Stamperia Azulejos Flip Folio with Reneabouquets

Stamperia Azulejos Flip Folio with Reneabouquets Beautiful Board and Premium Butterflies by Kathy Clement Photo 01

Stamperia Azulejos Flip Folio Project Share with Reneabouquets Paper Pretties

Hello, Friends!  Today I’m sharing  a simple, elegant Stamperia Azulejos Flip Folio with you.  Do you ever wake up and think, “I just have to make something pretty today?”  Well, that happened to me yesterday. The skies were grey, I was tired and felt like crawling back into bed instead of doing laundry, dishes and other Monday chores.  I motivated myself with the promise that once the chores were done, I could make whatever I wanted to make with whatever I wanted to use.  So I dug around in my paper stash and my Reneabouquets paper pretties until inspiration struck.  And this 6″ x 6″ flip folio began to take shape in my brain. Oh, happy day!

Building the Base

The base is 2 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ aqua cardstock trimmed to a width of 6″, overlapped and glued together into one long 6″ high paper panel.  It’s such a simple design, that I know you’ll want to give it a try, so here are some measurements.

  • First, score the 16 3/4″ x 6″ panel at 6″, 6 1/2″, 12 1/2″, and 13″.
  • Now fold along the scored lines to form a 6″ x 6″ square folio with 1/2″ spines on the left and the right hand sides.
  • Then fold the short panel on the right inside the folio cover to form a flap page.

That’s it!  Now you just need to line the folio base with light gray and cream cardstock panels to make it nice and sturdy.  My gray panels are 5 3/4″ square and the cream are 5 1/2″.  How easy is that?

Building Simple Layers

Next, layer a 5 3/8″ square of patterned paper over the cream cardstock and stitch around the edges.  Mat a 2 1/2″ x 5 3/8″ panel of a complementary pattern on scraps of the aqua, gray and cream cardstock and adhere about 1″ from the left hand edge.

Now comes the fun part!  Brush Reneabouquets Beautiful Board (linked below) with Stamperia Glamour Gel and adhere to the folio cover.  Then stitch one of the tile images (azulejos means “tiles”) to the same cardstock and adhere over the Beautiful Board.  Brush a large decorative corner chipboard with the Stamperia gel and adhere it as seen.  This create a perfect landing pad for a Mint Chocolate Chip Butterfly.

Flowers and ribbons join the party along with a little Idea-ology Word Chip. Edge the word chip with Dries Clear Adhesive and Sprinkle with glitter.

A Peek Inside

Build flips, flaps and pockets inside the folio to make room for photos and journaling.  I love this paper so much, I’m happy with or without the above mentioned additions!

As usual, I’ve made mini folios from scraps of designer paper.

These add so  much to the design of an album!

The accordion pull out has a pocket built into the back side of the flap page.  It’s just the perfect size to hold a small envelope and a journal card.

The short video tour will show you the other interactive features in the folio design.

This paper is exquisite in its beauty.  Stamperia really knows how to showcase botanical images like this butterfly.

Stamperia Azulejos Flip Book Tour on You Tube

I hope you’ll enjoy this short 5 minute video tour of the folio.

It’s good to start the week by making something beautiful.  I hope this little project share has inspired you to break out your paper pretties and get your craft on, too.

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13 thoughts on “Stamperia Azulejos Flip Folio with Reneabouquets

  1. Claire Gagne

    I just adore this card/folio Kathy. Those colors are gorgeous. Love everything about it. Hope Dale is doing well. Be safe & TYFS

  2. Carolyn Napier

    This is so beautiful!!! Any chance of you doing a tutorial on this? Love your creations.

  3. Helen Budz

    Kathy, this Stamperia paper is made for folios like the one you’ve created. The colors and patterned designs of these sheets are just the thing for mixing and matching. You’ve combined
    these papers so beautifully. The cover is a true work of art–just the right amount of embellishing (love that butterfly!). Thanks for sharing the project and the video walk through it. Stay well-hugs.

  4. soozyb2013

    Okay so now you have my attention!!! This piece is just amazing Kathy. I gotta say I LOVE everything about it, EVERYTHING! Stamperia really has my heart, so feminine and ever so pretty! Great work!

  5. Susan Steele

    Make something pretty??? Oh yes you did!!! This is gorgeous too!!! I never was to much of a fan of teal and aqua …or tiles …but these are growing on me for sure! This folio is a beauty with those RRR ribbons and your flowers and that stunning butterfly with that glitter glass! I need to order those! Luv it! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Sandy Artman

    Wow, Kathy! I love absolutely everything about this creation: the colors, the detailing, the sparkle, the gorgeous paper and your folio magic! So much inspiration. Love, love, love it!
    I’d love to offer my prayers, also. I hope this finds you doing well.
    You certainly made my day with this visual delight!

  7. Terry Law

    Wow! I just love this card Kathy! It has one of my most favouritest (is that a word? lol) colours in it, teal/aqua. So lovely! And I just love all the great surprises inside! So glad you were inspired to make this! Its inspired me too!

  8. Priscilla Hughs

    That cover just draws one in! And I love anything and everything aqua! A friend in another state sent 3 Stamperia albums to me a couple of years, all three full of flowers, botanicals…I’ve just not been able to cut into them they are so beautiful, but this album may be the answer. I’ll have to watch this a few times tho to get the scoring, etc. down…it will be a new adventure! Thanks so much!

  9. Isabel Gonzalez

    Oh Kathy, you didn’t just make something pretty, you made something stunning!!! I’ve wanted this collection for a long time and have talked myself out of buying it several times and then here you come tempting me again. Lol! You bad girl! I don’t know if I can talk my way out of this one. Maybe I won’t find it and if I do it will be too expensive. All kidding aside, this is such an elegant and stunning folio. You really do brighten my day! Continued prayers for you and your husband, my dear friend. Hugs xx

  10. Cheryl Wells

    Girl, you always amaze me with your designs – your mind and hands work together like a musical harmony – this folio is awesome – thank you for sharing!!

  11. chance1022gmailcom

    Love it! Thank you for sharing. Reneabouquests rocks. I can’t stop buying stuff from them LOL!!! I can’t make flowers anymore because of RA and they are the perfect solutions, also love the butterflies.

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