Prima Fruit Paradise Hanger Card and Homemade Jam

Prima Fruit Paradise Hanger Card by Kathy Clement Kathy  by Design Photo 01

Prima Fruit Paradise Hanger Card and Homemade Jam

Happy Monday, Friends!  I thought I’d pop in quickly this morning to share a Prima Fruit Paradise Hanger Card.  The weekend here was (thankfully) uneventful and unexpectedly sweet.  Dale and I had been waiting for the rains to stop so we could go out and harvest our first real crop of plums from our little tree in the back yard.  We could see ripe fruit on the branches (and on the ground) but with Bertha moving through, it was too wet too pick.  So first thing Saturday morning, we went out to gather in those sweet and juicy stone fruits.  The hope was to get enough fruit to make a small plum crisp.

Well, that little tree is an over-achiever!  I literally filled one side of my kitchen sink with dozens and dozens of ripe plums.  What do you do with an abundance of sweet summer fruit?  Yep.  You make jam!   Dale helped me pit and cut up a huge pile of plums.  We both had sticky plum juice running up our forearms as we worked.  Next we combined 15 cups of cut up plums with 5 cups of organic sugar and got jammin’!

A little over an hour later, we had a lovely pot of the prettiest homemade jam!  Here’s a photo of the “fruits” of our labors!  And yesterday, I did pick enough to make that small plum crisp…and it was delicious!

So all this fruit got me thinking about my Prima Fruit Paradise paper, and I had to make a little paper pretty to share with you here.

Fruit Paradise Hanger Card

This little cutie is made with scraps from the collection.  It only measures about 4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″.  An odd size, I know…but I was using up scraps of the pink cardstock and designer paper that were left over from another special project that I’ll share with you tomorrow.   The card does not open.  Instead I stitched a pocket to the front and suspended it from this cute shabby chic hanger.  So I call it a hanger card.

I mixed handmade flowers with a Little Birdie rose, stitched pink gingham ribbon in the center of white ruffled satin, added vintage buttons, a novelty button and a key to the hanger.  It is so cute in real life!

Then I made a little note card with one of the 3×4 images in the collection to tuck in that pocket.

This was such a quick and easy project, I think I’ll make more for the Etsy shop.  I think it’s a great summer kitchen decor idea.

So that’s all for me this morning!  What did you all do this weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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18 thoughts on “Prima Fruit Paradise Hanger Card and Homemade Jam

  1. Sue D

    Very pretty creation! I bet the jam is yummy too. We worked on our garden this weekend.

  2. Helen Budz

    What wonderful crafting–both the jam and the hanging card! Both are perfect items for your kitchen. Your plum tree must be amazing. The kitchen decor is a great way to celebrate the coming of summer. Especially like the Prima paper you’ve chosen for it. Enjoy your jam-stay well. tfs-Hugs.

  3. Isabel Gonzalez

    Hi Kathy! It sure sounds like you and your husband had a “sweet” day together. Great memories for your personal album or journal. I love how your hanging card came out. It is sooo gorgeous!!! I’m thinking that the pocket in the front might house a nice sachet. Hmm… It would make another lovely gift, I feel.
    Anyway, take care my sweet and lovely friend!!! Hugs and blessings always!!!

  4. Brenda S. West

    Yum, memories of my Grandmother’s plum jelly rolling thru my mind now. I love the hanger, too.

  5. Martie Rollin

    I have so enjoyed reading your real life connections. That making jam would inspire a project made from a specific paper collection really rings true for me, too. This kind of creative connection happens all the time!! After enjoying phone calls from a granddaughter and my aunt, I was inspired to create cards featuring a specific telephone shaped stamp. At reading the title of this post, I envisioned several ways to create a “hanging” card…none of which included such a pretty metal hanger. Like others leaving comments (love to read what others have to say), I’d love to know where you got this…looks like something that might be carried in a needlepoint shop. In this chapter of my life, I don’t have access to fruit trees.On the other hand, I do have enjoyable memories of harvesting apricots and peaches from our back yard…of being really pregnant and standing for hours stirring batch after batch of jam…talk about sausage toes!! “Thanks for the memories!”

  6. Susan Steele

    Luv, luv, luv your fruit paradise hanging card! Luv every single detail! Plum jam … it looks so yummy! …my goodness my mouth is watering! It sounds sooo good! I’m sure I’ve never had it before. Hubby planted a plum tree several years ago …but no luck! This weekend busy busy …I was sewing sheets (beds are not normal sized) …2 small bedroom curtains and a privacy curtain for our small travel trailer. And all from a king sized sheet set that I couldn’t pass at a yard sale, several years ago! …While hubby was replacing a microwave and making a spare tire carrier. We’re almost finished! Thanks for sharing ALL your yumminess!!! Hugs, Suzy Q


    Love your hanger card – that hanger is adorable, but that plum jam looks so wonderful and know you will really enjoy it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Roberta Glidden

    It is so stunning. With Christmas papering would look really cute at christmas. Where did you get the hanger. Gotta have some. Roberta

  9. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, what a wonderful, delightful idea to turn a pretty card into a wall hanger! This would really dress up a kitchen wall, or any wall for that matter. I love the paper collection you used. The fruit motifs are so luscious! I can just taste a fresh ripened plum. You are so blessed to have a plum tree! I would love to spread some of your homemade jam over a hot buttered biscuit for my breakfast this morning! Thank you for sharing this darling card! Hugs!

  10. Claire Gagne

    What a cute idea Kathy. This card is beautiful. Love the hanger. The paper collection is just stunning. Be safe & TYFS

  11. Janet Ormerod

    Your hanging card is a beautiful decor item. It would also look lovely hanging from a kitchen cupboard door and used to hold a recipe card clipped to it. Dear friends of mine moved back to my province after living in the East Coast for 12 years. This weekend we enjoyed catching up at a safe distance during our visit. Your plum jam has inspired me to make some canning gifts. Thank you.

  12. Sherry Somers

    So pretty Kathy. We had a plum tree when I was growing up and mom always made jam. Great memory…thank you. This weekend we went to a lake park with sisters family. The men fished and the woman talked and cleaned up from the picnic. There was only 5 of us but it was wonderful. We were away from everyone else (which was great ) All the rest of the weekend I sat out in our screen tent and worked on painting my doll house. It was a great weekend!

  13. Betsy

    I made scones yesterday that could have used your plum jam, it looks yummy! The hanging card is a delight. The colors are perfect. Prima makes such wonderful collections. I spent yesterday working on Father’s Day cards. It worked out perfectly because my husband cooked dinner on the grill. A night off from cooking is always a treat : ) . xoxoxo

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