Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Cards

Just for Fun: Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Cards

Hello, Friends!  Today I’m sharing a whole stack of Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Cards that I made over the weekend, just for fun.  I had a super heavy design team load in May, so I didn’t get to play with some of the great papers that kind of fell into my shopping cart while I was rained in at the beach.  You know what they say…when the going gets tough..the tough go shopping!  LOL  Being cooped up in a little condo for hours on end led me to browse the internet…and that led me to a few shopping sites, and…well, you know the rest of the story!

I finally found a few minutes to play, and used this entire collection up on this series of Father’s Day cards.  They are available for purchase in my Etsy shop, just in case you are interested.

Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Card #1: Sawdust is Man Glitter

Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father's Day Cards by Kathy Clement Photo 01

I don’t think I need to explain why this Simple Stories Plaid Dad collection fell into my shopping cart.  It’s so stinkin’ cute!  And, my son works with wood.  What could be more perfect?  Plus, it’s plaid, people!  Look at that totally adorable plaid toolbox!

Each of these cards has a gift card holder and a pocket with an insert inside.  Clean, simple and perfect for Dad.

The insert is mounted on a 4.25″ x 6.25″ kraft base so you can mount  a nice photo on the back, or write a personal message to dad.

I liked this card design so much that I made two other variations of it.

This one uses great big copper brads along with the wooden ruler and novelty buttons.

The gift card pocket is made with a 3″ x 4″ cut apart image.

This one has a festive little banner across the top.  I cut the wooden ruler in two pieces, added some real galvanized nails and an embossed woodgrain panel to this one.

And here’s a peek at the inside.  I love all those plaid flannel shirts!

Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Card #2: Gone Fishing!

Have I ever told you about the one time my dad took me fishing?  I was about 5 years old, and I had begged him over and over to take me out in the rowboat on the pond with him.  Finally, he relented.  I was so excited!  We got the boat in the water, rowed out to Dad’s favorite fishing spot and dropped anchor.

And we sat there.

No talking…you’ll scare the fish.

No figeting…you’ll scare the fish.

No, there are no snacks.

No, there is no bathroom.

No, you can’t put your hand in the water…you’ll scare the fish.

I never asked to go again.  Fishing.  What a dumb way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  LOL

But for some unknown reason, Dads love to fish. (Maybe it’s the peace and quiet? )  So I layered up more of these rad plaid papers.  Then I added some cute fishing themed buttons.  I don’t like fishing…but I love this card!

Here’s a peek at the inside.

Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Card #3:  Coolest Dad Ever

This card makes me laugh.  The buffalo plaid hat with ear flaps?  Yep.  My dad had one of those.  Horn-rimmed glasses?  Check!  He did not, however, wear suspenders or bow ties.  But he did love his coffee…and he was the coolest dad ever.  I adored him!

This one has a fun flap feature.

Well, you knew there had to be a flap somewhere, didn’t you?  These are so easy to make.  First score a 4″ x 6″ ephemera card at 2.5″ .  Then fold on the score.  Now adhere the smaller portion to the card base.  Finally fold shut and adhere the gift card pocket.  Done and done!

Thanks for letting me share these cards (and a few memories) with you.  I hope you were inspired and somewhat amused!

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11 thoughts on “Simple Stories Plaid Dad Father’s Day Cards

  1. carol edwards

    Hi Kathy what a wonderful selection of Father’s Day cards. They are all great. I can just imagine you sat with your dad, such a lovely story to reminisce. Every one of your cards are terrific, love all the embellishments and sayings. Take good care xx

  2. Sara Emily Barker

    I was excited to read you had some time to just play! That’s the reward in the midst of a busy month! And we are rewarded by your creativity! How fun are these cards! I love the one with the embossed wood slice! Well, I love them all, but that little detail really stood out! I loved reading about your fishing expedition. I share your thoughts. I never did understand the draw, although my brothers, sisters and I would ‘go fishing’ when we were young, it was more of the hike down to the pond that interested me. Being the youngest present, I’m sure I was a pest! Ha! Ha! Thank you for making my day, Kathy! Hugs!

  3. Carla Hundley

    Our Dads are fabulous
    and so are your cards!
    I love fishing, don’t have
    the same rules!
    Carla from Utah

  4. Helen

    Kathy, these are great masculine cards for dad. I admit, I laughed out loud at the “sawdust…glitter” on the first card. This paper set is so versatile and so much fun for any occasion for the men in my life. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  5. soozyb2013

    My Dad loved to fish and I was lucky enough to be able to go sometimes, but by no means were we quiet! We would laugh and yes I would even put my toes in the water sometimes 🙂 If he were still here he would love the Fishing card. I also love the saying, “sawdust is man glitter”. He was good in the shop too. He was a general fix-it kinda guy 🙂 I do miss him. <3

  6. Pattie Jns

    Hi Kathy. wonderful memories and a beautiful card. making one for men is often hard to do. you baked the cake. very fulfilling. love it. …….hugs

  7. Rosemary

    Your story about your dad made me remember fishing trips with my dad. He would take me and my sister into the little row boat but did he let us fish…no! We were the rowers so he could fly cast near the shore. We were too close. We were too far away. We had to duck the line so many times! Neither of us fish now, but we amazingly have fond memories of those days! Also love the Sawdust cards! Thank you for constantly inspiring me!

  8. Gena Krannig

    Kathy, this is such a precious card. I just LOVE the saw and all of the cute embellishments. Any Dad would be so happy to get it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jennifer Scull

    I absolutely love the sawdust sentiment! That is so true around my house, since all of the guys enjoy time playing in the barn with the tools. What a great set of cards to showcase this fun paper collection! The bow tie and suspenders made me smile since that is the attire one of my sons who is getting married has chosen for his groomsmen. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects! So many fun details to see. 🙂

  10. june carole phipps

    So you’ve met my hubby – Sawdust Glitter!! Love reading your special memories, I went fishing with my grandmother once… once was definitley enough! Super card Kathy. TFS
    Blessings from UK

  11. Suzy Q

    Perfect Fathers Day cards Kathy! So cute! Luv how you spent your vacation …can’t get a good girl down! Lol! Hugs from Suzy Q

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