Papercrafting 101: Handmade Flowers Video Tutorial

Heartfelt Creations Handmade Poinsettias Tutorial by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Papercrafting 101: Handmade Flowers Video Tutorial

Hello, Friends!  Today I have Papercrafting 101 Handmade Flowers Video Tutorial to share with you.  It’s the second installment in my Papercrafting 101 series on YouTube.  You can find the first video , All About Adhesives, HERE.

So many of you have asked me to do some flower making tutorials.  Here’s what we will cover in this loaded video tutorial:

  • Flower Making Tools
  • Filling Flower Centers: Stamens and Prills
  • How to quickly and easily color flower petals
  • Stamping and die cutting flower layers
  • Shaping petals the easy way
  • Different surfaces to use when making paper flowers

Since we are coming up on Christmas, I zeroed in on handmade poinsettias.  Rest assured, the tips and techniques I share in this tutorial can easily be translated when making other paper flowers.

Papercrafting 101: Handmade Flowers Video Tutorial on YouTube

This video covers a lot of ground, so grab a cuppa and a snack, your pencil and a notebook because class is in session.

You’ll find a linked supply list to some of my favorite flower making tools and accessories at the bottom of this post.

What you you like to  learn about next in this Papercrafting 101 series?  Favorite tools?  Ribbon? Pockets? Die Cutting?  Drop me a comment below, and I’ll get busy with the next installment!

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11 thoughts on “Papercrafting 101: Handmade Flowers Video Tutorial

  1. Pat Kult

    Your flowers look so beautiful on your projects, so I was quite excited to watch this tutorial. Thank you for all your tips! This is really helpful.

  2. Susan Steele

    Oh Wow! These flowers are just beautiful!!!! Wow!!! They look like they came straight from the store … no …of course these are even better looking!!! Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks and the tutorial was great! And still waiting for the sunflower 101 how to!!! Sorry, I’m a show me kind of girl! Hugs, Suzy Q

  3. Susan Steele

    Oh thank you …and I agree with all 3 thoughts before me! Great job explaining the details! Thanks again. Hugs, Suzy Q

  4. Betsy

    Thank you, thank you! I’ve always wanted to be able to make flowers that look good. This is so helpful! Now if I could just make a bow . I purchased the bow maker from RRR and I’m still bad at it. Maybe it’s me but I find the directions confusing.

  5. MaryH.

    You missed your calling as a teacher, Kathy! Very informative and great tips on “how to…”, products, and tools. (Love the Dress My Craft Groove Golf Tool Set!) Would love to see more flower videos, tips on 3D folds (especially using pastes glitter, etc to enhance the 3D folder results), also more about products to enhance the look of paper, flowers, etc. Also appreciated links to products used today!

  6. Cheryl Wells

    Great tutorial, Kathy – You use the same products that I use, and love, love the Heartfelt stamps/dies, and I have all the molds too – so fast and perfect every time – thanks for sharing!!

  7. Lyla McDaniel

    Thank you for your tips, especially for showing your hot glue tips (which I rarely use) and the showing of different products you use to enhance the outcome.

    I would be interested in the tools you use to make your beautiful creations ( techniques in using them or how they enhance your creativity.)

    Thanks for sharing!!! It is appreciated!

  8. aimeslee

    I’ve just recently began reading your blog. Have you covered shaker cards? Tips and tricks are always good! 😉 Thanks for doing your series, this one on flowers was great. xoxo

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