Photoplay Frostival Hot Chocolate Shaker Party

Photoplay Frostival Hot Chocolate Shaker Party by Kathy Clement Photo 01

Photoplay Frostival Hot Chocolate Shaker Party

Hello, Friends!  Winter is in full swing, so I thought I’d warm things up with a Photoplay Frostival Hot Chocolate Shaker Party. Oh, the weather outside is frightful…so a cup of hot chocolate is truly delightful!   Once again, I pulled out my trusty December Ribbon Club Assortment from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  Then I proceeded to put together this festive winter card.

Wonderful things happen when you clean out a storage bin.  That’s where I found this super cute wooden hoop that came from who knows where, who knows when!  But doesn’t it work perfectly as a shaker frame?

Next I created borders with some of the inky blue satin ribbons I had left from the Club Assortment.  This is one of my favorite ways to use printed ribbon.  First, it looks great!  Then, there’s the ease factor.  Just lay down a strip of Scor-Tape, attach ribbon, and you’re done!   Next, there’s the fact that the ribbon creates the perfect spot to dangle a cluster of winter charms.  Now that’s fun!

A Peek Inside

My friends, I grew up in Vermont where winter is real and winter is brutal.  Somehow, we still managed to spend endless hours outside sledding, building snow forts, having snow ball fights, playing fox and geese in the snow.  Our favorite time to sled was after supper.  We lived at the top of a very long hill.  There was one streetlight at the very top and one almost at the bottom.  The light from the moon mixed with the light from the street lamps created a hazy blue hue on the fallen snow.  Yes, it was freezing.  But it was magical.  And when we were too cold to move, we could go inside and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

Naturally, I had to wrap up a pouch of yummy cocoa to tuck into the pocket of this card.  Were you wondering when the party was going to start?  How about now?  Cocoa, cookies, a peppermint stick stirrer and a yummy bit of chocolate.  Aaaah!  Now we can curl up with a good book and mark our place with this cute bookmark.

Isn’t ribbon amazing?  It can inspire such fun projects and be used in so many ways.  I hope I’ve shared a few ideas you can us in this cheery winter post.

Now excuse me…I need to go find a cuppa cocoa!

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7 thoughts on “Photoplay Frostival Hot Chocolate Shaker Party

  1. Martie Rollin

    Oh, yes! Bring on the mugs of hot cocoa! We have snow up here in the Pacific NW…about 6″ on the ground…started falling late night Christmas. An Arctic Blast is keeping it way below freezing at night and most days. Yesterday it warmed to 34 degrees, so some melting has taken place. I can see foot long icicles hanging from my porch cover, an unusual sight in my area. Because our pipes don’t have any insulation, we are advised to run a pencil lead thin water stream all night with under sink cabinet doors open (to get more heat to the pipes). I do like this ribbon collection that so inspired you (I was the lucky winner of the RRR Blog Hop this month!). ! LOVE the dangling winter charms on this card…nice embellishments for this fun paper collection. New Year’s weekend will bring warmer temps and all this snow will melt away. I’m remembering the long, cold Chicago winters of my youth…glad to be right where I am today! Thanks for posting this lovely winter card, Kathy! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!

  2. Isabel Gonzalez

    Hi Kathy! I don’t know which I love more, your story or your card. Both are fabulous! I love the flowers and the charms on this beautiful card, too. Enjoy your hot cocoa, my friend. Hugs xx

  3. soozyb2013

    Definitely winter here in Victoria BC Lovely card Kathy the colours are really winter feeling with the feeling of spring too. 🙂 Enjoy your holidays! Happy New Year!

  4. Cheryl Wells

    Beautiful card Kathy – love the bright blues in this card – who could possibly resist this one !!

  5. Priscilla+Hughs

    I love everything about this card…the blue emphasis, the plaid which sets everything off, and yes, the ribbon. This is so “you”, and your comments about growing up in Vermont, the snow, etc. I can relate to…this is definitely another “winner”.

  6. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, not only do I love your cards but I love your stories that give us a peek into your childhood. It always sounds so wonderful! And what a delightful card you have created. The hoop as a shaker frame is such a great idea and works so perfectly. Love the shaker elements and those darling charms. Oh yes, this paper collection really puts me in the mood for some yummy hot chocolate with those pretty colors and patterns. I’m sad to see the holidays coming to an end. Seems they just flew by! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  7. Sandra Smith

    I love that the colors of this card has a feel of spring in the middle of winter! I enjoyed reading about your winters living where it gets cold. I grew up in the suburbs in Southern California so our winters were mild. We had two times where it got cold enough and the snow level got low enough to have enough snow that it stuck. Those times were so unique that we really enjoyed playing outside in the snow. The mountains around us would get snow so I remember a few times where my parents drove us to the snow to play. Those trips are cherished memories. I love our Arizona winters where I live now but fun in the snow will always be special! Thank you for sharing this beautiful card and for sharing a bit of your memories.

    Sandi Smith
    Queen Creek

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