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Hello, Friends!

You know how inspiration seems to strike when you are cleaning up your crafty space?  Well, I was tidying up the other day and ran across some fabulous scraps from Crafty Secrets.  I was sorting them into categories (yeah, I’m a little OCD) when I suddenly saw several pieces from the Sew Decorative CD that I thought would make a great card. Next thing I knew, I was knee deep in creativity mode, and this Sew Vintage Birthday Card was sitting on my desk.  Ta da!

Kathy by Design/Crafy Secrets Sew Vintage 02I really love the papers and ephemera on the Sew Decorative CD.  The soft pink doilies and floral measuring tape that I placed on top of my banners make me feel a little bit giddy!  And just look at the flapper paper in the background, the one where she’s admiring herself in the mirror…isn’t it fabby?  That’s from Creating with Vintage Illustrations.  I love her! Crafy Secrets Sew Vintage 01I found a fun party girl in a champagne glass (from the Girlfriends Creative Scraps) and I added her to the mix.  Sheer polka dot ribbon from my stash was the perfect accessory.  I topped it with a touch of bright green organza to pull out the greens in the card.  The pearl and rhinestone gem that tops the bow is an old earring of mine.  Sadly, it’s mate was lost in the shuffle of life, but it’s been given a new purpose on this fun card.

Crafy Secrets Sew Vintage 03The inside of this card is ready to party, too!  These papers are from the Creating with Vintage Illustrations CD. And I might have a scrap or an element or two from Creating with Vintage Patterns and Typography!  The rosette is an ephemera bit from one of those CD’s, but for the life of me, I can’t remember which one!)  I know I say this all the time, but if you are on a budget, or don’t have a lot of space for crafty goodies in your home, these CD’s are worth their weight in gold.  You just pop them into your CD, open the file you want to use and print.  Or you can get fancy and layer things up digitally….but they are very user friendly either way.

Crafy Secrets Sew Vintage 04I added a pocket flap to the bottom panel of the card so that a little gift card can slip right in there.  And, I stamped some sentiments on the background paper.  Easy, peasy!

The whole point of this post is to remind you to clean your craft area!  NOT!!!  Hahahaha!  No, the point is to remind you that little bits and pieces can be combined to make something beautiful.  Life is like that, too.

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15 thoughts on “Sew Vintage

  1. thecobweboriumemporium

    Now isn’t that just the prettiest card!!! I love it when something crafty comes together from ‘scraps’. You’re such a talented artist Kathy,. you can pull together something which looks fantabulous, from ‘scraps’ and make it look like you planned it, drew and designed it, bought specially for it and then spent three days of carefully assembling it.

    I’m still of the opinion that you have a magic wand. Bibbity Bobbity Boo!
    ~ Cobs x :o)

  2. Carol

    Hi Kathy this another wonderful project, gosh just wonder where they all come from. Lovely layers, ribbons and I adore the girl in the glass, super classy just like you x

  3. Chana Malkah

    Wow, lady, you just keep coming up with such amazing creations! I love telling folks, well, you know she is a friend of mine! Like that will make some of your talent rub off on me! :D) Wonderful project, Kathy! Beautifully composed and expertly executed!
    Chana Malkah

  4. Pattie Jns

    Hi Kathy, wish cleaning my crafty cave could bring out such a gorgeous creation. This is so
    beautiful. so much texture,and that gorgeous bow is perfect with the images. ..well done on your cleaning an creating. impressed with love.

  5. Tracey

    Kathy, this card is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the bits and pieces you’ve used…and that stunning ribbon! Hmmm…I have to tidy in my craftroom one of these days and like you I’m pretty sure I’ll emerge with a creation half way through! LOL

  6. Sara Emily Barker

    Kathy, I don’t know how you do it, but you make the best layered paper cards! If I were to do this it would look like a cluttered mess! But your layers flow so flawlessly from one to the other to tell a story! I love those little rosettes tucked under there, and the little tag on the top–my favorite! Oh, and those lovely bows! This is all one spectacular card, and someone is going to be very happy to receive it! Now I need to go clean up my Closet…I am feeling very guilty about my mess! Doubt something like this is going to come from it though! I am in the middle of 5 projects!!! So sorry I haven’t been around to visit much lately, but you are in my mind, and I get peeks! Love and big hugs!

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