Stamperia Alice Altered Mini Album Tutorial

Stamperia Alice Altered Miini Album Tutorial-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

Stamperia Alice Altered Mini Album Tutorial for Throwback Thursday

Hello, Friends!  It’s Throwback Thursday, and I have a fabulous Stamperia Alice Altered Mini Album Tutorial to share with you.  It’s been toooo long since I last had a playdate with this whimsical collection, hasn’t it?  Lucky for me, I was tidying up my stash of Stamperia papers.  And what did I find?  A big, 12×12 plastic envelope filled with scraps from previous projects.  Most of them were smallish bits and bobs…but there were lots of them.  So I decided to create a mini album and use them all up.

Then, I went rummaging in the Closet of Inspiration and Delight in search of an album base.  I ran across a whole crate of albums that were left over from my 2 1/2 years on the Graphic 45 Design team.  Nice!

I selected one of the chunky old, 6×6 red typography mini albums because the color would look smashing with the Alice collection.  But that album had a serious design flaw: too many pages!  I remembered that if you filled all the pages, the album would not close.  What to do?

Alter it!  So that, along with some other fun tips and techniques, will be the focus of our tutorial today.

Someone’s Knocking on Alice’s Door

I’ve made more than a few Alice projects since this collection was released.  So I wanted to do something really different. How about a front door on the album cover?

And what if we make that door open to reveal the Knave of Hearts with a crown for Queen Alice?  I’ll show you how to do this in the video tutorial.

The Covers and Spine

You’ll find eye candy everywhere you look on the album cover and spine. And I’ll show you how to work around that handsome vintage label on the spine, too.

A Peek Inside

Once you learn how to perform surgery on the album base, I’ll show you how to combine your scraps to create unique paper backgrounds.

This album is filled to the brim with all the interactive elements that I love so much.  And….I think even you will be surprised by the back cover.

Alice’s Tea Party in a Box

One simply cannot create an Alice project with a nod to the famous tea party.  Since removing half of the album signatures left ample room, I created a box pocket and Tea Party in a Box on the back cover.  G45 Policy Envelopes (now retired) fit perfectly in the slash pocket on the front and this box pocket on the back.  I filled them with flower seeds, tea bag and chocolate.  Once the goodies are consumed, the envelopes are a great size to hold photos.

Stamperia Alice Altered Mini Album Tutorial on YouTube

This is a big, juicy tutorial, so go grab a cuppa and a snack, notebook and pencil and see how this fun project came together.  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends!  Have a joyful and creative day!




10 thoughts on “Stamperia Alice Altered Mini Album Tutorial

  1. Rebecca Nicklin

    I learned so much from this video, Kathy. Is that Dale singing? You have such a talented family.

  2. Carolyn Pecen

    I love this album you created. I especially loved how you were not afraid to tear into an existing album you didn’t care for to create something that worked!!! I will try to follow you and be an adventurer! I appreciate the inspiration. Thank you!

  3. Helen

    This project is a fine example of ‘using what is in the stash’ to create a super example of a book that tells a story. As usual Kathy, it is all in the details and there are so many here I will need to watch the video a few times to take it all in! I particularly like the way you have brought it all together with playing cards of various mediums, a nice touch indeed. As for the front door, open it and go into another world of story telling a creativity, love it Kathy!

  4. Dana Roepke

    What a wonderful album!! You have really been busy! Appreciate you showing exactly how to alter the signature count and putting it all back together. I remember watching Ginger Ropp do that for the first time – it would never have occurred to me to try that. Now I look at things differently and think, “what if…?”. And as always I marvel at your use of scraps, making elements fit and functional!

  5. Gena Krannig

    The front door! Oh my, Kathy, how fabulous! Stamperia’s “Alice” collection is out of this world awesome. All of the images are fantastic. Your mini album has incorporated so many wonderful elements. The tea party in the box is over the top wonderful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful project! Hugs!

  6. Glenda Buster

    This is an awesome mini album and just what I to get started with this awesome collection! A collection I’ve just had hanging out in my stash. ♥️ Thank you!!!

  7. Janet Ormerod

    Absolutely brilliant design, I am excited to finally use my Alice papers. They were too beautiful to cut up, but now you have inspired me and I love the Tea Party inside the album. People sometimes ask me why do I create items, and the reply this time will be simply because it makes me happy. I appreciate your creativity and that you share so many wonderful ideas with your audience.

  8. Teresa

    Absolutely love this! It really helps me to see your thought process in your design work – which is always stunning!

  9. Judy E Hall

    I love this mini album. One of my daughters loved Alice as a child so it brings happy memories. You have inspired me to try a few projects. Do you mind if I share them with you? I made 11 slim line pocket cards for my grandchildren for Easter. They loved them, especially the honey sticks and chocolate inside. I’d send a photo but can’t find the icon to do so. I also made a journal folio and am working on a large pennant for our room at church where the women meet. I make my own flowers so it’s taking me a bit of time. I’m learning to use ephemeral, one would think that would be easy but I have trouble incorporating premade bits and toppers into my projects. Thank you for sharing your videos.

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