would love to see a photo of your house you are in now. It’s sounds amazing and well loved. Remember to take it easy when you can and breathe, that’s very important.
    Thanks for taking the time to show us this lovely creation and congrats on the Petaloo deal! Good for you. :)
    hugs from Victoria, BC

  5. Ann Schach

    Hi, Kathy! It was great catching up on all that is happening with you. As always, you nailed the BMW menus! And…your new home is adorable! I love front porches and screened in rear porches! Best of luck with the move!

  6. Regina M. Hamilton

    Congrats on being a Petaloo guest designer; your project are beautiful. I love seeing your BMW creations. They are just so creative and beautiful. Congratulations on selling the house, and moving into a new one. Have fun packing. Take care my friend.

  7. marisajob

    Wow! You have been really busy! Your work is always beautiful! Best of luck moving and settling in your new home. Hugs and blessings!!

  8. Darlene Pavlick

    WOW … so much going on … and still, everything you create is PERFECTION! Holy Cow … 116 menus! WOW that’s a lot and they are gorgeous and again, perfect for the occasion! YOU ARE AMAZING! Congrats on the guest designer spots … you always showcase company product so well … it’s no wonder they ask you back again!
    Exciting time coming soon with the move and getting set up in your new surroundings but I’m sure in no time at all you’ll have everything exactly in it’s place and life will function like a well oiled machine! Thanks for the update … I don’t stop often enough but do think of you regularly! HUGS from OHIO

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