Really Reasonable Ribbon to the Rescue!

Really Reasonable Ribbon to the Rescue!

Hello, Friends!  Here comes Really Reasonable Ribbon to the Rescue!  How?  Well, consider this all-too-familiar scenario.  You’ve created a lovely dimensional card for a friend or family member.  But when you try to stuff that chunky monkey into an envelope, you realize that it’s just not going to fit!  Been there?  Me, too!

This is probably one of the questions I get asked the most often from lovely folks who follow my blog and YouTube channel. How do you present (or mail) a card like this?  Today I’m going to offer you some simple solutions that really work.

When the Card Doesn’t Fit the Envelope

As a cardmaker that loves lots of layers, lots of embellishments and lots of dimension, I run into this problem on almost a daily basis.  That is why I keep a stash of cute 6×9 kraft gift (jewelry) bags in the Closet of Inspiration and Delight.   You can pick these up in craft stores, stationery stores and even online.  (Search for jewelry gift bags on eBay...lots to choose from!) I buy these whenever and wherever I can find them because I know that eventually, I will be glad I’ve got them!

This is how I packaged that cute Pizza Party Card that I made for our son’s birthday.  While the card had no ribbons or flowers on it, the foam dimensionals that I placed between the pizza slice layers made it too thick to fit in a conventional envelope.

Spellbinders Sweet and Savory Warm Wishes Camper Paper Rose Retro Days Masculine Birthday Card by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

When you  put a lot of time and effort into a handmade card, you want to present it in nice packaging.  So here is how I make that happen.

  • First, slip the card inside the bag and fold down the flap.
  • Now, hold that flap in place with a teeny bit of Scor-Tape tucked in between the flap and the bag.
  • Next, wrap the bag with 1/2″ Scor-Tape followed by a nice long piece of ribbon.  Since I was wrapping up my son’s Pizza Party Card, I selected the Black Double Faced Satin Ribbon from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Club Halloween Assortment.
  • Then tie the ribbon ends into a simple square knot (for a masculine card) or a bow.
  • Repeat this process with 3/8″ Tangerine Satin Ribbon and 1/4″ Scor-Tape.  Again, tie a square knot to finish.
  • Get your card party-ready by tying on a cute charm (like this pocket watch) with some Pumpkin Baker’s Twine or whatever string/twine matches your card’s color palette.
Ribbon on Gift Bags

You can also place your card in a smallish handle gift bag, fill with tissue paper and tie the handles together with pretty ribbon.  I often use this trick when I’m gifting a mini album or folio…or even a toy!  Ribbon adds that special touch of elegance like nothing else can do!

How to Mail a Dimensional Card

You can easily mail a dimensional card. Package  it in a similar type bag, then wrapit with a couple layers of tissue paper.  Tie string or ribbon around the tissue paper, and insert in a bubble mailer for safe passage.

Yes, it’s going to cost quite a few pennies to mail your card.  Think of your lovely handmade card as a gift.  It will take some of the sting out of the price tag.

I hope I’ve shared some helpful tips and ideas.  Maybe they will come to your rescue next time you have a card that just doesn’t fit!

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6 thoughts on “Really Reasonable Ribbon to the Rescue!

  1. MaryH

    I love the ideas and tips. Your bag is so cutely decorated and the pattern is of course the perfect masculine touch!

  2. Martie Rollin

    I use bubble envelopes to mail my dimensional cards…always works. If I’m delivering by hand, I place the card in a cellophane bag and tie the top closed with a smaller tag hung on the ribbon tie. As I don’t know what “jewelry bags” are, I’ll be doing some Internet research this afternoon. Time to learn something new!

  3. soozyb2013

    Great card “envelope” idea Kathy. I have folded paper bag around mine sometimes, like a tiny parcel. Waste not, want not. :) Have a great Monday!!! Hugs from smokey Victoria, BC

  4. Cheryl Wells

    I love this packaging Kathy!! So cute, and your wonderful card remains safe until the recipient gets it!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  5. Janet Ormerod

    Very helpful suggestions and such beautifully hand made cards will always be happily received either gift wrapped or in the mail. The ribbon closure is an excellent idea.

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