Papercrafting 101: All About Adhesives

Papercrafting 101: All About Adhesives: My Favorites

Hello, Friends!  Today’s post is all about adhesives: liquid adhesive, tape runners, foam dimensionals, metal glues, Scor-Tape, gel mediums, collage mediums and even ….magnets! Where would we be in our crafting without these necessary items in our tool boxes?  Every crafter needs good adhesives.  Today we will explore some of my favorite adhesives, and learn a little bit about how to use them.  I even have a tutorial that will help you learn how to place magnets perfectly on a folio or flap.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I prepared a little video for you.

What’s your favorite adhesive?  I’m always interested in any undiscovered treasures you might know of.  Will you share it with me in the comment section below?

Are you interested in more of these papercrafting 101 posts?  We can talk about all kinds of tools, supplies, organizational tips and more.  Let me know your thoughts, please.

You can find links to my favorite adhesives below this post.

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My Favorite Adhesives

14 thoughts on “Papercrafting 101: All About Adhesives

  1. Dottie in CT

    Hi Kathy, I really enjoyed your post on adhesives. It’s always helpful to get another crafter’s opinion on the products . For my basic glue (works well on many surfaces), I like The Ultimate. I do also like the Art Quest fine tip that you showed. I’ve never had great luck with glues so I also go for the scor-tape or red liner mostly. If I do want a glue, I have found that with The Ultimate, I am able to control how much I use and a little goes a long way.

    Was the glue gun you showed an Ad-Tech one? I’ve avoided getting any glue gun as I think it might be too much for me to handle—glues are usually not “a good thing” for me.

    Would love more posts on tools. Thank you for sharing.

    Dottie in CT

  2. Linda Stenzel

    Thanks for the 101 on adheasive! Love seeing new products as well reassurance that the “old” standbys are still the best Do you have a source for Cool Katz products for those of us in the states? Thank you again, and look forward to more 101’s!

  3. Betsy

    No wonder I love you! My craft table looks like I have stock in adhesives. I keep trying to find the right glue for small die cut pieces and glue dots perfect for mailing. Great information. xoxoxo

  4. Judy Rorabaugh

    Yes, please make more of these videos. So much great information! It is do nice of you to share your tips.

  5. Vicki R.

    Great video Kathy…very informative and I love all of the tips about using magnets! They make for a great closure on folios and albums. Do you have a store where you get yours? I have a few of the BG, but we can no longer buy them.

  6. Carol Edwards

    Hello Kathy, such a useful, interesting and informative video. I particularly liked the magnet information very useful indeed. Love the charm gift you received for your pin. Do you use a stainless steel pin for your glue? I find it I don’t they go rather rusty. Xx

  7. Lyla McDaniel

    Enjoyed this tutorial with all your tips. My friend Vicki told me about Art Glitter glue, I love it! They don’t ship in the Winter so I buy a couple of 16oz size to hold me over. The neodymium magnets are great in albums!! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your tips!!!
    Have a fantastic day!!

  8. jayn c

    The Art Glitter Glue is my favorite also. I have been using the same large bottle for almost a year and have made dozens of cards and embellishments with it. LOVE IT

  9. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, thank you so much for this great tutorial! I am always in a quandary as to what glues to use. I love/hate tape runners. LOL But I do use a LOT of score tape. But the liquid “glue” always baffles me as there are so many to choose from. I will definitely get some of that Dries Clear. This was a really helpful tutorial. Thank you again for sharing! Hugs!

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