Prima Darcelle Milestone Birthday Card Folio

Prima Darcelle Milestone Birthday Card Folio with Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  How about a little Prima Darcelle pretty purple vintage typewriter to start your day off with a smile?  This milestone birthday card folio is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Purple is one of those colors that people usually have strong feelings about.  You either love it, or you don’t!  Personally, I have grown to appreciate the many hues that purple has to offer.  It lends a richness and a sense of royalty where ever it shows up.

TIP: Lighten up the darker hues of this Prima Darcelle  paper with a 3/8″ Grape Plaid Bow.  This ribbon 3/8″ Grape Plaid from the RRR April Ribbon Club Assortment made the prettiest triple loop bow!

TIP: Add lots of depth to your layers by separating them with foam dimensionals.

TIP:  To create the “sugar” in this spoon embellishment follow these simple steps:

  • First, fill the bowl of the spoon with hot glue.
  • Next, place the spoon in a funnel tray or over a clean sheet of printer paper.
  • Now, sprinkle Distress Glitter over the hot glue.  When the glue dries, you have a spoon full of “sugar.”
Prima Darcelle Milestone Birthday Card Folio: A Peek Inside

Create a box style pocket inside the card.  Now you can fill it with all kinds of birthday treats.  The card is now the gift!

Here’s a beautiful vintage silver plate spoon, and a little chocolate treat.

Milestone birthdays are often accompanied by birthday parties.  So I created a little accordion style photo album to tuck inside the pocket along with the tea bag and honey stick.

Now you can capture all the memories of that special day in style.

Tell me: how do you feel about the color purple?  Love it?  Avoid it at all costs?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “Prima Darcelle Milestone Birthday Card Folio

  1. Jenny Marples

    If I want to see the true measure of a collection you are always a ‘go to’ Kathy – seeing papers in action the way you use them makes a world of difference from seeing them in a pad. I love how the richness of the royal purple really comes to life on the contrasting background and how the lighter gingham check ribbon really lifts the whole card. And I love how you’ve cleverly highlighted the lists of milestone numbers that are part of the design to match the theme of the card. Gorgeous! xx

  2. Helen Budz

    Love the rich colors of this card, Kathy. Pairing purple with other jewel colors is always in my combo when I’m doing something vibrant. It’s the favorite color for some of my family members and friends so I use it often. Your design truly celebrates a milestone event. Especially like the accordion fold element. tfs-Hugs. Stay well.

  3. MaryH

    Enchanting embellishments and color theme. Kathy I dub thee Creator Extraordinaire. You have such a remarkable ability for designing and colorizing your projects that I find so aesthetically pleasing. What fun the tip about creating “sugar” in the bowl of the spoon, so clever. I am in a purple mood at the present time; so, I will go make a card now…Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Hi, Amy! This is a question I get asked all the time. I find that if you wrap them in tissue paper and send in a bubble mailer they do very well in the mail. The postage is expensive, but the card is the gift, so I don’t mind paying more to send it in the mail. Heartfelt Creations also sells clear acrylic card boxes in lots of different sizes. I think they would work well, too.

  4. Martie Rollin

    Despite all the complications of our Coronavirus social distancing, our family will be sharing in a milestone birthday this year…our eldest family member is turning 100!!! She’s in Chicago, so contact will be sending cards and a telephone conference cal. Thus far, I’ve had 2 birthdays that really gave me pause for thought. Reaching 30 meant nothing to me…but turning 31 was huge! I had a husband, 2 kids, my name was on 2 cars and 2 houses…Oh! My gosh! This is what it means to be a grown up!! For years afterward, age meant nothing.Then, when I turned 70, tho word “old” joined my personal vocabulary….and that was huge! I had never imagined myself being this old. As for my 100 year old Aunt? While her body is wearing out, her mind remains sharp as a tack. I seriously doubt I’ll make it that far. I like the deeper colors of this paper collection. There are so many shades of purple and I love them all!

  5. Susan Steele

    Hello Kathy dear …this is a verg beautiful milestone birthday card! All those rich purples and blues and burgundy’s are just gorgeous to me. And all the goodies and treats inside plus an accordion for extra pictures! Perfect!!! I’ve been collecting purples to make a junk journal with! Yes …I’ll be hitting a milestone next month too …65 …don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Lol! But it does supposed to have its perks! I think! Lol! Stay safe and have a crafty week! Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Terry Law

    Oh Kathy! I just love love love this card! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! What a great combination of colours and all sorts of lovely things! Hugs

  7. Claire Gagne

    Oh Kathy, purple is my color, no matter what shade. I’ve painted my bedroom a lilac color & it’s beautiful. Maybe, if I could, my car would be a purple color!!! Love, love this card folio. You are such a great designer of your craft. I do get inspired by your projects. I really need to start thinking outside the box so-to-speak!! Be safe & TYFS

  8. soozyb2013

    I do like certain shades of purple, being fair skinned I had to be careful of dark colours depending on what they were.
    Love the folio Kathy, you never cease to amaze!

  9. Jennifer Scull

    This is just beautiful! I really like the purple and burgundy together. The little tea spoon is precious.
    I do like purple, and it’s one of the favorite colors of each of my daughters-in-law. So needless to say, I use it quite often when making items for them. 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration! Please take care!

  10. Gena L Krannig

    OMG, next month I’ll be a valuable antique like that typewriter ! LOL I love this card, Kathy. The sentiment on the front is so cute and the one on the pathway inside is really lovely. Your layering on the front really creates such wonderful depth and the motifs , flowers and embellishments are gorgeous. How clever the way you did the sugar in the spoon. This is going to make such a wonderful gift folio. Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

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