Part 4 Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio Tutorial

Part 4 Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio Tutorial: Creating the Cover Art

Hello, Friends!  Welcome to Part 4 Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio Tutorial!  This is the big finale as we add the cover art and finish the folio.  Always my favorite part of any project, we’ll finish the cover with a mix of beautiful handmade flowers with a sprinkling of pre-made flowers.

Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

If you missed Part 1 (creating the folio base) you can view that video HERE.

Need to get caught up:  You can find Part 2 (creating the internal mechanisms) HERE.

Want to learn how to make a set of super sweet, quick and easy note cardsView Part 3 HERE.

Part 4 Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio Tutorial on You Tube

Are you ready to watch the big finale for this folio tutorial?  Then please enjoy this YouTube video.

Have you enjoyed making this folio along with me?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.  You can also find a linked supply list for your shopping convenience.

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4 thoughts on “Part 4 Stamperia Sunflower Art Folio Tutorial

  1. Helen

    Thank you Kathy for this series, I am really enjoying the pace, the details and new ideas with scoring, folding, and bringing together a base folio. The lateral waterfall section required more than one viewing. What a super way to use the paper imagery to the maximum, taking the page from one section to the next. So often with papers they are too beautiful to cover! The added texture of the cover is another highlight, not just to add strength but also to add the ‘I want to pick this up and touch it all’ element to the folio. I always say when the recipient is into the piece, touching, turning, looking closer, you know your work is done. And those spare handmade sunflowers are the perfect addition to the cover. Tiny twine bows to touch too, so sweetly tucked in here and there all makes for a lovely piece of rustic, wee bit vintage sunshine! Thanks again Kathy.
    btw are you able to access my email address, I do give permission here if that helps.

  2. Sandi Smith

    I enjoyed every second of this four part tutorial and the end result was worth it. This folio is incredible and will make a gorgeous gift for anyone. My daughter-in-law loves sunflowers too so with her birthday at the end of September, I will attempt to create one for her gift with the note cards and a gift card tucked inside. Thank you for sharing this. Also, please tell your hubby that I enjoy his music and especially his sweet song of praise. It’s brings me a sense of calmness and peace when I hear it. As I head to bed, his words are a beautiful way to go to sleep. Blessings to you both

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